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Hot Toys The Spirit: Silken Floss

Hot Toys The Spirit: Silken Floss published on 2 Comments on Hot Toys The Spirit: Silken Floss

Appearing some time in Q2, it’s a Hot Toys 1:6 version of Scarlett Johannsen as Silken Floss in the silver screen turd known as The Spirit!!! You are probably wondering why I care, given my aversion to The Spirit, Nazis and Scarlett Johannsen [except in her capacity as inspiration for really awesome dolls like Elfdoll Ryung and Tiny Ryung]. I am interested because, first, it is a pretty doll and, second, it is sculpted by Hiroko Hayashi!

Pretty dolls are pretty easy to come by, but not ones by Hayashi [especially if one is in the U.S.]. This Japanese master of small-scale sculpture first came to my notice because he did the CG02 headsculpt on A.J., Shadow, Blaze and Destiny. It is my favoritest fem sculpt ever because packs a wealth of detail and character into the normally soft medium of a vinyl head. Even though CG04 has sharply defined, recognizable features, it can still look drastically different depending on paint and hair. I have 3 CG02s in my cast — Pippilotta, Tituba and Leonora — and they all look like distinct people. Anyway, I do not doubt that Hayashi’s work on Silken Floss meets or exceeds his work on CG04. His work on this doll makes it more attractive to me than it normally would be.

I also like her cat’s-eye glasses!


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