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My favorite is the one with the Paris tee shirt. Then the redheads. The brunette with bangs comes last for me.

The wide leg stance reminds me of countless paper doll stances from my youth. Thanks for this photo update. I LOVE the bigger photos. I can see that the second redhead actually has or seems to have red AND black hair streaked. And what kind of handbag does she have? Black fingernails? Cool.

These I might keep on their original bodies because I like the stance and that they look a little heavier than standard Barbies.

For a photo of the REAL doll – one of them anyway – check here. I’m adding a post about this too, but here’s the link direct for you:


My theory is that Mattel designs all of its toys inside computers these days, which would mean creating an all new head sculpt (or anything sculpt) isn’t the Big Deal it used to be–I’d be more surprised if an all new, non-Barbie&Friends line like this did recycle head sculpts. Even Barbie, who’s supposed to be a stable individual character, has been cycling through sculpts over the last few years…

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