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Fuck you LiveJournal and your little dog too.

Fuck you LiveJournal and your little dog too. published on 1 Comment on Fuck you LiveJournal and your little dog too.

Thanks so fucking much for NOT GIVING A SHIT about users, especially visually impaired users who find your new Friends reading pane a horrible illegible pile of shit. You STINK, and I'm leaving.

Find me over here, peoples:

This blog is officially an ex-blog. All content will be transferred to DW, assuming I can get some archive/transfer service to work.

The stupidity of Grimm, part n in an ongoing series

The stupidity of Grimm, part n in an ongoing series published on 7 Comments on The stupidity of Grimm, part n in an ongoing series

In the latest ep, La Llorona, the titular character, a Central/South American ghost mourning her kids, whom she drowned, kidnaps children. Nick learns this from a Spanish-speaking man who has lost his son. The man speaks no English, and apparently no one in the Portland Police Department speaks Spanish, so, on this flimsiest of pretexts, the story drags in Juliette [Nick's girlfriend] to translate for the man.

I call bullshit. The father of the kidnapped kid knows no English at all, not even enough to say, "Let's communicate in Spanish"? More to the point, the Portland PD, which should be prepared to deal with many nationalities of people and many languages, has no one at their disposal who understands even basic Spanish?! No one is available who knows the primary language of the country with which we share a 2000-mile-long southern border? BULLLLLLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.

Ooooh, more 1:6 scale BJDs!

Ooooh, more 1:6 scale BJDs! published on No Comments on Ooooh, more 1:6 scale BJDs!

Batchix used to make Nan Sook, a double-jointed 25cm female. No longer available. Waaaaah.

Leekeworld used to have a K series of dolls, 18 to 19cm high and single-jointed. There were Jiny and Lani, both female. No longer available, of course, because, for some reason, Leekeworld decided not to sell dolls any more?!?!!? WHY?

Aggressive sanding

Aggressive sanding published on 1 Comment on Aggressive sanding

I just sanding some of Novella's head aggressively for about 35 minutes. It went much faster when I stopped sanding in circles and started sanding in straight lines. Yes, I am aware that I am breaking the Fourth Commandment of BJD Ownership ["Thou shalt not sand thy doll with back-and-forth motions, but only with tiny, circular strokes"], but I don't care.  I'm going a lot faster this way and seeing much more gratifying results. :p
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Burlington “International” Airport

Burlington “International” Airport published on 1 Comment on Burlington “International” Airport

At Burlington "International" Airport, daily arrivals and departures occur to/from the following cities: Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Newark, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia and Washington DC. There are seasonal flights to/from Toronto and daily bus trips to/from Montreal, which are the only qualifications I can think of for the "International" in its title.

It's a source of great irritation to some of us Vermonters that there are no flights to/from Boston out of BTV. For that, you have to go across the lake to Plattsburgh "International" Airport, which defeats the purpose of having a direct route to Boston slightly quicker than Greyhound "We'll Get There Whenever We Feel Like It and Stop in 46 Towns Along the Way" Bus Lines or the Amtrak "It Takes All Day and Only Gets You Three-Fourths of the Way There" Choo Choo Service.

Of course, now there's Megabus, which takes only 4.5 hours to go between Burlington and Boston. Where was this service for the past decade of my life when I was hauling ass regularly on tedious Greyhound trips that took approximately 5 years? >:(

Adventures in voter registration

Adventures in voter registration published on No Comments on Adventures in voter registration

City employee: Town clerk's office.

Me: Hi, I swear I registered to vote last year, but I'm not showing up on the Web site. [gives name and address]

City employee: Nope, you're not registered.

Me: But I registered last year when I switched my driver's license over.

City employee: Yeah, Motor Vehicles is really bad with giving us that information.

Me: So I should register again?

City employee: Yeah.


New idea for drag queen fairy

New idea for drag queen fairy published on No Comments on New idea for drag queen fairy

Remember how I had the idea for a 1:6 scale drag queen fairy BJD? I just was thinking…

I could purchase a Lumedoll Lumelight slender male doll in white resin and create the following hybrids:

Flower's head + Lumelight body + hands from Flower's body + feets from Flower's body = Flower

Lumelight head + Faery Legend body + Faery Legend wings + Lumelight hands + Lumelight feets = drag queen fairy

This way, Flower would get the more diminutive and slender body that I have always imagined him having  plus the wonderful Soom hands and feets plus no wings to throw his back out. [Fuckers are heavy!] The drag queen would get the wonderful Soom body, the blockier Lumelight hands and feets plus beautifully blushed wings already set in her back.

Flower: "My name is Flower, and I approve this message. This doll stand is really cramping my style."

Me: "Should I take your wings off in the mean time?"

Flower: "God yes!"

Is this thing on?

Is this thing on? published on 1 Comment on Is this thing on?

I spent a while this evening sanding half of Novella's face. It was an incredibly dull, unrewarding activity. I used the finest grit in my sandpaper collection: 600. I was clearly doing something, judging by the resin dust coming up on the paper, but I could see no appreciable difference in the color of the sanded half of Novella's face versus the unsanded half.

I suspect that I may be using a grade of sandpaper meant for light finishing, rather than actually scraping shit off. I also have some 220 grit in my collection, so I'll try that tomorrow on an inconspicuous location, like the lower back of her skull.

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Today I worked on dolls all damn day.

Today I worked on dolls all damn day. published on 2 Comments on Today I worked on dolls all damn day.

Just like yesterday. First, in an effort to whiten Novella’s head, I stuck her in a shot glass of 70% isopropyl alcohol with a plastic bag rubber-banded over the top so the alcohol didn’t escape. I soaked her from 6 PM last night to 1 PM this afternoon, then cleaned her off for 45 minutes with a melamine sponge.
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Novella blank

Novella blank published on 1 Comment on Novella blank

I took maybe three hours to remove Novella's default faceup today. First she went a few rounds in a Ziploc, wrapped with tissues impregnated in 70% isopropyl alcohol. Then I tried some acetone. Then I hit her with Pebeo universal paint remover until I finally got 99.97% of the paint and sealant off.

I love the delicately curving shape of her eyes!
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Any more will mess it up.

Any more will mess it up. published on 5 Comments on Any more will mess it up.

Pretty much done with Jareth for now. I gave his bangs a trim and evened out some of the color application. One picture without glasses, one picture with. I find it amusing to see him with glasses. At the same time, they go well with the planes of his face.

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Curse yooooou, Doll Peddlar!

Curse yooooou, Doll Peddlar! published on No Comments on Curse yooooou, Doll Peddlar!

I have over $600.00 worth of stuff on my wish list at Doll Crack Peddlar, my latest discovery in US purveyors of doll stuff. 65.4% of that is another BJD and a wig for her, while 33.4% of it is clothes and wigs for Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants. The remaining 1.2% is Rement because, even though I only use a small fraction of my hoard, I apparently neeeeeeeed this particular set.

It would be really nice if some of my marketplace listings would sell and allow me to get rid of my auto loan more expeditiously.

Oooooh, custom styled Barbies.

Oooooh, custom styled Barbies. published on No Comments on Oooooh, custom styled Barbies.

Elizabeth Jr. just directed me to Barbie Styled By Me, where you choose from a limited number of sculpts and incredibly tacky outfits, as well as a T-shirt with a user-selected nine-letter message, and assemble your own custom styled Barbie. Here’s mine, rockin’ the signature bold, mismatching, heavily patterned style of all my dolls. In case you can’t read the minuscule letters on her eye-bleedingly pink T-shirt, it says DRAGQUEEN.
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Prepare yourself, ladies and gentlequeers.

Prepare yourself, ladies and gentlequeers. published on 3 Comments on Prepare yourself, ladies and gentlequeers.

What you are about to see will shock and astound you.

I offer you a fainting couch if you feel a syncope of amazement coming on.

If your companion passes out, please use the complimentary smelling salts to bring them around.

We also have antacid tablets for those who truly can’t stomach the sight.

…As well as blindfolds for those who don’t even want to think about looking in its general direction.

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All the 1:6 scale BJDs: wants

All the 1:6 scale BJDs: wants published on No Comments on All the 1:6 scale BJDs: wants

Part of me wants to get ALL THE 1:6 SCALE BJDS!!!!!! The rest of me just wants the following, in order of rarity:

  • Tinybear Bonbon [common] because she's smirking, also fat
  • Xagadoll Lara [common] because she's double-jointed and cute
  • Alchemic Labo Unoa Light Fluorite [scarce] because she's cute, also double-jointed
  • Souldoll Metel [scarce] because she's the best-looking of the Soul Littles
  • Elfdoll Doona Ryung [rare] because I've been lusting after Ryung in 1:3 and 1:6 scales for years

In order of strength of desire, I want Ryung, Lara, Bonbon, Fluorite and Metel.

Isn't this fascinating?

All the 1:6 scale BJDs: relative rarity

All the 1:6 scale BJDs: relative rarity published on 1 Comment on All the 1:6 scale BJDs: relative rarity

I've been thinking about the relative rarity of all the 1:6 scale BJDs recently, since I just got Novella, who, as a Soom Romantic Uyoo, is the rarest doll I have. Also I saw a Unoa Light Fluorite on the DOA marketplace that I want, but do not have the dough for. 🙁 Anyway, here's my spectrum of relative rarity for all the 1:6 scale BJDs:

Illusion Spirit Spirit, JAMIEshow bodies and Xagadoll Lara are so new that they haven't established distribution patterns or reputations, so I'm excluding them.


Whether these dolls are popular or not, they're still being sold on the primary market, so they are easy to get.

  • Dollmore Kidults and Cutes
  • Limhwa/Eosdoll Mari and Sara
  • Lumedoll Lumelights
  • Soom Aren and Uyoo
  • Tiny Bear Bonbon and Coco


These dolls appear regularly on the secondary market, so acquiring them is mostly a matter of a) patiently waiting and b) jumping on the opportunity.

  • Alchemic Labo Unoa Lights
  • Elfdoll Hana Angel and Devil
  • Notdoll Lucy
  • Soom Faery Legends
  • Souldoll Metel


Dolls in this category appear on the secondary market, but much more infrequently. Expect to wait years for one to come up.

  • Elfdoll Doona Soah and Ryung, as well as Hana Halloween versions
  • Limhwa/Eosdoll ToYou
  • Notdoll Miriam and Pandora
  • Souldoll Jandi, Kimmy and Vivi


I've seen dolls in this category appear on the secondary market only twice or thrice.

  • Batchix Nan Sook
  • Elfdoll Kathlen
  • Orientdoll Joong Wol


Dolls in this category have few to zero online owner pictures and/or have appeared on the secondary market not at all or once.

  • Leekeworld Jiny and Lani
  • Notdoll Yohimbin
  • Soom Garam, Romantic Uyoo and Sosle
  • Souldoll Licht

“Super-gay dolls” with long hair

“Super-gay dolls” with long hair published on 3 Comments on “Super-gay dolls” with long hair

Really? We have to explain to this poster something as elementary as one's BJDs being a vehicle for one's fantasies? Wow.

Jareth: "I'm a super-gay doll with long hair, and I approve this message."

Me: "You're super queer, not super gay."

Jareth: "To-may-to, to-mah-to."

Me: "I've never heard anyone actually pronounce it 'to-mah-to' unless they're using that particular phrase."

Jareth: "Excuse me…I'm going to the credit union to pay off your auto loan so you can buy me more clothes."

Me: "I'd like to see you drive."

FLE car: "Don't worry; I won't let him get anywhere."

Jareth: "Shit."

Dolls should not have wish lists.

Dolls should not have wish lists. published on 3 Comments on Dolls should not have wish lists.


Mr. Demandy McDemandypants wants the following, in no particular order:

some underwear [contemplating something like Dorsetclothing's retro black ruffled underpants on Etsy because they are FUCKING HILARIOUS]

the previously mentioned hot pink and black vinyl underbust corset and matching miniskirt

that Souldoll Ruvo-Z outfit for Zenith dudes

some weird black leather cropped vest with steel epaulets featuring studs and spikes

a froofy skirt with various black and pink layers [eyeballing one on the DOA marketplace]

Tata's Paradise Evildoer Punk black leather bolero jacket, also with spiked studs [yes, I know it's sold out]

Tata's Paradise motorcycle gloves ["theirs not to reason why…"]

a short red fur wig

a long hot pink wig

black leather collar with steel spikes

black leather wrist cuffs with steel spikes

I would get him a ball gag too if I thought that would stop him making demands, but he's here inside my mind, kind of like the Phantom of the Opera, only not abusive and with a much better sense of humor, so a ball gag wouldn't do anything.

FLE car: "Neener neener, I'm getting all of Elizabeth's extra money for the next two weeks!"

Jareth: "Curses!"

Me: "You do realize that you're demanding a wardrobe that costs hundreds of dollars that I could be spending on other dolls, right?"

Jareth: "It's all part of my cunning plan to have you forsake them all and have no other gods dolls before me."

Me: "You have no power over me."

Jareth: "La la la I can't hear you…"

After an immense load of piss about purchasing Pan Pastels…

After an immense load of piss about purchasing Pan Pastels… published on 3 Comments on After an immense load of piss about purchasing Pan Pastels…

…I ended up starting Jareth's faceup tonight with Prismacolor colored pencils directly on unsealed resin.
Naturally, the earth crashed into the sun, ending life as we know it. Also, this happened:
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Paying the shit out of my auto loan part II: principal payments and future plans

Paying the shit out of my auto loan part II: principal payments and future plans published on No Comments on Paying the shit out of my auto loan part II: principal payments and future plans

The last time I discussed paying the shit out of my auto loan, I had $508.39 and about eight months left on it. Since then, I have made two principal payments, bringing it down to $415.18.

I've been spending disgusting amounts on doll-related stuff recently, so I'm thinking of NOT doing that for the coming pay period [October 28 through November 14th]. Of course, I will continue with my layaway to Andrea for Theophany etc., but I will not get anything new. Instead, I will direct all the money that has been going toward doll-related stuff to my auto loan. I estimate that I should be able to pay about $150.00 to $200.00 toward it.

Jareth: "I'll just be over here, suffering in silence." *presses inside of wrist to forehead in melodramatic gesture*

Me: "You do that."

What this world needs…

What this world needs… published on No Comments on What this world needs…

…to capitalize on the aforementioned architectural results of trying to do something complex with 1:1 hair in a 1:6 scale wig, is clearly a drag queen fairy. Ideally she would be inresinated by a male Soom Faery Legend to exploit the beautiful body sculpt, as well as the built-in wing slots. Another Metato would be awesome, as his lush features would be dazzling with stylized makeup. Kremer would do for a more androgynous look.

On the other hand, a Lumedoll Lumelight Lucas on a muscular body could also work. I am selecting this sculpt because of its strong, square jawline, although the piddly eyes would have to be opened slightly. Given that body's lack of wing slots, her wings would have to be fabric, which is fine, because male Faery Legend wings are exceptionally heavy; they throw the doll off balance. [Poor Flower.] I'd have to do something about those distressingly blocky, undersculpted Lumedoll hands, though.

Okay, sweetheart, get in line. I've got at least Novella and Lura to do before I get to you. [There could also be someone based on Elfdoll Doona Ryung, but nothing's definite at this point.]

Dolls are such bastards. They actively conspire to excite my lust and steal my money. :p

The higher the hair…

The higher the hair… published on 2 Comments on The higher the hair…

…the closer to God! I found this site because Andrea saw this wig and thought of Mick.

After poking around the site, I realize why the stock looks so familiar. Given the problems of scale, these 1:1 wigs on 1:1 heads look very similar to 1:6 scale wigs on 1:6 scaleheads. Any time you try to do curls, waves or any sort of updo in 1:6 scale using 1:1 wig hair, it inevitably results in something that looks like pagodas or minarets formed by hairspray. Check out pretty much any wig on Monique Trading Company's site for reference. O_O

Where’s Novella?

Where’s Novella? published on No Comments on Where’s Novella?

Mandragore mailed Novella from Germany last Monday. As usual, the tracking took a while to update. I successfully followed her across the ocean and through the international sort facility in New York City, and then…nothing. She was processed through the sort facility on October 18th, but her information has not updated since then. How irritating.

My Jareth: the problem of thin resin

My Jareth: the problem of thin resin published on 4 Comments on My Jareth: the problem of thin resin

Jareth's head has thin resin in several places. I understand the thin resin in the temples and under the cheekbones: those are places where I made his sculpt particularly indented. As I've mentioned earlier, though, there's also extremely thin resin in his eyewells. as indicated by the triangle, it's the thinnest area in his head. I blame that on Angelsdoll's "inner part modeling" and their known history of thin resin in their sculpts.
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Another source for custom BJD heads: Magical Angel

Another source for custom BJD heads: Magical Angel published on 1 Comment on Another source for custom BJD heads: Magical Angel

Yet another Chinese BJD maker has appeared on the already crowded scene: Magical Angel. Given their extremely horrible product photos, extremely low prices and the resemblance of their dolls' jointed feet to those of the defunct Domuya BJDs, the suspicious crowds on DOA called bullshit. Magical Angel's marketing manager, Amy, then hopped on DOA and allayed everyone's concerns. [She also posted the following explanation of all three contentious points on the MA Web site.] The suspicious crowds on DOA then uniformly turned cordial and enthusiastic, especially given Amy's readiness to submit to interrogation. Fickle individuals…

Anyway, MA just recently announced their custom head sculpting service. "Standard" quality, whatever that means, operates in the exact same manner that Angelsdoll's custom sculpting service, but with a base price of $550.00. [They also have a "high" quality option, which starts at $785.00, similar to Angelsdoll's base price.]

I asked Amy if MA a) accepted .obj files, b) would add eyewells, neck hole and head cap and c) would sculpt to particular eye size, neck circumference and head circumference. She answered within several hours and said yes.

All right, the next time I have some extra bucks, I'm going to get a 1:6 scale resin sculpt of Juniper, probably plopping her on a Soom Minigem body with reduced breasts. Whoo hoo!

In-hand pictures of Illusion Spirit Spirit from Mint on Card

In-hand pictures of Illusion Spirit Spirit from Mint on Card published on 1 Comment on In-hand pictures of Illusion Spirit Spirit from Mint on Card

MOC nicely shot some actual pictures of IS Spirit from their stock, comparing her to another in-stock 1:6 scale bjds, Xagadoll Lara.

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All the 1:6 scale BJDs

All the 1:6 scale BJDs published on 5 Comments on All the 1:6 scale BJDs

There are very few 1:6 scale BJDs out there, as I have been pissing and moaning about in the past. I have decided, therefore, to create the most comprehensive list of these hard-to-find specimens, which I will add to and update as necessary.

First, a BJD is defined as a ball-jointed doll. For the purposes of this list, a BJD is a highly articulated doll made entirely of resin and strung with elastic through hollow body parts. It comes without rooted hair, so that wigs can be used. It also comes without painted eyes; instead, eyes must be bought separately and inserted in the eyewells. A BJD can be customized through the addition of faceup/body blushing, eyes, wig and clothing. A BJD’s resin body can also be modified subtractively by sanding/carving and additively with sculpting compounds.

Second, 1:6 scale is defined as the scale in which dolls are one-sixth of life-size, which means that an average adult male fig is ~30cm, an average adult female fig ~27cm.

Third, 1:6 scale means something very specific to me. It means that the BJD’s head and body represent realistic human proportions, which scales down to a 3 to 4inch head circumference and 6 to 8mm eyes. My criteria thus exclude BJDs like Tiny Bear’s Mini Moona and Planetdoll Riz, both of which have disproportionately large heads.

Fourth, I’m only interested in certain types of 1:6 scale. I am not interested in 1:6 scale toddler and very young child dolls, like Fairyland Pukipukis and Pukifees. There are scads of those running around. I’m interested in BJDs representing kids older than 6 or 8, teenagers, young adults, etc.: the more mature end of 1:6 scale. Anything 20cm and taller is fair game.

And now…the list. I’m going alphabetically by company, with information about sculpts, availability and links where possible.

Alchemic Labo used to make Unoa Light Azurite [male] and Fluorite [female], both double-jointed BJDs. Azurite was 27cm, Fluorite 25cm. No longer available.

Batchix used to make Nan Sook, a double-jointed 25cm female. No longer available.

Dollmore sells 30cm Kidult dolls: Adela, Celia, Irina, Melissa Hon and Yeon [all female]. Currently available.

Dollmore also has Cute Dolls: Cossette, Dona and Lulu [all female]. I’m not sure if they’re part of the Kidult line, but they are the same size. Currently available.

Elfdoll used to make a line of 20cm kids with expressive faceplates. The first were Hana Angel and Devil, genderless sculpts, who also came in Halloween versions. They were followed by Doona Ryung and Doona Soah, as well as a Dolls and Friends exclusive, Kathlen [all female]. No longer available. [I have a Kathlen awake and a Kathlen sleeping on a Uyoo body.]

Illusion Spirit makes a single-jointed 27cm female doll, Spirit. Currently available.

JAMIEshow makes 30cm female bodies with double-jointed elbows and single-jointed knees. I'm not counting the heads made for these bodies because the heads have painted eyes. Currently available.

Limhwa/Eosdoll used to make the single-jointed 27cm ToYou [female]. They also make Mari and Sara [both female], who are the same size as ToYou and currently available. [I have a Sara.]

Leekeworld used to have a K series of dolls, 18 to 19cm high and single-jointed. There were Jiny and Lani, both female. No longer available.

Lumedoll makes the single-jointed Lumelights, 30cm males and 28cm females. Blaze, Koit and Lucas, the males, have slim and muscular options.  Arine and Elin, the females, have small and large bust options. Currently available. [I have two Arines, Elin and Lucas.]

Notdoll used to make the Symposion dolls. First there was a 20cm Becy, followed by the 20cm Lucy [both female]. There was also the 25cm Miriam and Pandora, both female, as well as the 27cm Yohimbin [male]. All Symposion dolls had double-jointed elbows and single-jointed knees. No longer available.

Orientdoll used to make the 20cm, single-jointed Joong Wol [male or female]. No longer available.

Soom makes the single-jointed, 29cm Minigems. Of the unlimited models [all female], only Aren, Uyoo and Uyoo Elf are still available. Garam is sold out, while Sosle and Romantic Uyoo no longer appear on the site. [I have two regular Uyoos and a Romantic Uyoo.]

Soom also makes the limited Faery Legends. Males to date are, in chronological order of release, Auber, Azur, Kremer, Metato and Labas. Females to date are, in chronological order of release, Nenad, Mixi, Idrial, Haidi, Nelen, Rose, Aenigma, Cylin, Absynthe and Asis. Males are 30cm. Currently available. [I have Kremer, Metato, Rose and Aenigma.]

Souldoll used to make 27cm+ Soul Littles. Kimmy [male] and Metel [female] were the single-jointed first releases. They were followed by the double-jointed Jandi and Vivi [both female]. No longer available.

Souldoll also used to make a 20cm Soul Dinky, Licht [male], but I can’t even find him on their site. No longer available.

Tiny Bear makes the single-jointed Bonbon and Coco [both female], with short, fat bodies. Even though they are only 15cm tall, I'm including them because their heads [4 inches] and eyes [8mm] are in true 1:6 scale, so I interpret them as 1:6 scale women with dwarfism. Currently available.

Xagadoll makes a 27cm double-jointed female, Lara. Currently available.

Where did NotDoll go?

Where did NotDoll go? published on No Comments on Where did NotDoll go?

NotDoll, purveyors of especially delicate and weird BJDs, including several in 1:6 scale, has up and disappeared. Its Web site no longer works, and DOAers have reported that they ordered from NotDoll months ago, but never heard anything and didn't receive any items. That's really disappointing and also shocking, especially since they used to be a long-established company with a sterling reputation. Damn.

Jareth in red

Jareth in red published on 1 Comment on Jareth in red

I was getting tired of tripping over Jareth's exceptionally long cape and the train on his Ringdoll Frankenstein hot pants, so I swapped him into his other outfit: a sheer red Cheerydoll blouse and black leggings with yet another pair of black platform heels [but these are only calf-high]. I tried to get a good picture of his shirt, but I have yet to figure out how to master low light conditions. Therefore you get only glimpses of his shirt and much more detailed shots of him in Janvier Jett's wig, in which he looks fucking awesome.

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Prudie and the Gender Police strike again on the topic of chest hair.

Prudie and the Gender Police strike again on the topic of chest hair. published on 3 Comments on Prudie and the Gender Police strike again on the topic of chest hair.

In the most recent Dear Prudence, a 27-year-old guy writes that he has no trouble with his girlfriend's body hair…except for a scattering of hairs on her chest and particularly around each of her nipples. He is really bothered by these hairs on her chest, to the point of suggesting that she remove them. He envisions a future with her, but also foresees the death of all lust unless she gets rid of her chest hair. Prudie responds by recommending permanent removal in the form of electrolysis.

Let's get this straight…1) Chest hair on women is completely unacceptable. 2) A woman who does have chest hair and doesn't give a shit should get rid of it because her partner gives a huge, disproportionate shit.

As for 1), God forbid that women be anything less than completely hairless except for head hair because then they'd "look like men," and we can't have people transgressing cultural norms of femininity because then the world would explode.

As for 2), I reject the axiomatic assertion that, in a heterosexual partnership, if a man can't accept some aspect of a woman's appearance, the woman should change to suit his preferences. And we're not talking "Please brush your teeth before you kiss me" type of requests; we're talking inscrutable, inconsistent, irrational requests like "Your armpit hair and pubic hair and leg hair and arm hair are 100% A-okay, but lose those 12 nipple hairs of yours, or else this relationship is seriously doomed" sort of shit. That's ridiculous, trivial, nitpicky and insulting, once you think about it. Claiming that you love your girlfriend passionately except for her dozen chest hairs makes me wonder what secret complaints the chest hairs are standing in for.

My advice has everything to do with the boyfriend and nothing to do with the girlfriend. First, buddy, either put up and shut up, or find a partner who lacks nipple hairs and the ability to object to your controlling, nasty demands about her appearance.

I am going to…

I am going to… published on No Comments on I am going to…

…pay the shit out of my auto loan!!

When I bought the FLE car last summer, I got a small loan through the credit union which, with my regular monthly payments, is due to be paid off fully at the end of June, 2013. That's also right around when we're planning to move and incur all sorts of related expenses. Therefore, I'm very motivated to pay off the loan much sooner.

If I make principal payments every month equal to my regular monthly payment, I can halve the time in which I will pay off the loan. I'd really like to get rid of it by the end of the year, though. Then I can have more money to do fun stuff with!

Commence aggressive repayment!

I just got the best concept ever for a 1:6 scale BJD…

I just got the best concept ever for a 1:6 scale BJD… published on No Comments on I just got the best concept ever for a 1:6 scale BJD…

A raver Medusa girl with neon snakes in ponytails for hair! She'd have glittery makeup and a pacifier around her neck and tinted goggles and a rainbow gas mask and long fuzzy legwarmers and platform shoes and rainbow-striped tights and armwarmers and black vinyl short shorts and a tulle overskirt and a cropped tank top and general awesomeness!!!

I think I just got my concept for Novella.

Madness takes its toll…fifty cents, please!

Madness takes its toll…fifty cents, please! published on 4 Comments on Madness takes its toll…fifty cents, please!

After having taken photos of Jareth rocking the "Richard O'Brien as Riff Raff in RHPS" look, I like him so much more than when he was overwhelmed by the 8-9 wig I originally had for him. He looks elegant, ridiculous and stylized all at the same time, which is exactly how I imagine him to look.
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The asshole demanded more hair. >_>

The asshole demanded more hair. >_> published on No Comments on The asshole demanded more hair. >_>

I decided that Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants' size 8-9 wig overwhelmed his narrow face, so I bought him two Monique wigs in size 7-8. [His head is 8 inches in circumference.] One is a long straight light blond with a center part. The other is a light blond Jarethian style. Boy, it's really hard to find long straight wigs WITHOUT bangs.

Initial photos of Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants

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I was going to stay off the compooper, but I couldn't resist shooting a few crappy photos of Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants, who arrived today. Detailed commentary later this week. For now, feast your eyes on the cheekbones that can cut glass!!!
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1:3 is not my scale.

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This may seem incredibly obvious, but I have recently concluded that 1:3 is not my scale. Even though I have several 1:3 scale BJDs, they represent a deviation from my true interest, which is 1:6 scale.

I should just stop buying 1:3 scale BJDs.

Anyway, my interest in 1:6 scale BJDs conveniently reduces the scope of BJDs I'm interested in to just a few types of dolls by a few companies, including, but not limited to, the following: Soom Minigems and Faery Legends, Dollmore Kidults, Lumedoll Lumelights, Souldoll Soul Littles and Dinkies, Elfdoll Hanas and Doonas, Unoa Lights, Notdoll Yohimbin, Miriam and Lucy, Xagadoll Lara, Illusion Spirit Spirit, et hoc genus omne. Of course, said interest also frustrates me, as most of the companies in this sub-realm offer female dolls, but not male ones. [I love you, Lumedoll!]

As far as I'm concerned, 1:6 scale is superior to 1:3 scale because there's so much more available in terms of clothing, furniture, accessories, sets and stuff. It's also less expensive on the whole and much less of a space hog, so I can cram way more 1:6ers into the same shelf space that would only fit a few 1:3ers. 


Shiiiiiiiiit. published on No Comments on Shiiiiiiiiit.

I found a place that has an Elfdoll Doona Ryung with four faceplates in stock, even though she's long since sold out on Elfdoll's official site. I've been lusting after the Ryung sculpt since 2005, when she was only available in 1:3 scale. And I've been lusting after the Doona version for years as well. I'd love to swap her head onto a 27cm body.

Jareth’s head is here!

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I picked up Jareth's head[s] at the Pine Street carrier station just now. From what I can tell, he conforms exactly to the pictures and measurements given in the final photos. He also has a magnetic headcap, which is very convenient. The Volks compatible white has a yellow undertone which the Doll Chateau white body does not. Who cares?

I notice that he has very deep ear canals and nostril passages. He also has some pretty thin resin around his upper and lower eyelids. I attribute that to Angelsdoll's addition of the eyewells.

I'm preliminarily very pleased, but I won't be fully pleased until I stick him on his body and confirm that he looks like he belongs there.

Alternatives to Soom Faery Legends

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Speaking of 1:6 scale fairies, I discovered today that Illusion Spirit offers what is essentially a cut-rate, unlimited Soom Faery Legend equivalent: a 27cm single-jointed mature girl with optional magnetic wings in regular or translucent green resin. Just to make matters even more confusing, her sculpt name is Spirit.

Anyway, blank full doll is $165.00 from Mint on Card [+ $25.00 for translucent wings] excluding shipping, and head and body can be purchased separately. Compare to $300.00 for a blank version of Soom's current Faery Legend, Asis. Sure, she comes with faery legs and heel feet, but those aren't worth tacking $110.00 to the price of the doll + wings.

I'm keen on the affordable IS body + wings, so I'm currently rolling around the idea of getting an IS body + wings, then finding a head of a 12cm doll [wig and eye size for which tend to be the same as for 27cm matures] and modding it to make my own damn fairy. Hmmm…

Fuck you Soom.

[But Asis is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!]

Two more payments on Novella left!

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I've been paying her off since September 17th, which is ages ago, as far as my impatient self is concerned. I have two $35.00 installments left, and I so want to pay her off early and get her here, but I've already promised a portion of tomorrow's paycheck to Theophany, the other incoming Uyoo [from Andrea], as well as some other stuff from Andrea that just had to come home with me.

This is the dance of excitement + antici…PATION!

“Positive feedback is directly proportionate to the amount of thought and effort you put in.”

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Apparently some people on BJD Text Confessions are laboring under the delusion that we're living in a meritocracy, wherein the quality of BJD art is directly proportional to the amount of time one spends on something and the "best" BJD art automatically garners power, prestige and popularity because of its instantly recognizable awesomeness.

Hmm, by that "logic," my Jareth doll should rule the BJD universe. And yet it doesn't. It's almost like the submitter has no handle on how reality actually works.

Way to go, submitter. Take that ahistorical, non-contextual, oblivious-to-privilege-and-structural-inequality perspective and shove it up your nose. I bet you don't believe in institutional sexism, preferring instead to tell yourself the lie that "women keep themselves down," huh? Bigot.

I spend way too much time considering these things…

I spend way too much time considering these things… published on 1 Comment on I spend way too much time considering these things…

In light of several impending 1:6 scale BJDs [Novella, Theophany, possibly Soom Asis], I'm again examining my list of 1:6ers in storage to see if I can detach from a few. I have listed 3 that might go: AJ Regular [as opposed to Steampink AJ], Michaela, Tituba and Sarah.

AJ Regular [last photo] and Tituba [the one with the bonnet] are hanging around mostly because I love the CG02 headsculpt best of all. I also have a sentimental attachment to AJ specifically, as she was my first Cy Girl, and she reminds me of Sarah from Labyrinth. I already have another AJ, Steampink, so I could let AJ Regular go, but then I wouldn't have AJ in a form reminiscent of the one that inspires such nostalgia. Sigh. I guess AJ Regular is staying after all.

As for Tituba, she's also a CG02, but not AJ. She's a Destiny [light tan headsculpt and short hair, as opposed to slightly darker tan and long red hair a la Blaze] on a modded articulated Barbie body. Bye bye!

And Sarah…she's such a cutie [I use this phrase so much that it has probably been evacuated of meaning], and I really enjoyed making her and sticking her in LHF. I do not, however, have as much of an attachment to her as to other members of the Pink Squad [LHFers with pink hair]. Bye, Sarah.

As for Michaela [on the right], she just bugs me. I keep her because she was important in an earlier iteration of LHF, but I liked that version better. Her current head has a washed-out faceup, and she's on an irritatingly floppy Volks Dollfie Plus body. Bye, Michaela.

DD-Anne eyes part 1: for Jamisia

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My first shipment of DD-Anne eyes from Kattunge finally came aujourd'hui, after taking a detour to Scarborough, Maine, apparently to go leaf peeping. >:( I swapped out Jamisia's 6mm shitty blue acrylic Glibs for 8mm awesome blue glass DD-Annes.

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Were-troll with infectious saliva!! Uh…okaaaaay.

Were-troll with infectious saliva!! Uh…okaaaaay. published on 5 Comments on Were-troll with infectious saliva!! Uh…okaaaaay.

I thought it was about time for Soom to release a new Faery Legend…. The latest is Asis, the Moonlight Sprite. According to her backstory, she turns into a were-troll with infectious saliva who bites small animals and turns them into were-trolls too. Wow, that's silly.

Holy crud, she is so incredibly cute. Maybe I could just get her head…or the human doll?

Asis is sold as is, with no guarantees of quality. :p

EDIT: If I just got her head, I could get her a Xagadoll Lara body from Mint on Card for $234.31 shipped. Cheaaaaap.

I blame the Knights of Columbus.

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The elevator in the office building is not working. The elevator company can't fix it until the close of business today or the start of business tomorrow.


This is all the Knights of Columbus' fault. They're the assholes who pestered FDR to make Kill Indigenous Peoples Day a federal holiday in 1934, which is why the elevator company was off today in the first place.

The world is pissing me off today.

Followup on Tiger Lily’s death toll

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When I first wrote about Jodi Anderson's tedious slog of a novel Tiger Lily, I predicted that Pine Sap, Disabled Stereotype Extraordinaire, was going to die.

Now, having finished the book [give me a medal for endurance], I would like to apologize. I'm sorry. I was wrong. Pine Sap does not die. Instead, he becomes Tiger Lily's Consolation Prize Husband after Peter leaves Neverland to grow up in the UK as Wendy's husband. [I'm not gonna even go into how narratively wrong that is.] Pine Sap's status as Permanent Runner-up is not at all an improvement over my assumption that he would be the Tragic Dead Guy. He's still portrayed as inherently pathetic and not as awesome as Peter because of his disability.

So guess who dies? Tik Tok. Yes, Tiger Lily's adoptive dad bites it. On insistence from a shipwrecked "Englander," the Sky Eaters force Tik Tok to change his gender presentation and wear men's clothes. He loses his spirit and commits suicide as an instructive object lesson to Tiger Lily about what happens when you try to deny your true self.

Really, Anderson? You're gonna go with the Tragic Dead Queer trope? You realize it's a fucking evil stereotype, right?

…No, apparently you don't. Boy, you really do have shit for brains.

Dear Caitlin R. Kiernan…

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Trans people are actual people, not Thematic Elements That Underscore the Protagonist's Ponderous Musings About Mutability. It's stupidly disingenuous of you to claim, through your protagonist, that you are not making the protagonist's trans girlfriend a Thematic Element when you end up explicitly making the girlfriend a Thematic Element a few hundred pages later. Kindly fuck off until you learn the secret to writing trans characters.

Hint: It's NOT A SECRET, and you, being a published author of some experience and renown, should know it already. Here's the hint: you write about a human being with the attribute of being trans, instead of writing about the concept of Transness that incidentally has the attribute of being human. You can do it with your queer cis female characters. Why can't you do it with your queer trans female character?

Do you care about trans people at all? [Do you even known any?] Or do you just think that writing "tr***y" makes you grittier, edgier and more shocking? I'm going with option C, given your colossal cluelessness.

I am so disappointed in you. I am never reading anything you write again, which is a pity because I liked The Red Tree.

You do realize that The Drowning Girl, catalyst of my ire, is nothing but a flaccid, digressive, anti-trans Red Tree wanna-be in need of ruthless editing, right?

Lucian’s new eyeballs

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Well, the two pairs of DD-Anne eyes from Kattunge took a sudden detour to Scarborough, Maine, for inscrutable reasons, so I'm not sure how they're supposed to arrive by today. In any case, I threw out Lucian's default piece-of-shit eyes and replaced them with Ginevra's light-catching eyes. Default piece-of-shit eyes:
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Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson: offensive AND boring

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Peter Pan was published in 1911 by the British author J.M. Barrie, based on a 1904 play called Peter and Wendy. It’s the story about three British kids, Wendy, John and Michael, who go to the Neverland of their imaginations. There they have adventures with pirates, mermaids, wild animals, lost boys and, of course, the boy who wouldn’t grow up: Peter Pan.

The concept of Peter Pan and the crude outlines of the story have exerted a fascination over US and British readers for more than a century. Thanks to Disney’s 1953 animated adaptation, most US fans have rather superficial ideas about Peter Pan, chiefly involving flying, fairy dust, pirates and maybe a crocodile. Naturally, the play and the novel are much messier and more interesting than our cliched ideas about them.

Having read Peter Pan many, many times, I could provide you with rants on everything from the authorial interruptions to the treatment of female characters, but right now I am focusing on the Indians. Yeah, there are Indians in Neverland. They are members of the Pickaninny tribe, referred to by that narrator as “red men,” and they scalp people. I am not making this up; Barrie specifically writes that the name of the Indians’ group is a racist term for African-American people. Furthermore, the Indians have silly nature-related names like “Great Big Little Panther.” They also talk like stereotypical Japanese people who can’t pronounce their Rs. In short, the Indians are a horrible farrago of Edwardian racist stereotypes, which kind of makes sense, if you figure that Neverland is populated by Wendy, Michael and John’s ideas of Indians gleaned from idealized and disparaging media they have consumed.

The only Indian in Peter Pan to develop something like an individual personality is Tiger Lily. Described as the trite Ice Maiden who “staves off the altar with a hatchet,” she is beautiful, imperious and aloof to all potential suitors. For some reason, though, she has a rather pathetic crush on Peter, declaring, “Me his velly nice friend.” [See what I mean about the stereotypical broken English?] Her major scene occurs when Smee and Starkey kidnap her, but untie her at Peter’s orders, as they think he is Captain Hook. Tiger Lily does the smart thing and immediately jumps off Smee and Starkey’s boat and swims away to freedom. Other than that, though, she’s a barely personalized bit of scenery.

One hundred years after Barrie published the original novel, Jodi Lynn Anderson decided to vomit forth her revisionist response entitled Tiger Lily. In this version, narrated by an observant but mostly uninvolved Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily is merely referred to as a “native,” a member of the Sky Eater tribe. A teenager, she lives with her adoptive father, the cross-dressing shaman Tik Tok, and excels at “masculine” pursuits and suppressing her emotions. She meets Peter Pan and falls in love with him, an experience that, of course, feminizes and gentles her. [I fucking hate that trope.] Her impending marriage to a cruel lout, as well as the arrival of Wendy, John and Michael, messes everything up. Angst ensues. As far as I can tell, this is a cheap attempt to capitalize on the paranormal romance subgenre by employing, for no discernible reason, the trappings of a previous author’s universe.

As soon as I heard about Anderson’s book, I began to cringe. Why is she so interested in rehabilitating stereotyped Indians? What makes her think she has the authority to tell Tiger Lily’s story? Why do we need yet another white author with no native connections treating the Indians of Peter Pan like shit? [I’m serious. In all sequels and adaptations of the story that I’ve read or read about, the Indians fare extremely poorly. Please check Debbie Reese’s “Peter Pan” and “Peter Pan in Scarlet” tags on American Indians in Children’s Literature for details. Reese is an author and activist tribally enrolled in Nambe Pueblo (New Mexico), and she knows what she’s talking about.] The answer to these three questions appears to be 1) no idea, 2) absolutely nothing and 3) we don’t. Yet Anderson forges ahead.

I decided to give Tiger Lily a chance, though. I was right – it is cringeworthy and terrible. The persistently clueless portrayal of the Sky Eaters combines with the talentless writing to create a literary disaster.

This book is so bad that I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start, for want of a better place, with the subject of consistency. All of the “native” tribes of Neverland appear to be named after their location – the Bog Dwellers and the Cliff Dwellers, for example – except for Tiger Lily’s tribe, the Sky Eaters. Why aren’t they named after their location as the Forest Dwellers? What’s this irrelevant business about the sky and eating it? Here’s just one clue of many that Anderson hasn’t thought her world through.

The Sky Eaters behave like a loose collection of Native American stereotypes. They live in huts; they have a medicine man, Tik Tok, even though he is called a shaman, who heals people and works magic; they wear deerskin clothes; they have long black hair and high cheekbones; many of their names follow the stereotype of Literally Translated Natural Phenomenon; they worship many gods or spirits…argle bargle bargle. Despite this, they don’t seem to have any culture. Anderson will often add asides about the Sky Eaters’ marriage customs, religious beliefs or bathing habits, but we never see these things affecting the characters’ actions or the development of the plot. Tiger Lily’s little village, populated by the Loving Adoptive Dad, the Disabled Kid With a Crush on Her, the Teen Exemplar of Femininity, the Evil Suitor, the Evil Suitor’s Mom and Various Uncomprehending and Gossipy Tertiaries, could appear in any other setting without a problem. It’s a thoroughly generic story and a thoroughly generic setting, which Anderson only gestures at making specific. And, unfortunately, her idea of making the Sky Eaters specific involves tossing them into a pit of Indian stereotypes.

Even though I’m only halfway through, I’m dogged by the sense that Anderson is telling the wrong story. As I mentioned, the depiction of Tiger Lily and the other Sky Eaters is so vacuous as to deter sympathy, identification and investment in Tiger Lily’s experiences. Furthermore, Tiger Lily and Peter Pan have a tediously formulaic Forbidden and Doomed Love piece of crap going on, which is also boring. I’m much more interested in…well, basically anyone except them. For instance, what’s Tik Tok’s history? How does Pine Sap [Disabled Kid with a Crush on Tiger Lily] feel about being a sensitive, thoughtful butt of tribal jokes? What’s the relationship between Smee and Hook? Why does Tink have a crush on Peter? Where the hell are all the other faeries anyway? Where’s the magic?

Neverland holds such a grip on our imaginations because it’s a problematic, messy, dangerous, powerful place. Anderson commits a crime against fiction by sticking it somewhere in the Atlantic, leaching out the magic and populating it with racist and sexist cliches that wouldn’t grow up.

P.S. I just know that Pine Sap is going to die. The disabled character always bites it in this kind of ableist tripe.

I am deeply disappointed, Warehouse 13.

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I enjoy Warehouse 13 as an entertaining time-passer with engaging interplay between the main characters. I do not enjoy irrelevant racism in my escapist fare.

For some reason, ep 4.5, No Pain, No Gain, kicked off with Myka and Claudia in yellowface geisha drag over in Japan, where two stereotypes were seated at a kotatsu. The Japanese stereotype invoked Ancient Oriental Mythology and spoke broken English like, well, a Japanese stereotype. The Middle Eastern stereotype forked over the proverbial briefcase of cash for a magical artifact, but, interestingly enough, he was unable to speak. Myka and Claudia nabbed the artifact and returned home with heads full of Japanese stereotypes. Why do people do this lazy shit? Do they think it’s funny? It’s so contemptible.

Oklahoma judge goes off on irrelevant tangent

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Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves has denied at least two women, Christie Harvey and Angela Ingram, their requests to legally change their names. Why? Because he’s an anti-trans bigot. Jesus, DNA and “fraudulent purposes” also figure into his inane ruling, in some obscure way. To compound the cruel bullshit, The Oklahoman’s news site refers to Harvey and Ingram by their birth names and masculine pronouns.

Furthermore, the article reports that Ingram goes by Angela in her social circle. She also carries a purse and wears a bra. Well, I nearly fell over from shock when I heard those details. I mean…can you imagine someone’s friends calling her by her name?! And a purse? How odd! I’ve never even conceived of a modern white bourgeois woman in the US using one of those. And what about this “bra” thing? She must be conforming to the ubiquitous societal expectation that all women in the modern US should wear elasticated garments that restrain and support their breasts. Can you even imagine a woman in this culture doing things that most women in this culture do? Why would that even happen? I can barely wrap my brain around it. It makes no sense!

Wow, if the author of that article thinks that Ingram’s underwear is news, he is not only perpetuating the objectification and sexualization of trans women, but he’s also seriously underestimating his readers’ capacity for understanding and empathy.

What the hell?

What the hell? published on 2 Comments on What the hell?

I used to have three knit tops with three-quarters sleeves and V necks, all in the same style, one cranberry, one pumpkin, one black. They have all disappeared from my closet. I have no idea where they went. I can't have gotten rid of them, since they're my favorite shirts. Where could they have gone? I really don't want to have to buy three more shirts. >_>

Eyeballs and hair are on their way!

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So some 1:6ers are getting updated eyeballs. Mellifer is getting DD-Anne 8mm yellow imperfect glass eyes. Jamisia is getting the same in light blue, not shown on the site. Both of these are coming in trade from Kattunge on DOA. All I had to do was send her a bunch of Rements I never use! [We both think we're getting the better end of the deal. ^_^]

Meanwhile, Ginevra is giving her current Dreaming Tree silver 8mms to Lucian. Since she needs replacement eyes, I got her DD-Anne 8mm imperfect glass ones in light purple and also in red glitter. I couldn't decide which ones would look better, so, since I cold afford it, I sprang for both.

I had just enough $$$ in my PayPal account to cover Ginevra's two pairs of eyes and an improved wig for Mellifer. He's getting a long, straight, center-part maroon wig in size 4. I wanted a brighter red, but the maroon is close enough.

Anyway, since they're coming from China, God knows when they'll arrive. For example, I ordered Jareth's Captured in Glass eyes recently from Hong Kong. They were mailed on September 27th, and they arrived on October 2nd, which is truly impressive, especially since they were sent registered airmail across the ocean, as opposed to first-class mail across the country. It's even more impressive when you consider that, if you're sending registered airmail from the US, the USPS won't even give you an estimated ETA. It "varies according to location," which means that it usually ends up taking 1-3 weeks. I have problems with the USPS… >_>

Inquiries have been made.

Inquiries have been made. published on 4 Comments on Inquiries have been made.

I just asked Angelsdoll if Jareth's head has shipped yet and, if not, when it should.

I also asked the Mannequin Store if the beautiful, lustworthy and attractively articulated Vanessa would even come back in stock.

And I'm exploring the possibility of commissioning the Ultimate Corset [and matching miniskirt] for Jareth: viz., the underbust number in alternating panels of black and hot pink 4-way stretch vinyl that the Frankenstein outfit needs I tell you NEEEEEEEEEEDS to finish it off.

Things are looking good!

Life-size dolls ZOMG!! Plus the tale of Mick the mannequin…

Life-size dolls ZOMG!! Plus the tale of Mick the mannequin… published on 1 Comment on Life-size dolls ZOMG!! Plus the tale of Mick the mannequin…

As an extension of my interest in dolls, I've long had an interest in mannequins. For example, about 11 or 12 years ago, when I lived in small quarters in Somerville, MA, I purchased a 1950s mannequin off Ebay.

I named her Mick. She was made of wood pulp composite and had a nice old musty smell. She had a lovely, small, foreshortened head with uptilted features and knowing, side-glancing eyes.

I customized her by giving her a mohawk of blue and purple and gluing stars over the areas where her skin paint had chipped. I also gave her rhinestone studs around the border of her pinnae. Then I dressed her in all the awesome clothes that I could never wear myself. Naturally, she also dressed as Jareth, with a white blouse, my black velvet cape, the pants seen below [har!], an artificial bulge and an appropriate wig.

She was classy, demanding and vulgar at the same time, rather like Frank from Rocky Horror, as you can tell from the photos below. Incidentally, the button on her pants says "I heard it was come as you are, so I came in my pants."

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No more murky eyeballs

No more murky eyeballs published on No Comments on No more murky eyeballs

Finding the best eyes for my BJDs involves the consideration of more factors than non-doll-related people probably guess. In no particular order, here are my considerations.

Size. Will they fill the eye sockets without leaving gaps? Will the irises make the doll look younger [if larger] or older [if smaller]?

Material. Eyes can be made from urethane, glass, silicone or acrylic. Each material has its pros and cons, as well as price variations. I tend to go with cheap glass.

Color. Is the color visible in the doll's eyes? Is it accurate to the character?

Dome height. High-dome eyes have definite bulbous lenses over the iris areas, which means that the irises and pupils sit further back in the doll's eye sockets. Low-dome eyes bring the irises and pupils closer to the lids. I prefer low-domes because high-domes tend to create too many shadows.

Reflectivity. Do the eyes eat light or reflect light?


I'm currently frustrated by my lack of appropriate eyes for my 1:6ers. For some reason, I have way too many pairs of 6mm blue acrylics that photograph like mud. I really want to swap them out for highly reflective eyes in light colors.

Jamisia currently has a pair of said muddy blues. Anyway, she needs better eyes. She'd look great in 8mm light violet eyes, even if I have to remove some of her hair in order to install them.

Mellifer does not have the muddy blues, but he does have pretty dark brown 8mms that don't fit his character. He'd look great in 8mm light yellows, and I need to remove his muddy wig anyway.

I think Lucian might need some new eyes too. He has 6mm browns [I think], and they just photograph like black holes all the time. 🙁 I should try swapping in Ginevra's 8mm silvers to see what they look like in his head.

Then Ginevra would need new eyes! I think she'd look good in 8mm light pink or red. Ooooooh…

DD-Anne sells cheap factory second glass eyes in 8mm.

Ooooh, I also see that the maroon 4-inch wig she sells is just the type I seek for Mellifer!

Too bad I have shit for money right now and can't buy anything.

Me and My Muses 4.1: “Ominous E-mail”

Me and My Muses 4.1: “Ominous E-mail” published on 3 Comments on Me and My Muses 4.1: “Ominous E-mail”

When we last left Ellery, her long-distance girlfriend Kristin was growing jealous of Ellery's muse Lucian. Ellery's sister Avery warned Ellery not to do anything rash where Kristin was concerned.

Now Ellery gets a portentous message from Kristin.

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