Thank you for your pitches — now also accepting ART

It’s been a busy week here for us [and by us I mean me] at Master Works. Initial enthusiasm has been heartening, and several cool pitches have already crossed the transom. I’ve also hit up a few of my favorite fanfic authors for contributions, so I hope they pitch as well.

In related news, I was looking for some black and white/greyscale interior art for the anthology, and @queerpunkasshole eagerly jumped onboard for several illustrations. I have a few specific solicitations out for more art, but I welcome further submissions. While this is primarily a text anthology, visual art would make it even cooler, so feel free to submit to

Specs for art submissions

      • Art should be black and white/greyscale, suitable for reproducing clearly in the interior pages of a 6×9 paperback.
      • Resolution should be at least 300 dpi.
      • Subjects should be Master + companion[s]. No extended graphic stories, please, only portraits showing some sort of relationship or brief comics. Brief comics means something about the size of Halorvic’s one about Leela and the War Master or Jo and Delgado Master.
      • If you’re interested in doing an interior illustration for one of the stories, let me know too. Since I have yet to choose the stories, this commission would occur after August 30th, when rough drafts of stories are due.

To pitch

      • E-mail with your selected Master[s] + companion[s].
      • If it’s a single illustration, please indicate what kind of relationship you’re depicting. If it’s a short comic/cartoon, please indicate what’s going on.
      • Please link me to your online portfolio too just so I can see what your style is.

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