Sit Morph for Neftis’ Evil Queen Gown G2F

Sit Morph for Neftis’ Evil Queen Gown G2F

Daz Studio only

Tested only in Daz Studio Pro 4.6 64 bit.

Sure, your Evil Queen Gown comes with various morphs to simulate it blowing in the wind when she flies, but what do you do when she comes back to earth? You use the morph and poses in this freebie so that she can sit down!

After installation, you will find a leg pose for G2F and a pose for the Evil Queen Gown in My Library > People > Genesis 2 Female > Clothing > Neftis_Clothing > EvilQueen_Set. The morph SkirtForSitting can be found under Parameters > Actor > Style & Movement.

To use the sitting morph, apply !G2FLegPoseForSitting.duf to G2F, which will adjust the position of her legs only. Then apply !DressPoseForSitting.duf to the Evil Queen Gown. You can then apply the SkirtForSitting morph at 100%.

Use for whatever purposes you like, commercial or non-commercial. Just don’t repackage and call your own. Have fun!

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