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I now have all the Girls.

I now have all the Girls. published on 1 Comment on I now have all the Girls.

As I’ve mentioned periodically throughout my life in digital art, I really like the digital model known as The Girl. She first began like as an original creation by Kim Goossens. After issuing her once as a standalone figure, Daz rolled her into their base female model and, in her next iteration, made her a morph of Victoria 4. This iteration, the Girl 4, changed shape from the original, but retained the original’s signature proportions and style.

There was no Girl released as a morph of Daz’ next base model, Genesis 1, also known as generation 5, so there was never a Girl 5. With the release of the “generation 6” Genesis 2 Female base, the Girl reappeared, after skipping a generation, as Girl 6.

Of all the characters Daz regularly releases, I prefer the Girl most of all. Sure, I can morph G2F into pretty much any humanoid shape I want, but, when focusing on default appearance, I will choose the Girl any day. Since Victoria 4, Daz’ basic female models have had increasingly generic shapes that are supposed to conform to the modern U.S. bourgeois societal ideal of slender, curvy, gravity-defying, neotenic and cute feminine attractiveness. Borrrring. Though the Girl has changed over her iterations, she started off as Kim Goossens’ particular artistic version, and she has maintained much of that engaging aesthetic. She has a specific personality from the get-go, which makes working with her more fun.

I suppose I should define this enjoyable personality, huh? I think it’s mostly defined by expressiveness. She’s a toon character, so her large head, exaggerated eyes and big mouth highlight her facial expressions. Same with her large hands. The exaggerated shape of her body shows twists, turns and shifts of weight more obviously than a realistically shaped figure. She fits in well with my overall aesthetic of beauty as an exaggerated, stylized, flamboyant gender presentation.

I should put all three Girls in the same render and evaluate the figure’s changes over time. That would be cool.

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