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“Vocal fry”

“Vocal fry” published on 2 Comments on “Vocal fry”

Wow, ya learn something new everyday. I didn't even know that that low, grating tone that you put on the end of words sometimes even had a name, but apparently it does. The New York Times introduced me to the subject in an article about linguistic novelty among girls. Unfortunately, it's difficult to describe vocal fry, but you know it when you hear it. Here's a Youtube commentary on vocal fry, including some examples. In my experience, vocal fry seems to be an affectation to suggest sophistication, doubt, frustration or sarcasm.

What the hell is this poop?

What the hell is this poop? published on 1 Comment on What the hell is this poop?

Via Shakesville, this “editorial” is not only sexist, misogynist and essentialist, but it’s also completely incoherent. This is my favorite sentence, primarily because it makes no sense:

Anyone serious about thinking through the role of women in today’s civilization is doing worthless work unless they take the controversies on the right hand in hand with the unsuccessfully suppressed tensions on the opposite side of the spectrum, where disagreements far more volatile in their profundity roil respectable liberalism.

How does bilge like this even get published?? This is some of the worst writing I’ve ever come across in my life, and I’ve seen some doozies.

Now on track to becoming slightly more informed

Now on track to becoming slightly more informed published on No Comments on Now on track to becoming slightly more informed

Ever since last spring, I've been sad because my main source of news, the New York Times, put a limit on free reading to 20 articles a month. Recently I looked into digital subscription prices and discovered that I could easily afford a digital subscription at $15.00 a month. So I got one.

The thing is, I used my account information from an account that I created back in 1996, when I started reading the Times my first year in college. Therefore my user ID is "bowiegirl." Well, I'm not a girl, but the reference to David Bowie is still accurate! Ah, the good old days…

Ginevra the one-winged fairy

Ginevra the one-winged fairy published on 1 Comment on Ginevra the one-winged fairy

Today I worked on Ginevra, a Soom Spider Faery Sprite in magenta skin. First I tried gluing the magnets into her wings and back so that she could have articulated wings. One wing got stuck together at the magnets, so it couldn't pivot. When I tried to separate the magnets, the resin cup on her wing holding one of the magnets broke. There is no way to fix it unless I want a static, unpivotable wing on that side, which I don't, so I guess she's a one-winged fairy. Note to self: When gluing in magnets for future dolls' wings, let the Super Glue dry thoroughly on one part before hurriedly trying to assemble everything together.

Anyway, I then gave Ginevra a faceup. That means that I gave her brick red lips and very stylized eyebrows, and that was it. I'm not really one for detailed faceups, so good thing Ginervra didn't need one. She just wanted a little color to bring out the beauty of her headsculpt: the long eyes, the arched brows, the Roman nose, the plushy lips.

After sealing Ginevra's faceup, I dressed her in her full-set outfit minus the armwarmers and shoes. The raw edges of the black and magenta fabric, the loose layering and the mess of danglies all go well with my simple, messy faceup design.

I've had the hardest time deciding what type of hair to give Ginevra. Then, when I was taking pictures of her in her current eyeless and hairless state, it hit me: Like Sardonix and Noodge, Ginevra doesn't need hair! This solution appeals to my laziness and to my aesthetic sense. Any hair on Ginevra's head would distract from the beauty of her headsculpt, which I love for its hilariously crabby expression. So she just needs some eyes [the 6mm ones I got were too small — she needs 8mm!], and then she's done, waiting for her fairy comrade Flower, who will have two wings successfully attached.
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Doll meetup, 02/11/12: Janvier Jett

Doll meetup, 02/11/12: Janvier Jett published on 1 Comment on Doll meetup, 02/11/12: Janvier Jett

Three of us — me, vermont chick and goldi — met in the Koolvord Room, Brownell Library, Essex Junction, today for an hour of photos and fun, despite the bitter wind chill factors. See the next three posts for the pictures I took.

From left to right: vermont chick's Iplehouse Zera named Zofia, goldi's FairyLand Littlefee Chloe named Penny and Janvier Jett serenading them all.
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