Master Works Spotlight #9: “In Vulnerability…”

When one of the Doctor’s companions is forced to depend on the Master, can anything good come of it? Look inside Master Works to find out…

Story: “In Vulnerability…”

Author: NataLunaSans

Master: Shalka

Companion[s]: Alison

Plot: Alison gets pneumonia, and the Doctor can’t take care of her, which leaves her under the supervision of a robot that she can’t figure out how to address because she doesn’t like his name.

Why you should read it: A series of lovingly detailed character moments add up to a peaceful, thoughtful story.

Part that I love: Alison calls Shalka Master “Mister Robot.” MISTER ROBOT! Awwww…

So what are you waiting for? Buy your own copy, either in ebook or paper. Support your fellow DW fans while raising money for Migrant Justice! Act now, though, ’cause Master Works is only available till July 17th!

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