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Geordie [toddler doll] in progress

Geordie [toddler doll] in progress published on 1 Comment on Geordie [toddler doll] in progress

I had an extra Obitsu upper torso and arms from a 21cm [?] doll, so I tried to create a torso with more toddler-like proportions. The first photo shows what I started with: the default. The second photo shows what I ended up with. I don’t know what brand the head is, but I amputated 0.5" in height off the scalp and altered the paint job by Andrea. I removed the eyebrows, recolored the eyes green with black pupils and gave some more definition to the lower lip. I do not know how tall Geordie will end up being. 6" would be acceptable, but I would like to get in the 5" range, perhaps even 4". It all depends on the legs. I wonder where to get some.

Need to sand the chest.

EDIT: I should mention that, in order to get Geordie’s arms short enough, I had to sacrifice the upper arm swivel. Thus her elbows will always be pointing toward her back. But, since she still has all original shoulder and wrist articulation, I felt that this was an acceptable trade-off. I do, however, regret her loss of ability to put her arms akimbo, a characteristic pose for almost all of my characters.  Continue reading Geordie [toddler doll] in progress

Early forays into 1:6: A snapshot

Early forays into 1:6: A snapshot published on 1 Comment on Early forays into 1:6: A snapshot

Here’s my self-introduction on MWD, written a few days after I joined in October, 2001. It gives a glimpse into my 1:6 universe back then:

I’m a 23-year-old Vermont transplant currently living in the Boston metro area. First I started drawing people…Then I started making paper dolls…Then I moved on to 12" dolls…And I’ve even progressed to a mannequin. I’m pretty new to the 1:6 realm, but I don’t think I’ll be leaving any time soon, given the presence of so many [plastic] buxom beauties to play with.

My collection’s mostly female, heavy on that wondrous Cy body, small, but eclectic and dynamic. It includes a drag king [an AA Jane with an earplug in her pants], a drag queen [a Mattel Frank Sinatra with black curls and a shitload of glitter], a porn star, a sword-wielding book guardian, a dominatrix/slam poet and the lead singer of the band I just made up, Flaming Hot Pussy.

Each 1:6 doll has been renamed, redressed and given a particular personality. For example, I turned A.J. into a 16-year-old bad-ass, Amelia, with one hand missing due to a motorcycle accident [ah, those detachable CY hands]. She wears her baseball cap backwards and adopts a rebellious, defiant stance. Very sexy in Kat’s tank top and a pair of hot pink hot pants from "Lauren," a horribly cheap dollar-store find.

She and all the other dolls change poses regularly, as they have a soap-opera-like series of tableaux going on. I haven’t been writing in a while, but this is my way of creating in the interim. I customize my figs’ **psychology,** rather than their appearance [resculpting, headswapping, etc.], if that makes any sense. Does anyone else do this [storylines, I mean], or am I the only one? *looks around*

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve hooking my girlfriend on the hobby, and we spend many happy hours kitbashing together. Pretty amazing, once you consider that the rest of the world thinks I’m fricking weird as it is.

Time passes, but the essentials remain. My characters are still soap-operatic, queer, gender-fucking, kinky, disabled, bad-ass and dressed in cheap, tacky clothes. Each has a detailed personality. The only major development in my 1:6 interests has been my increasing proficiency modding dolls and sculpting my own accessories.

Hmmm, from this clip, I seem like an interesting, but very defensive, person.

Articulated 1:6 toddlers

Articulated 1:6 toddlers published on 1 Comment on Articulated 1:6 toddlers

Now that I have my Dom doll back in commission, I’d like to get a doll of Geordie, his niece. She was originally an Elfdoll 17cm Jin dal Rae, but she wasn’t very poseable, so I got rid of her. As much as I’d love to get a 1:6 toddler BJD, I don’t have the money for that right now, so I’m brainstorming alternatives.

Obitsu 21cm with reduced arms, legs and torso. This body would satisfy my need for articulation, but I’m looking for something about half this height, 5" at max.

Mattel Kelly/Tommy doll. These are the appropriate size, but their articulation is crap, and they all have disturbing smiles.

Sekiguchi Mame Momoko. These dolls are the right size, with minimal articulation like Kellys, but their clothes can be realistic [see the Street Kids Mame for example], and I find their simplified faces much more charming than Kellys’.

My bad-assery knows no bounds!

My bad-assery knows no bounds! published on No Comments on My bad-assery knows no bounds!

The last time I took pictures of Frank was in September, 2007. Since I’ve been thinking about my BJDs recently, I took out Frank, removed his eyelashes and changed the position of his eyes. Instead of looking sideways to the right, he’s looking diagonally upward to the right. While he used to look mischievous, now he looks downright evil. >:} Continue reading My bad-assery knows no bounds!

Planetdoll Tiny Riz

Planetdoll Tiny Riz published on 1 Comment on Planetdoll Tiny Riz

At 27cm, with a proportionate head, she is perfectly 1:6 for a prepubescent or barely pubescent girl. The sculpt is full of character and delightful details, such as the protuberant ears, the serious mouth, the swayback spine, the chubby legs and slightly oversize hands and feet. I wonder if Absinthe’s head would fit on that body?

That’s My Face! Deathmask!

That’s My Face! Deathmask! published on No Comments on That’s My Face! Deathmask!

That’s My Face constructs 3-D likenesses of people with the help of 2 photos [front and profile] and a bunch of data points about the boundaries of certain features. One use for the likenesses is that of 1:6 action fig heads. I’m not impressed for several reasons.

  • The software best captures "neutral expressions," meaning that the resultant likenesses lack the recognizable expressions that give people so much of their personality.
  • Because the likenesses are based only on front and side views, they completely neglect the width, depth and subtleties of the chin and jaw, not to mention the cranium.
  • On a more personal note, the likenesses require entirely too much fiddling to establish boundaries and then wait for the effect of those boundaries on the finished sculpt. I would much prefer working directly with material that I can touch.

Computers might be very capable, but they are not as awesome as people think they are for capturing vivid, lively, nuanced likenesses.

4.6: “Gift of Sunsets”

4.6: “Gift of Sunsets” published on 1 Comment on 4.6: “Gift of Sunsets”

In which Mamie, Anneka’s sort-of grandmother, finds out the truth behind her granddaughter’s “queer” behavior.


Comments: If you don’t remember, Mamie is Anneka’s grandmother’s widow. Minerva [Anneka’s grandmother] had two partners at the same time: her husband Isaac and Mamie. All three of them raised Max, Anneka’s dad. Mamie used to be headmistress of the Endless Lake Boarding School in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, but she has been a nature photographer for some time now. She lives in South Burlington, Vermont, which is near Maple Corners, where Anneka’s parents live.

I really enjoy writing Mamie’s dialog because, as brusque and uncomfortable with emotions as she is, she really does love her family.


“Easy Does It”

“Easy Does It” published on 2 Comments on “Easy Does It”

I downloaded DOSBox, an emulator allowing a user to play old games on a new computer, and installed it. Then I downloaded Jumpman 1.0 from The Jumpman Project, and then I played my favoritest computer game ever. Basically Jumpman involves jumping a little dude around a jungle gym, collecting pellets in order to win the level. Obstacles include flying white bombs, vampire bats, evil robots, etc. We got this game for our Commodore 64 shortly after its release in 1984 and we spent many joyous hours attempting to master it. In order to fully enjoy this game, I need a joystick…Hmmm…

Fat LHFers

Fat LHFers published on 5 Comments on Fat LHFers

On the subject of fat dolls, D7ana informs me of Play Along’s 2007 Tracy and Edna Turnblad dolls, which were actually fat, not to mention really cute. I do like regular Tracy’s ’60s flip, as well as her big smile, but I don’t want to get a doll without a character. That being said, I clearly need more fat people in LHF.

I count the following characters as fat: Andrew, Rori, Justine and Margie. Gemini might also be fat, but it’s difficult to tell what’s going on underneath her incredibly baggy clothes.

I got the genius idea last night to make ZaeZae fat, or, more specifically, to try out my new fats-sculpting technique on her: namely, adding fat to a headsculpt, rather than carving fats out of it, the way that I did with Margie. Adding fats to ZaeZae’s head won’t be a problem, although she will require a complete repaint to blend the Sculpey-colored fats in with her skin tone. Making her body fats may be more difficult, as she is currently on a stalk-like articulated Barbie body.

I also got the genius idea this morning to sculpt fats onto my forthcoming Alicia doll. Her default Martha Jones body is more robust than an articulated Barbie, so this might be easier than enlarging ZaeZae.

EDIT: Making fats for Alicia may be easier than making fats for ZaeZae, as Alicia’s neck connector is at the base of her neck [rather than under her chin], allowing me to make chin fats that will not impede her neck articulation.

Because fat is a contagious creeping crud. [Also…I want this doll.]

Because fat is a contagious creeping crud. [Also…I want this doll.] published on 5 Comments on Because fat is a contagious creeping crud. [Also…I want this doll.]

Latinworks made a series of ads for, each depicting sedentary, fat versions of childhood toys, surrounded by the detritus of junk food. The tagline is "Keep obesity away from your child." Yup…because we all know that fat is a horrible contagious disease invading from outside, and body shape and weight have nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with sitting around and stuffing your face, and, with enough willpower, you can enforce skinniness! Besides its misinformed, moralizing scare tactics directed towards weight, the version below the cut also features a problematic reshaping of a fashion doll body, a plastic icon already well analyzed for its vexed cultural messages. Nasty, misogynist, anti-fat piece of drivel.

I do want that doll, though, as well as some of the fat little Playmobil pirates seen in another ad in the series. This series makes me think that I should try again to make a fat doll. My first fat doll, Margie, came out pretty well, but I couldn’t sculpt fats on her because I didn’t have the right modeling compound. Now that I have some Sculpey, I can add fats to a doll’s head and body!   Continue reading Because fat is a contagious creeping crud. [Also…I want this doll.]

Pet peeve: poor photography

Pet peeve: poor photography published on 1 Comment on Pet peeve: poor photography

Besides poor posing, I really dislike poor doll photography. Like any other visual art, photography has many aspects that one can alter for varying effect: lighting, framing, focus, etc. [No, I don’t know the technical terms.] However, I have, unfortunately, experienced way too many photos where these aspects are altered out of sheer ineptitude, rather than artistic consideration. While we poor amateurs may not be able to take photos as beautiful as those of the masters, we can at least follow some basic rules to make our own works functional:

  • The camera should be focused on the subject. If the subject is a particular doll head, I don’t want to see fine-grained, macro-level detail of the wall just behind the doll. [Here’s a beautiful example in the first panel of Unreal Life 1.5.]
  • Lighting should be appropriate to the subject. Consider that fluorescents make things yellow, and flashes tend to wash out the subject. [And here in Unreal Life 4.6, we can’t even see what’s happening because it’s too damn dark.]
  • The level of blur should be appropriate to the subject. If the dolls are supposed to be running, feel free to move the camera as the shutter is closing. But, if you’re supposedly taking a static shot, blur sabotages all the detail that you’re allegedly capturing. [Unfortunately, all the pictures of Meg’s Onyx that I took at doll club on Saturday were blurry!]

I really can take a decent picture, though, you know!

Pink Squad +1, Loser Legion +1

Pink Squad +1, Loser Legion +1 published on 3 Comments on Pink Squad +1, Loser Legion +1

Marabou, on the left, epitomizes fabulousness with hair newly painted pink, accented with white and purple Prismacolors. Dom, on the right, epitomizes silliness. Boxers with red race cars on them not shown! Nice pants, Dom. Do you have to wipe the crotch on the doormat before you go inside?  Continue reading Pink Squad +1, Loser Legion +1

Dushku attempts to acquire personality. Graft unsuccessful.

Dushku attempts to acquire personality. Graft unsuccessful. published on No Comments on Dushku attempts to acquire personality. Graft unsuccessful.

Watched the premiere of Dollhouse just now. I’m very curious about the concept of programmable people, but, so far, the show itself is rather dull because the trite script allows no development for sympathetic characters and also because Eliza Dushku has even less acting talent than Anna Torv on Fringe, which I didn’t think was possible. [However, watching Anna Torv kick ass is ALWAYS entertaining.] Besides which, the show was much more interested in establishing that Eliza Dushku, in fact, does have boobs and less interested in delineating the rules and hierarchy of the programmable people project. As much as I think the backstory on Fringe is a steaming heap of vaguely crapped-out doo-doo, I find the characters’ personalities and pasts entertaining enough to watch the show so that I can learn more about them. I do not give two shits about anyone in Dollhouse yet.

Pink Squad +2

Pink Squad +2 published on No Comments on Pink Squad +2

This weekend, I removed ZaeZae’s original brownish hair and gave her a braid of purple and pink yarn attached to a new scalp of pink pulled-back hair. I also made her spectacles out of 20 gauge brass wire.

In other pink news, the pink count should eventually increase by 5:

  • I still need to remove Pippilotta’s current hair and replace it with a sculpted scalp and wired yarn braids…pink, of course!
  • Come to think of it, Marabou would look fabulous with a really deep magenta hair color similar to Andrew’s!!
  • If I give Janet pink hair, then a majority of the core cast and most frequent secondaries will have pink hair. ^_^
  • UberBarbie is making me a fabulous teen boy with pink hair.
  • Susie was supposed to have pink hair, but I had such a fight with her current red wig that I have temporarily given up on changing her hair.

Pink Squad as of now.

Standing, back row, L to R: Davry, ZaeZae, Andrew, Anneka, Will, Rori, Sibley.

Sitting, second-to-front row, L to R: Baozha, Sarah.

Lying, front row, L to R: Zinnia Pascale.
Continue reading Pink Squad +2

Tonner dolls I kinda want

Tonner dolls I kinda want published on 3 Comments on Tonner dolls I kinda want

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan from Twilight. The usually round, foreshortened and bland Tonner default fem sculpt yields to the slightly long and bumpy lineaments of Stewart’s sexy features. So cute!

Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 from Get Smart. Again, the actor’s salient features — a long face and plushy lips — escape through Tonner’s regimented blandification. Looks like Frank.

Re-Imagination Star-Crossed. A Romeo doll. Needs a repaint and a rehair to become a Jareth doll!!

Eva Green as Serafina Pekkala from The Golden Compass. HOT…except for the painted toenails.

Who’s in the cast? Trying to determine the main characters of LHF

Who’s in the cast? Trying to determine the main characters of LHF published on No Comments on Who’s in the cast? Trying to determine the main characters of LHF

LHF is definitely an ensemble performance, so it’s hard to determine who the main characters are, beyond Anneka and Will, of course. There is, however, a core group who get most of the plots:

  • Anneka
  • Will
  • Pippilotta
  • Mark
  • Velvette
  • Janet
  • Viktor

Outside of this group, there are secondaries who appear frequently, but don’t really drive the story:

  • Rori
  • Absinthe
  • Sibley
  • Davry
  • Andrew
  • Chow
  • Materyllis
  • Zinnia Pascale
  • Anneka’s family
  • Will’s family
  • Thomas [boo hiss]

Little ones I like: my interest in 1:6 BJDs

Little ones I like: my interest in 1:6 BJDs published on 4 Comments on Little ones I like: my interest in 1:6 BJDs

Name: Lucy. Maker: Roxydoll. Highly articulated, with double-jointed limbs and a three-part torso, Lucy is also small, slim and delicate. She is 20cm high and too slender for even Only Hearts Club clothes! I used to really dislike Roxydoll’s sculpts until I got one in person. The open mouth makes the sculpt all the more expressive. Link shows Tanned Lucy, the one I have [Susie!].

Name: Little Ryung. Maker: Elfdoll. Admired previously here.

Name: Uyoo. Maker: Soom. Yeah, I used to have one of these. Then I sold her. I miss her. I am a sucker for Sooms.

Name: Yohimbin. Maker: Roxydoll. Just like Lucy, only taller, Yohimbin has a delicate, androgynous face that’s less droopy than Lucy’s. If the price were lower [around Lucy’s price], I’d be tempted to get one.

For sale: NS SA Dollshe Hound, modded by Armeleia.

For sale: NS SA Dollshe Hound, modded by Armeleia. published on 3 Comments on For sale: NS SA Dollshe Hound, modded by Armeleia.

For sale: NS SA Dollshe Hound, modded by Armeleia. Make me an offer. [Keep in mind: Bought at end of 2005 for $650.00, paid ~$100.00 for modding. Now out of production. Also unique head.]   Continue reading For sale: NS SA Dollshe Hound, modded by Armeleia.

YNU Group Mixis

YNU Group Mixis published on 2 Comments on YNU Group Mixis

Thanks to the enthusiastic evangelism of D7ana, I’m interested in newcomers to the 12" fashion doll scene, the Mixis, made by the Canadian YNU Group. They are a group of 4 biracial characters, each with a distinctive headsculpt that reflects combos of racial backgrounds. Their wider torsos and thicker necks allow their clothing to even accommodate my standard body, the CG. I’m especially partial to Houda and Rosa. Though Mixis usually retail at about $60.00 because of their high-quality clothes, they can be found on clearance at the Canadian online retailer Nce N Necessary and for a reduced price at U.S.-based Aunt Jean’s Toys.

12″ Martha Jones = mine!

12″ Martha Jones = mine! published on No Comments on 12″ Martha Jones = mine!

Another trade with corsetkitten yields a bad-ass doll [photo by Mick Balte] done by Character Options with no designated character…although I suspect she will become Alicia, Janet and Velvette’s mom, an ex-feminist porn star turned evangelical Christian and writer of devotional poetry.

After college, Alicia and friends moved out West to start their feminist porn company. Alicia had her kids with some of her fellow start-up dudes in the business, then moved to her hometown area, Boston, to escape the volatile world of Californian porn in order to raise her daughters.

She has a long history of disappointment in her daughters because they appear to take after her own sexually adventurous tendencies. She kicked Velvette out of the house when Velvette started her fetish modeling and fashion designing. Velvette went to live with Janet, who was the exemplary, smart, overachieving, successful, sexually repressed daughter, until the sex scandal that brought her dismissal from MIT. Fearing their mom’s disapproving wrath, Janet and Velvette stayed far away in Cambridge, pissing each other off instead of dealing with Alicia.

Like I said, Alicia turned her considerable zeal into evangelical Christianity. She got saved and convicted. She may be an ex-masturbator.  Since both Janet and Velvette are queer, with heavily kinky associations [Janet with robo-sex, Velvette with BDSM], they both pretend that their mom doesn’t exist. It’s a protective measure because they are sure that she will condemn them. She keeps sending them books of her devotional poetry, which they keep ignoring. It’s obvious that the daughters still love their mom and the mom still loves her daughters, or at least they all WANT to love each other, but they stay apart because of painful history.

There are definite class tensions between Alicia and her daughters because Alicia was indoctrinated with the concepts of assimilating, overachieving and being an outstanding representative of her race. She not-so-secretly thinks that Velvette and Janet are not being a credit to her because their behavior reflects a reversion to the "black woman as oversexed slut" stereotype. "I wanted you to work hard and make something of yourselves, not sleep around and ruin it!" Clearly there’s an element of bitterness and possibly self-hatred here, since Alicia had kids, which interrupted her hard work on the porn co.

Clearly I’m not going to explore all these tensions in depth in one side story, but, if I can at least allude to them accurately to make a rich, believable portrayal of my favorite secondaries [who are also characters of color]. [I’ve been thinking a lot recently about, as a white writer, writing believable, convincing, non-stereotypical characters of color, which is hard.] Yay more plots for Velvette and Janet! …Especially Janet… I think everyone dumps on her, but she has a really interesting inner life and motivations and past [what was that scandal at MIT????] that she never divulges. It’s always the quiet ones….

Well, anyway, the Martha Jones doll obviously needs her hair painted grey and her face lined to show age.

Meanwhile 18: “After Karaoke”

Meanwhile 18: “After Karaoke” published on No Comments on Meanwhile 18: “After Karaoke”

In which we learn that drag queens aren’t on all the time.

Comments: After karaoke, the gang repairs to the Nightcrawler. Even when Anneka’s gone [she’s up in Vermont, as you may remember], the conversation is still entertaining. As a friend of Rori, who knows everyone in the universe apparently, Marabou the karaoke emcee joins ‘em. I like her. She’s sweet.


Paracosms and imaginary characters: a bibliography

Paracosms and imaginary characters: a bibliography published on 2 Comments on Paracosms and imaginary characters: a bibliography

NOTE: As a work in progress, this list will be periodically updated to reflect my latest research.

Ever since my sister and I created our first imaginary world at age 4, I’ve been interested in imaginary worlds, technically termed "paracosms," and imaginary characters/friends. Information about the paracosmic is surprisingly difficult to come by, but, over the years, I have scraped together relevant material. Most of it is from a psychological, psychiatric or sociological point of view, although a few New Agey things have crept in since I considered them useful. Forthwith, a list.

Caughey, John. Imaginary Social Worlds: A Cultural Approach. In a welcome antidote to archetypical navel-gazing, Imaginary Social Worlds compares the contents of imaginary social worlds cross-culturally. Caughey examines daydreams, celebrity fantasies, sexual fantasies, etc., and looks at the ways in which an individual’s fantasy world reflects themes and obsessions of the world around him/her.

Cohen, David; MacKeith, Stephen. The Development of Imagination: The Private Worlds of Childhood. Containing one of the first longitudinal studies of children and their paracosms, this book is notable for collecting stats and stories about the paracosms of several score British paracosms and the lives of their creators. The best parts of this book give thumbnail sketches of each creator’s family circumstances [economic status, siblings, location] and how these affected each paracosm. Included is also a summary of the salient points of each imaginary world. Good for a look at the actual content of paracosms.

Matthews, Caitlin. In Search of Woman’s Passionate Soul: Revealing the Daimon Lover Within. A collection of observations from heterosexual women discussing their experiences of relationships with male imaginary characters. Despite its Jungian underpinnings, limited sample size and ridiculous extrapolation, I like this book for its first-person reporting about the paracosmic.

Root-Bernstein, Michele. "Imaginary Worldplay as an Indicator of Creative Giftedness." In The International Handbook on Giftedness, edited by Larisa V. Shavinina. Noting that the seeds and early signs of adult creativity may be seen in childhood play, Root-Bernstein looks at what childhood paracosms can tell us about their creators as adults. She notes a high correlation between creators of childhood paracosms and those who went on to be artists and successful scientists. Less about paracosms themselves and more about their implications.

Rowan, John. Subpersonalities: The People Inside Us. Dry, but good for a historical overview, this book discusses the changing conceptions of  imaginary characters over the last 150 years of psychology/psychiatry.

Taylor, Marjorie. Imaginary Companions and the Children who Create Them. Taking the perspective of a child development psychologist, Taylor synthesizes many studies on fantasy play in children. Discussing imaginary friends, transitional objects and paracosms, she concludes that the invention of these things represents a common, healthy aspect of modern American child development. Taylor is at her best when talking about imaginary friends; her section on paracosms has great first-person reports, but ends too abruptly.

Watkins, Mary M. Invisible Guests: The Development of Imaginal Dialogues. A premier introduction and overview to the concept of multivocal consciousness, imaginary friends, whatever you want to call it. Watkins argues that the current psychiatric fixation with a unitary voice/self ignores a rich philosophical, mythological and phenomenological tradition of an internal population of >1. To that end, she synthesizes information reaching back to ancient Greek epics and forward to modern Jungianism. Her discussion of authorial relationships to story characters is especially strong.

Watkins, Mary M. Waking Dreams. Written before Invisible Guests, this book takes the same pro-paracosmic viewpoint, extended to fantasy, daydreaming, waking dreams and other supposedly "non-productive" states in general. Watkins’ Jungian background leads her to champion the concept of "active imagination," that is, calling out the characters in one’s head and talking to them. She explores the origins of this technique in European and American practice. Less rigorous and more poetically written than Invisible Guests, Waking Dreams is a thought-provoking ancillary, but should be read after Invisible Guests.

Wegner, Daniel M. White Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts: Suppression, Obsession and the Psychology of Mental Control. A lucid, conversational, funny book about the ways in which people attempt to control their thoughts and the ways in which these methods backfire. Wegner’s comments on suppression and obsession provide insight into how people can create characters and then endow them with so much personality that they seem independent.

4.5: “My Sorry Relationship I”

4.5: “My Sorry Relationship I” published on No Comments on 4.5: “My Sorry Relationship I”

In which Will, Velvette and Viktor compete on a game show. 

Comments: As you may recall, in the Tale of Two Sisters side plot, Velvette was caring for her sister Janet, who suffers debilitating migraines. Despite Velvette’s best attempts at patience, Janet’s demanding, short-tempered behavior pissed her off, so Velvette sought comfort with her new girlfriend, the undead Gemini, creator of crocheted roadkill. At the same time, Viktor, an eternally frustrated sexbot created by Janet, was rejected by his owner Sibley. Viktor approached Janet for help, but she rebuffed him. This storyline now overlaps with our main storyline in this ep.

I just realized that we’ve never actually seen Janet working in her lab. Hmmmm…

Please note that all events in My Sorry Relationship are Will’s interpretation of events, not actually accurate representations of each character’s voice. That said, he does have a certain vulgar knack for getting to the root of others’ problems….

Susie 2.0…now with misdirected eyes!

Susie 2.0…now with misdirected eyes! published on 1 Comment on Susie 2.0…now with misdirected eyes!

I finally got my Tanned Roxydoll Lucy after she took an unexpected detour, temporarily lost in the post office. I stuck her eyes in her head [the worst part of BJD ownership for me] and replaced all her stringing with pipe cleaners. Then I rustled up an outfit for her. That’s a Barbie short-sleeved shirt and a pair of Barbie jeans over 8" tights. Her shoes are Rement rubber boots from a Storage Beauty set.

Lucy is such a delicately sculpted doll, very light and highly jointed. I love the little open mouth and the combination of chubby cheeks and pointy chin.

Ergh…now that I see the photos, I recognize that her eyes are wonky. I’ll deal with that later. I may just give up and push her left eye in toward her nose and say she’s blind in that eye. I HATE adjusting eyes. Continue reading Susie 2.0…now with misdirected eyes!

Christian Bale flips his shit.

Christian Bale flips his shit. published on 3 Comments on Christian Bale flips his shit.

Someone remixed Christian Bale’s shit-flipping on the director of photography for Terminator 4, and I’ve been listening to it a bit over the past few days. The remix brings out the repetitive, whiny, self-important nature of his bloviation and substitutes for an inner monolog when something annoys me.

Did you almost fall on the ice this morning? Play this.

Did you not get the job you wanted? Play this.

Did the post office temporarily misplace your $280.00 doll from Australia? Play this.

Do you have to review a self-insertion wank-off in 350 words or less? Play this.

Angelie, Marquis, Teodora and ZaeZae upgraded

Angelie, Marquis, Teodora and ZaeZae upgraded published on 2 Comments on Angelie, Marquis, Teodora and ZaeZae upgraded

Angelie, Korean-American fitness nut, got new hands from a Hi Glam Girl that I had lying around, gaining an axis of rotation, and Obitsu flat feet instead of high-heeled Barbie feet. I don’t care about the small size of the Obitsu feet because she is wearing high-tops, in which she can now stand unassisted.

Marquis, debauched consort of the evil Justine, got a vest from Andrea’s 75-ton gift and bloodstains thereon. I also aged his clothes with a seam ripper.

Teodora, leader of the Portuguese Irmas de Maria and also Pippilotta’s great aunt, upgraded to her final headsculpt, a Toybiz Xena from Andrea’s 75 tons. I weathered her face with brown colored pencil and gave her a haircut. She is now complete.

ZaeZae, a young Irma, some time ago, got big stompy boots from my War Toys order. More recently, she got hands from the DiD boy body, thus gaining two axes of rotation.  Continue reading Angelie, Marquis, Teodora and ZaeZae upgraded

Pet peeve: poor posing

Pet peeve: poor posing published on 2 Comments on Pet peeve: poor posing

I do not like displays or photos in which dolls are poorly posed. A doll’s hands/feet shouldn’t be twisted around, nor should its elbows/knees bend backward or sideways. A doll should be in a position that is either a) physically possible for a human being or b) physically impossible for a human being, but fine for the character. Ideally, a doll’s clothes and hair should behave appropriately for the photo [disarrayed if you need disarray, neat, tidy and controlled otherwise]. I find poor posing such a distraction that I don’t care how unusual, rare or interesting the doll is; if it’s imitating a pretzel with bed head, I will ignore the overall picture in favor of sloppy details.

There are no visual aids for this post because I couldn’t find any suitably anonymous examples and I’m not subjecting my own dolls to the humiliation of illustrating what NOT to do in posing.

Billy Idol ripped off Dammit Janet.

Billy Idol ripped off Dammit Janet. published on 1 Comment on Billy Idol ripped off Dammit Janet.

I can’t find video of Richard O’Brien’s Dammit Janet [Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975], but I found Billy Idol’s White Wedding (1982). All the weirdos in the church, plus the juxtaposition of coffins and marriage, made me think of Dammit Janet. Billy Idol does an interesting job of fusing both the Brad and the Frank characters in this video…mostly Frank, given the vamping. It is also possible that he is a vampire, although I may be anachronistically projecting from a certain vampiric character [Spike in BTVS] that clearly ripped off his look.

…Wow, Billy Idol remade Mony Mony? All I’ve heard is the original. Maybe I need to investigate his sneer hair washboard abs music some more.

Today’s New Wave comments: Dancing With Myself is about masturbation. Safety Dance, besides being about safe sex, is the least interesting Men Without Hats song ever. In comparison to the rest of their thoughtful, poppy, odd oeuvre, it’s dull and predictable.

Hot Toys The Spirit: Silken Floss

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Appearing some time in Q2, it’s a Hot Toys 1:6 version of Scarlett Johannsen as Silken Floss in the silver screen turd known as The Spirit!!! You are probably wondering why I care, given my aversion to The Spirit, Nazis and Scarlett Johannsen [except in her capacity as inspiration for really awesome dolls like Elfdoll Ryung and Tiny Ryung]. I am interested because, first, it is a pretty doll and, second, it is sculpted by Hiroko Hayashi!

Pretty dolls are pretty easy to come by, but not ones by Hayashi [especially if one is in the U.S.]. This Japanese master of small-scale sculpture first came to my notice because he did the CG02 headsculpt on A.J., Shadow, Blaze and Destiny. It is my favoritest fem sculpt ever because packs a wealth of detail and character into the normally soft medium of a vinyl head. Even though CG04 has sharply defined, recognizable features, it can still look drastically different depending on paint and hair. I have 3 CG02s in my cast — Pippilotta, Tituba and Leonora — and they all look like distinct people. Anyway, I do not doubt that Hayashi’s work on Silken Floss meets or exceeds his work on CG04. His work on this doll makes it more attractive to me than it normally would be.

I also like her cat’s-eye glasses!  Continue reading Hot Toys The Spirit: Silken Floss

Blame Andrea for these outfits.

Blame Andrea for these outfits. published on 2 Comments on Blame Andrea for these outfits.

Andrea sent me 75 tons of 1:6 clothing, food, heads, bodies, body parts, furniture and accessories, which arrived yesterday by priority mail. The following are from that package: Will’s stockings, Pippilotta’s new body [hooray!], her blazer, her shorts set, her stockings, her legwarmers and Anneka’s dress.  Further photos of the booty later.  Continue reading Blame Andrea for these outfits.

LHF 4.4: “Getting Out”

LHF 4.4: “Getting Out” published on No Comments on LHF 4.4: “Getting Out”

In which Anneka can’t stand it any more and Will falls to his knees. 

Comments: Anneka is pondering with the help of her Jareth doll, a representation of her favorite movie character. Apparently this movie always gets her thinking about dominance and submission.

Will has quite the appetite. Besides orange juice, he also has a plate full of a pig in the blanket, a gyro, a slice of pizza, a bowl of pasta salad and a banana split.

I need to read this book RIGHT NOW!

I need to read this book RIGHT NOW! published on No Comments on I need to read this book RIGHT NOW!

The Development of Imagination: The Private Worlds of Childhood by David Cohen and Stephen A. MacKeith is about paracosms. I NEED IT RIGHT NOW.

And this one too, which has an essay about paracosms: Organizing Early Experience: Imagination and Cognition in Childhood edited by Delmont Morrison.

Work space photo and plastic food collection

Work space photo and plastic food collection published on 2 Comments on Work space photo and plastic food collection

Below are a picture of my work space and some pictures of my plastic food collection. I don’t collect dolls, but I do collect plastic food, almost all of which is either Iwako or Re-ment. People have diverse diets, so I want to reflect that in 1:6. [My vampires, though bloodthirsty, eat human food for nostalgic and sensory reasons.] I’m not looking for a plastic representative of every food ever, but 1:6 versions of foods commonly found in American restaurants and kitchens. It’s all stored in plastic trays that used to hold beads or nails. Continue reading Work space photo and plastic food collection

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