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Victoria 2’s AutoFollowing BodySuit

Victoria 2’s AutoFollowing BodySuit

Daz Studio 4.6+ only

Tested only in Daz Studio 4.6+

With this AutoFollowing BodySuit, take advantage of Daz Studio 4.6’s autofollow technology and the low-poly, highly morphable, good ol’ Victoria 2. I made the suit so I could use V2 for low-res background characters and give her something to wear that was equally light on resources. Based on Thip’s freebie Quicksuit for V2 [], this multipurpose piece of clothing has the following features:

* Only 5035 polys. I intentionally kept the geometry low-poly to be nice to your RAM. You can always add Sub-D if you want a smoother look.

* 26 material zones. Turtlenecks, T-shirts, crop tops, tube tops, arm warmers, belts, shorts, leg warmers, leggings, socks, shoes — you can make simple versions of all these items from the same AutoFollowing BodySuit mesh merely by hiding appropriate material zones.

* A UV map that works best with small tiled textures, such as knits, denims, pinstripes, linens, and other fabrics with small patterns/weaves.  Note: My UV mapping skills aren’t that great yet, so be warned.

* Support for every single one of V2’s standard morphs.

* Support for every single one of Capsces Digital Ink’s Roxanne head and body morphs, available for free []. These lovely, expressive morphs greatly expand the possibilities of V2. Diversify your low-poly people without having to worry about what they’ll wear.

Note: Even though the AutoFollowing BodySuit is a Triax actor in .duf format, it will work on V2/Roxanne when she is loaded from a .cr2. In other words, the Daz native file format plays nicely with the Poser native file format, so don’t worry.

Hint: Add realism to your outfits based on the AutoFollowing BodySuit by using Daz Studio’s geoshell feature to simulate layered clothing. The push modifier feature can simulate thicker fabric.

Use for whatever purposes you like, commercial or non-commercial. Feel free to tweak, change, improve, redistribute, etc., just as long as you give me a credit line. Have fun!

You can see my digital artwork, as well as my other creative pursuits, at my blog:

If you do use any of my freebies in your work, drop me a line [ModernWizard at the Daz boards and ShareCG, ModernWiz on Renderosity], as I’d love to see what you make. Thank you.