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Love Has Fangs is a graphic novel on a whole different scale: 1:6 scale, that is. All the characters are action figures. I’ve extensively customized each 12″ figure, repainting, resculpting and re-outfitting the entire cast so that they each have an appearance as unique as that of an actual person. The customized figures combine with hand-constructed sets — and a story entirely written and photoed by me — to bring vivid 3-dimensionality to LHF.

PLOT: Being undead is the least of Anneka Richardson’s problems. There’s her 140-year-old boyfriend, Will, who borrows her makeup, the weirdo customers she encounters at her bookstore job and, to top it off, her beloved grandmother’s slow death by Alzheimer’s.

New eps appear every Monday, with interstitial adventures in between.  To start with 1.1, follow this link to Season 1, then scroll to the bottom. Episodes are in reverse chronological order. Cheers!


P.S. This ain’t my first time around the block with Anneka, Will and co. In fact, they have 9 seasons of adventures under another title, (Un)Real Life. Those of you who want to learn how Anneka met Will and became a vampire can follow that storyline on its own site.

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