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Were-troll with infectious saliva!! Uh…okaaaaay.

Were-troll with infectious saliva!! Uh…okaaaaay. published on 5 Comments on Were-troll with infectious saliva!! Uh…okaaaaay.

I thought it was about time for Soom to release a new Faery Legend…. The latest is Asis, the Moonlight Sprite. According to her backstory, she turns into a were-troll with infectious saliva who bites small animals and turns them into were-trolls too. Wow, that's silly.

Holy crud, she is so incredibly cute. Maybe I could just get her head…or the human doll?

Asis is sold as is, with no guarantees of quality. :p

EDIT: If I just got her head, I could get her a Xagadoll Lara body from Mint on Card for $234.31 shipped. Cheaaaaap.


Hey, just checking – you know about the line of Labyrinth perfumes, right? 🙂

The Smell of Glitter? :p No, I don’t!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab put out a series of Labyrinth scents. I have decants of Fairy Bites and Goblin Cider, but not the other 3. I kinda wanna take a bath in Goblin Cider. 🙂

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