Cover concept 2

The current cover concept is a grandfather clock [associated with the Master since it was the form of their TARDIS during the Ainley era] traveling through a time/space vortex. After posting for feedback on the DW Discords I’m on, I was told a) the general design is good and b) change the motion blur’s direction so that it’s more of a zoom. Okay, clearly I need to make a separate larger version of the clock and then do the zoom blur on that, then put it over the actual clock so that the actual clock is still mostly visible.

I made this graphic with Adobe Photoshop Elements. I used Flink’s Space for the starfield, circleman’s  time vortex from the Clocky Clock product for the vortex, and Merlin Studios’ grandfather clock from the Antique Clocks product.

Latest anthology contributor: Halorvic!

Attention everyone! I am thrilled to announce that Halorvic is contributing at least one Master + companion cartoon to Master Works. Yes, that Halorvic, known throughout the Internetz for their endearing and amusing drawings of DW and EU characters, as well as original creations such as the Coffee and Tea Dragons, the shurghk, and Large Blob.

You want to be published in the same anthology as Halorvic, don’t you? Of course you do! So check out the submission guidelines for stories and arts, and send me your pitches!

Thank you for your pitches — now also accepting ART

It’s been a busy week here for us [and by us I mean me] at Master Works. Initial enthusiasm has been heartening, and several cool pitches have already crossed the transom. I’ve also hit up a few of my favorite fanfic authors for contributions, so I hope they pitch as well.

In related news, I was looking for some black and white/greyscale interior art for the anthology, and @queerpunkasshole eagerly jumped onboard for several illustrations. I have a few specific solicitations out for more art, but I welcome further submissions. While this is primarily a text anthology, visual art would make it even cooler, so feel free to submit to Continue reading “Thank you for your pitches — now also accepting ART”

Call for submissions!

Master Works: Tales of Companions Meeting the Doctor’s Greatest Frenemy, a Doctor Who charity anthology, seeks English-language submissions of short fiction. Published stories will be available for a limited time in ebook and print format. All proceeds benefit Migrant Justice / Justicia Migrante, a U.S.-based organization that “build[s] the voice, capacity, and power of the farmworker community and engage[s] community partners to organize for economic justice and human rights.”

Works should concentrate on one or more of the Doctor’s companions, very broadly construed, meeting the Master. All companions and all Masters are welcome, including those in the extended universe. All Doctor[s] is/are also welcome, but they are not necessary, nor are they the focus.

Submissions should be 6,000 words or less. Works previously published online are welcome. Continue reading “Call for submissions!”