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May 5th, 2008

This site serves as an archive for my vampire Web comic, (Un)Real Life/Love Has Fangs, which ran from October, 2005, to December, 2006. For the latest adventures of vampire newbie Anneka and her 140-year-old boyfriend Will, head to the revamp of LHF at its own site.



9.2: “Will’s Dream”

December 11th, 2006

In which Will dreams of his family.

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9.1: “Anneka’s Dream”

December 4th, 2006

We’re back off our sabbatical!

Previously in our eternally compelling saga… Anneka visits mad scientist Janet, but is waylaid by aggressive, horny and lonely sex robot Viktor. Will tests his comfort level with gayness by attending a party with Mark thrown by collector of bad art and college boys, Kenneth Sibley. Mark explains that, even though he disapproves of Sibley, being nice to him maintains a connection that could be useful in the future; Will doesn’t get it. Over at Janet’s, Anneka asks Janet to rehumanize her, but Janet, still crushed by her failure to perfectly resurrect Velvette, demurs. Meanwhile Velvette, chafing under her sister’s electronic supervision, meets an equally mopey individual, Dom! Anneka and Will still aren’t listening to each other, Will preoccupied with Sibley’s interest in him, Anneka preoccupied with Janet’s attempts to bring her back to life. Will goes up in Sibley’s helicopter, then has drinks with him. Sibley wants to sponsor Will, but only if he does gay art. Will, in an amazing display of restraint, looks disturbed but acts polite. Will continues his lesbovamps.com work with Velvette as a model, though he himself acknowledges that he doesn’t understand “the heterosexual male mind.” Janet tells Anneka that the only way that she can turn Anneka human is to transfer her mind into a cyborg like Viktor. Will, meanwhile, dresses up as Frank N. Furter, enlisting Viktor as Rocky and Velvette as musician; the three rehearse for Will’s appearance in the Harvard Square Rocky Horror showing. Anyway, Anneka reports on Janet’s offer and Will reports on Sibley’s offer. Anneka decides not to become a cyborg, much to Will’s relief. Tension mounts as Viktor checks on Janet, who’s in danger. Viktor later calls Anneka and Will from the emergency room to say that he is guarding Janet, who tried to electrocute herself. But Velvette is missing! Will finds a use for the slimy Sibley after all; he and Anneka borrow Sibley’s chopper to search for Velvette. At the hospital, Janet is in stable condition with nanobots fixing her up. Anneka and Will watch over an exhausted Velvette as Viktor hits on Sibley. Anneka and Will reflect that it’s good Anneka didn’t kill herself when she found out she was dead. The scene ends with snores…or perhaps buzzing from a horny cyborg.

In which Anneka dreams of her grandmother again.

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Goofing Off: Will’s Halloween costume

November 1st, 2006

In which you see Will showing off the Rocky Horror love with a costume and a sonic transducer. Read the rest of this entry »

LHF is on sabbatical.

October 31st, 2006

Since I am doing National Novel Writing Month this year, there will be no scheduled LHF eps for the month of November. We will return on December 4th with season 9.

8.10: “Denouement”

October 10th, 2006

In which Janet is sewn up; Anneka has a realization; Viktor tries to get in someone’s pants, and we end with a bang and a whimper. Read the rest of this entry »

8.9: “Dire News”

October 2nd, 2006

In which we all find out what happened to Janet. Read the rest of this entry »

8.8: “Can’t Lose You”

September 25th, 2006

In which Anneka and Will apologize and Viktor reads signs on Janet’s door. Read the rest of this entry »

Goofing Off: “Rocky Horror Rehearsal”

September 24th, 2006

In which Will dresses up and Viktor tries his hand at acting. Read the rest of this entry »

8.7: “Return of the Vibra-bot”

September 18th, 2006

In which Janet demonstrates mad science. Read the rest of this entry »