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Season 9

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9.9: “Anneka, Will and Peter”

In which shoes are lusted after.

9.8: “Velvette and Anneka”

In which we look in on Velvette’s designing skills.

9.7: “Rori and Will”

In which we get a glimpse into Rori’s busy, busy life.

9.6: “Viktor and Velvette”

In which Viktor listens to the Rolling Stones, who describe his life.

9.5: “Davry and Andrew”

In which we discover that there are two types of people in the world.

9.4: “Pippilotta and ZaeZae”

In which we discover how Pippilotta got her name.

9.3: “Mark and Sibley”

In which we find out who Mark and Sibley each really love.

9.2: “Janet”

In which we discover Janet’s private vice.

9.1: “Anneka and Will”

In which we learn about Anneka and Will’s dreams.

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