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Plan B Toys unveils resin Labyrinth statues at Toy Fair.

Plan B Toys unveils resin Labyrinth statues at Toy Fair. published on 9 Comments on Plan B Toys unveils resin Labyrinth statues at Toy Fair.

Look at what I just dug up on! Plan B Toys [Web site here, but has nothing to do with their Laby line] is showing off its upcoming Laby collectibles at this year’s Toy Fair in New York City. It’s mostly goblins, but there’s an “entrance scene” Jareth and a ballroom Jareth figure. I suppose they count as “busts,” since they don’t display the full body. They each appear to be about 1:6, using the same headsculpt, but different bodysculpts. “Entrance scene” Jareth is below:

These protos impress me much more than Palisades Toys’ vinyl 1:6 Jareth. While Palisades’ Goblin King may be poseable, Plan B’s resin product holds much finer detail than vinyl, allowing them to get the finer nuances of Jareth’s likeness [look — they even got the smirk and the crooked teeth!] and costume [note the ballroom outfit frills]. Plan B even approximated Jareth’s hair well! EDIT: I take that back. The hair looks like geometrical spaghetti.

See the goblins and other views of the Jareths in’s Plan B Toy Fair 2006 photo gallery.

Now I have to find out when these will be released…


They look like great sculpts, but I dunno — something about the way they sculpted his hair is bugging me. Maybe it’s just because of the weird dreadlock-ish way the resin is since it’s a solid material… not sure.

Yeah, the dreadlocks are bugging me too. Also the crazed expression with the bugged out eyes. Something about him having no legs is also distubing for me.

I, too, find it disturbing that he’s neatly bisected at the waist. But he has a big, big…uh…ball in compensation. I wish the accuracy of this headsculpt could be combined with the poseability of the 12″ Jareth. Hmmmm… *Insert fiendish plans here…*


You could buy one and snip off his hair and recast off of his face? 😉

The giant ball somehow makes me think he’s going to take off rolling around, robot-style.

The hair — not so much But the rest of the figure is spot-on!!

Buy the figure, take off the hair, and make a spikey fur-wig?

. . . actually, now I’m tempted >_>

They DID get his teeth right, this fills me with joy!! 😀

— A <3<3

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