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Fritillaria gets freakier

Fritillaria gets freakier published on No Comments on Fritillaria gets freakier

Cracks and shadows around nose, mouth, and inner eyes have been enhanced with #2 pencil, black Prismacolor, DecoArts black paint, Prismacolor blending stick, and spit. I also painted a line between her lips and the insides of her sockets black.  She doesn’t really look sweet anymore…Continue reading Fritillaria gets freakier

Fritillaria’s faceup in progress

Fritillaria’s faceup in progress published on No Comments on Fritillaria’s faceup in progress

I threw some paint on Fritillaria this morning and then took some photos to see how the concept looks with the rest of her. I need to bring up the cracks around her nose more and erase some of the grey undershading around her mouth too. Other than that, though, she looks very promising. I’ve decided that she’s going to have no eyes, just empty sockets, and no wig. I like the juxtaposition of an elaborately finished outfit with a “partially cooked” doll. Looking like she’s somewhere between broken, old, and unfinished, she foregrounds the doll as an object of which the artificiality is often disguised by BJD owners who pursue some form of verisimilitude. This is a doll as a construct, not as a person.Continue reading Fritillaria’s faceup in progress

Fritillaria is cruising toward baldness…

Fritillaria is cruising toward baldness… published on No Comments on Fritillaria is cruising toward baldness…

When I got Never the Less, I purchased an expensive $300.00 Souldoll outfit, Eve ZF, for the resin mask of the Souldoll Evelyn vampire head. I kept the rest of the outfit in its packaging, uninterested in it. A few days ago, though, I thought I’d try it on Fritillaria, whose original concept as an escaped marionette jester of death was not piquing my interest anymore.

The outfit comes with an underdress and an overdress, so I just used the overdress. That peacock collar is supposed to stand straight up in a grandiose and imposing manner, so I’ll have to work on that. Other than that, though, I’m digging the look, though I may invest in some electrical tape pasties. I also need to exchange the owl on the choker for a skull bead.

I’m digging her new look, though I remain uncertain on how to paint her. Maybe I could do her headcap black to be like a skullcap. I think that, like Thalia, she’ll be another black and white doll, but with no magenta tongue. I also think that she’ll be another hairless doll, the better to admire the contrast between her sweet face and her melancholy outfit.Continue reading Fritillaria is cruising toward baldness…

The escaped puppet jester of death has eyes!

The escaped puppet jester of death has eyes! published on No Comments on The escaped puppet jester of death has eyes!

Fritillaria has eyes! I made these with do-it-yourself 16mm acrylic BJD eye supplies [backs and lenses] from Megannart on Etsy. I measured the iris well diameter and created black circles to size in Photoshop Elements, adding white royalty-free Grim Reaper images on top. I then printed them out, cut them out, placed them in the iris wells, then snapped the lens caps on. Then, since Fritillaria is a marionette who damaged herself when she jumped her strings, I went outside and smashed one of her eyes with a hammer. Continue reading The escaped puppet jester of death has eyes!

Fritillaria’s rainbow patchwork hair

Fritillaria’s rainbow patchwork hair published on No Comments on Fritillaria’s rainbow patchwork hair

It took me all afternoon, but I successfully altered a size 6-7 fur wig to be a size 7-8 for Fritillaria, whose concept is vacillating somewhere between clown of death, doll, jester of death, and escaped marionette [of death, natch]. The wig was originally orange, yellow, green, and blue. I added red, magenta, and royal purple. Results look promising! Continue reading Fritillaria’s rainbow patchwork hair

Revised Fritillaria concept

Revised Fritillaria concept published on No Comments on Revised Fritillaria concept

Grim Reaper puppet clown!!!

She needs the following:


  • Face paint like the Clown option for MadDelirium’s V4 Dolly character.
  • Eyehooks in back of hands and top of head with frayed ribbons trailing from them.
  • Blouse with some of my seven zillion skull beads as embellishment.
  • Separate ruff, possibly paper, with bells.
  • Jester’s cap with more skulls and bells.
  • A marotte with a skull wearing a jester’s cap.

 She’s kinda like Thalia and Never the Less, though subtler in both the skull department and the mask department.

December doll update 2: Fritillaria!!!!!

December doll update 2: Fritillaria!!!!! published on No Comments on December doll update 2: Fritillaria!!!!!

Fritillaria, my Withdoll Adriana, arrived on December 19th! Well packaged and very tightly strung, she poses solidly and stands on her own right out of the box. In fact, she was so tightly strung that her wrist S hooks and I had a fight; they drew blood when I was swapping out her hands. [You know you’re a hardcore doll enthusiast when you bleed in the course of a doll project, wipe it up casually, and consider your project officially christened. :p ] Nice creamy “cream white” resin with even coloration, no bubbles, no seam lines. Overall, I had a good experience with Withdoll, though I had to poke them when two months passed and they had yet to ship, despite promising that they would. A few pictures below.Continue reading December doll update 2: Fritillaria!!!!!

Better eyes x1, better hair x2 — slow going with doll restyling

Better eyes x1, better hair x2 — slow going with doll restyling published on No Comments on Better eyes x1, better hair x2 — slow going with doll restyling

I’m getting some 16mm low-dome Captured in Glass glass eyes for Thalia. They have white whites, black irises, and white pupils [ET2]. I would prefer black whites, black irises, and white pupils, but CiG doesn’t sell them.


My Takara Cy Girl Cutey Honey, last seen shorn of her brittle factory rooted red hair [back in April!], has on order a size 4 Monique wig, style Pinky [chin-length bubble bob with bangs], in a violently bright red. Now I either need to fix her sword, which broke at the VTDL meetup where I decided to remove her original hair, or get her a new one — preferable made of actual metal, so it has less chance of snapping.


I have discovered the intoxicating glories of, from which I will eventually buy hair for Timonium’s spiky, Jarethian hair. The proprietor offers so many types of hair in so many colors that I hope to obtain some free samples of the various dark reds to see which would work best for Timonium. He has the tips of his ears painted a color that looks very close to that of dried or scabbed-over blood, so I want the same for his hair.


I remember that my original concept for Timonium included splatters on his feet and legs, as if he had been walking through gore. I also remember that I never did this because, for some reason, I was unsure about how to accomplish this. Now, though, the process seems so self-evident — I should clearly just coat his legs with a few layers of matte sealant for a base, mix up some paint, and make a mess like I usually do.


I realize that I haven’t decided what to do for Fritillaria’s eyes. I kind of like the idea of pinpoint pupils and huge irises dominated by red and white hypno spirals, but I really should mock that up first…


Fritillaria has been ordered!

Fritillaria has been ordered! published on No Comments on Fritillaria has been ordered!

I just ordered a Withdoll Adriana [Repuria Island of Fog Circus Girl special edition] this morning. She’s coming naked and unpainted, with no extras, in cream white resin. There are three tones of white WD resin. Unmodified white seems to be a pure white, untinged with any other color, while rose white has a pink undertone. Cream white has a yellow undertone; I selected it because the yellow reflects the patina of age that I would like to emulate.

I remain uncertain about whether to give her an articulated jaw. I’m afraid of making an irreversible mess on her, but it would look so damn cool!

Fritillaria concept

Fritillaria concept published on No Comments on Fritillaria concept

Mocked up my idea for Fritillaria just now. I left out eyes because I’m not sure what to do for them, but I purposely left off eyebrows, which I’m not seeing a need for. Black lines down from the corners of the mouth indicate where her jaw joint would be, assuming I decide to have it cut, rather than painted. That black thing on her head is a skull cap, as I am not a noted fan of wigs on my BJDs.Continue reading Fritillaria concept

Fritillaria the marionette soubrette

Fritillaria the marionette soubrette published on No Comments on Fritillaria the marionette soubrette

While I was on DOA last night, I found an announcement for the recent Withdoll release Adriana. The Repuria Island of Fog edition, called Circus Girl, is a knife-throwing character. Knives and domino, as well as black, flowy costume, are optional. She comes with two headsculpts, one regular and one with craquelare-like crazing sculpted into her face.


I, of course, like the “cracked head,” as Withdoll calls it. I would like to get this doll and make her into Fritillaria the marionette soubrette. I’d dress her in black and white, with a ruff and diamonds, similar to but not copying the Fashion Royalty Nippon Amelie and Misaki dolls designed by Poupee Mecanique. She’d be a marionette who jumped her strings, so I’d screw eyehooks in her head, hands, and feet, then tie broken strings to them. I would also like to give her a movable jaw like a ventriloquist’s dummy, but I’m not sure how that would work. Maybe I could hire someone to do the cuts…


I like the wide cheeks, the little pointy chin, and the skijump nose.

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