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Labyrinth — What Happened Next: a parody by Jessica Berry and Emily Roessler

Thursday, December 5th, 2002

12/5/02: Artist’s statement [by Jessica]: Once upon a time, about a week ago, my friend Emily and I had a substitute teacher for our French lesson. We finished our set work quickly with about 15 minutes to spare, so we started writing a story ­- ya know ­ “a sentence each” kind of thing?

It started off perfectly innocent, but, suddenly, during the second sentence, Jareth became inevitably involved… (Seeing as we are true-bred Labyrinthians, and, as all people do, have fallen in love with the Goblin King, this wasn’t surprising!) Anyways, pretty soon our story had turned into the six-page-long Labyrinth ­- What Happened Next.

We live in England (in case you hadn’t realised) in East Anglia, in the county of Norfolk (how interesting!). We should probably warn you that a What Happened After What Happened After Labyrinth is in the making, though don’t get your hopes up; it may never be finished! (more…)

“Lord of the Pants”: a parody of “Lord of the Dance”

Saturday, November 11th, 2000

November 11, 2000: I was really bored today, so I decided to make a parody to one of my favorite religious songs, “Lord of the Dance.” I’ve been writing song parodies for decades, so I figure it’s time that I aimed one at the Goblin King. (more…)

“King of the Goblins”: a parody by Jasmine Foxflame

Monday, February 16th, 1998

Picture the scene: Sarah finds her way to the throne room. Jareth is there, waiting for her, with a horde of rabbling goblins ready to squish her, and Toby is playing happily with one of Jareth’s balls…*A-hem*…

Sarah: I don’t know who you think you are, but –

Jareth cuts her off: Stop! Allow me to explain…

(Cue music) (more…)

“It’s a piece of cake!”: an illustrated parody by me and Heather Lesh

Tuesday, December 16th, 1997

Heather Lesh and I got together during December, 1997, and , being extremely bored and silly one day, decided to take pictures for a parody of Labyrinth. We thought we’d just snap a few photos, dash off some silly captions and be done with it. Little did we suspect that this would expand into a months-long project. (more…)