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Too — much — stuff!

Too — much — stuff! published on No Comments on Too — much — stuff!

I’ve been indexing my Daz  et al. content for the past few weeks. In my attempt to comprehensively list all such stuff I own, I have come across a significant minority of items that I either forgot I had or that I haven’t used at all. Compared to some amassers of digital content, I don’t have a great amount, but the rediscovery of a bunch of cool stuff clearly indicated to me that I have too much. Well, there’s an incentive to stop buying new stuff. Also I should be saving for a new computer instead of getting more stuff to make my current one run slowly.

Daz stuff amasses in a slightly different way that physical stuff, I’ve noticed. I can offload physical stuff when I’m done with it, but I can’t get rid of Daz stuff in the same way. Of course, I can uninstall old digital stuff from my runtime, but, if I have purchased it, it will always be available for me to download. Thus I can always edit my runtime, but not my amassment itself. Therefore an index of all my content does not provide an accurate idea of a) what I have actually installed and b) what I make regular use of.

Now that I have an index, I’d really like to edit down my runtime on two levels. First, I want to reduce it to contain only the stuff I actually use. Second, I want to delete as many Poser native files as I can — mostly OBJs and CR2s for clothing and hair — in favor of Daz native files. I very rarely use Poser native files, as I usually convert Poser native stuff to Daz native stuff and resave, so the Poser native files are redundant space hogs. Begone!

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