Master Works Spotlight #6: “Growing Pains”

Did you ever wonder how Ainley Master escaped the Cheetah Planet? Master Works has the answer…

Story: “Growing Pains”

Author: Kitty Eden

Master: Ainley

Companion[s]: Ace

Plot: Ace, stuck on the Cheetah Planet, is going bestial at the same time Ainley Master is embracing his inner furry. Can they collaborate long enough to escape without killing each other?

Why you should read it: Trans Ainley Master, NB Ace, and enforced cattitude make for a thoughtful exploration about the different kinds of transitions we face.

Part that I love: Ace’s rotating list of snarky nicknames for Ainley Master.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your own copy, either in ebook or paper. Support your fellow DW fans while raising money for Migrant Justice! Act now, though, ’cause Master Works is only available till July 17th!

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