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Oh joy — it’s presidential candidate sexism watch time again!

Oh joy — it’s presidential candidate sexism watch time again! published on 2 Comments on Oh joy — it’s presidential candidate sexism watch time again!

Shakesville brings to my attention a sexist post on Pharyngula where candidate Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-ebarbative) is compared to a snake that can dislocate its jaw to accommodate a [phallic] corn dog.

I don’t understand why people feel the need to make dehumanizing, objectifying comments about Bachmann — in this case, comparing her to a snake — when there are real, substantive criticisms to be made of her bigoted views and policies. For example, see a post on Talking Points Memo where Bachmann tries some stonewalling bullshittery in the face of the interviewer asking her about previous homophobic statements. Sexist remarks such as those on Pharyngula distract from the issues at hand and hurt all women.

To anyone who thinks that Pharyngula is just having a little fun, that it’s okay to go after Bachmann because you don’t agree with her, let me point out this: Saying "It’s okay to make fun of this woman because of her sex, but not that one!" does not provide an adequate excuse. Sexism against one woman, any woman, harms all women. You personally may only make fun of Bachmann, but what’s to prevent someone else from saying, "Oh, I’m only going to make fun of ModernWizard [or any other woman, for that matter], but not others"? Your exceptions may be someone else’s target. Your willingness to participate in sexist rhetoric just perpetuates an atmosphere of acceptance in which further sexism flourishes. Sexism is never okay, no matter who the target!

Didn’t we just go through this four years ago with Sarah Palin [post on SocIm started by yours truly] and Hillary Clinton as targets of sexist smears?

P.S. Mockery of Bachmann’s husband for supposedly being a closeted gay man trades on the idea that being gay is somehow shameful and worthy of ridicule. If you think that way, you are homophobic.

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