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I spend way too much time considering these things…

I spend way too much time considering these things… published on 1 Comment on I spend way too much time considering these things…

In light of several impending 1:6 scale BJDs [Novella, Theophany, possibly Soom Asis], I'm again examining my list of 1:6ers in storage to see if I can detach from a few. I have listed 3 that might go: AJ Regular [as opposed to Steampink AJ], Michaela, Tituba and Sarah.

AJ Regular [last photo] and Tituba [the one with the bonnet] are hanging around mostly because I love the CG02 headsculpt best of all. I also have a sentimental attachment to AJ specifically, as she was my first Cy Girl, and she reminds me of Sarah from Labyrinth. I already have another AJ, Steampink, so I could let AJ Regular go, but then I wouldn't have AJ in a form reminiscent of the one that inspires such nostalgia. Sigh. I guess AJ Regular is staying after all.

As for Tituba, she's also a CG02, but not AJ. She's a Destiny [light tan headsculpt and short hair, as opposed to slightly darker tan and long red hair a la Blaze] on a modded articulated Barbie body. Bye bye!

And Sarah…she's such a cutie [I use this phrase so much that it has probably been evacuated of meaning], and I really enjoyed making her and sticking her in LHF. I do not, however, have as much of an attachment to her as to other members of the Pink Squad [LHFers with pink hair]. Bye, Sarah.

As for Michaela [on the right], she just bugs me. I keep her because she was important in an earlier iteration of LHF, but I liked that version better. Her current head has a washed-out faceup, and she's on an irritatingly floppy Volks Dollfie Plus body. Bye, Michaela.

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