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After the fact, I find a doll mask for a BJD.

After the fact, I find a doll mask for a BJD. published on No Comments on After the fact, I find a doll mask for a BJD.

After I finish Never the Less, I find a mask for a 1:3 scale BJD that would have worked for her outer mask. It’s from Ringdoll, your friendly purveyors of the perverse. I’ve almost bought Ringdolls twice [once a Frankenstein, once a Zombie Amy], but the seller of the Frankenstein never wrote back, and I couldn’t persuade myself to fully go for Amy’s sculpted decay. I’m interested in this mask, though, partly for the novelty, partly because it has a classic ball-jointed bébé sort of look.

Hmmmm…I just got an interesting idea. I could make another masked doll with a Ringdoll Mona head and this mask over it!

Mona has long intrigued me, given my love of open-mouthed sculpts with unusual expressions. However, while I can reinterpret Araminthe’s ferocious bared teeth as general crabbiness and even Yamarrah’s protruding tongue into ice cream eating, I find Mona’s face less versatile. She’s either in pain or about to sneeze, the latter option of which would actually be a hilarious expression for a doll. I couldn’t have her hanging out in my living room, constantly on the brink of tears. However, if she wore the bébé mask most of the time, then she could at least have another expression. It would be, in effect, a faceplate, as Never the Less has.

If I decide to do such a doll, she’ll have to wait. I have several BJD projects waiting before I consider purchasing a whole new doll. Poor Fritillaria needs kitting out, and Delmar’s still in pieces!



Fairyland recently blogged a preview of its new FairyLine 60 line. The preview includes shots of a 60cm mermaid with an articulated tail in lovely translucent yellowish-brown resin. The number of tail joints seems to be greater than that of Soom’s mermaids, but less than that of Asleep Eidolon’s. I’m indifferent to the generically pretty head, so I’d definitely swap it out for something cooler, like an AOD Hui Xiang.


So there’s a 1:3 scale mermaid in my near future….

Volks Yukinojo redux thoughts

Volks Yukinojo redux thoughts published on No Comments on Volks Yukinojo redux thoughts

While I’m thinking about it, any BJD with a Yukinojo head would absolutely require an Iplehouse EID Woman body with large bust [and thigh swivels]. If such a body had been available a decade [?!?!?!?!?!?] ago when I was making my 1:3 scale BJD version of Frank, I would have snapped it up because of its perfect adherence to unrealistic, superheroic standards of voluptuousness and muscularity combined. I am pretty sure that is the only 60+ cm body of that shape out there, excluding the discontinued Angelsdoll massive girl body and its unattractive articulation. Not a real fan of Iplehouse’s poseability, but I can’t think of any alternatives with better articulation, comparable height, and equivalent shape.

Ordering from Iplehouse would provide an opportunity to acquire some of their fabulous clothes. High-collared dress showing cleavage and then some? Hot pants? The classic catsuit + corset? A dress with thigh-high leg slits and navel window? Whatever the heck this thing is? In other words, the chance to own in 1:3 scale the sort of over-the-top, ridiculous shit I heretofore have only possessed in digital? SIGN ME UP!

Volks Yukinojo = 1:3 scale Dollmore Klaire?

Volks Yukinojo = 1:3 scale Dollmore Klaire? published on No Comments on Volks Yukinojo = 1:3 scale Dollmore Klaire?

I really want a Dollmore Trinity Klaire, but I highly doubt I’ll ever get one. Therefore I was just thinking about a BJD headsculpt for which I have a sentimental fondness, Volks Yukinojo, and wondering if that sculpt would be a good 1:3 scale equivalent to Klaire. I’ll have to compare my Yukinojo pics to some of Klaire…

EDIT: Klaire has much rounder and blunter nose/lips/chin, while Yukinojo’s are slightly narrower and more rectilinear. However, both dolls’ cheeks/chin/mouths are big and strong. If I closed Yukinojo’s eyes slightly, I could achieve a shape similar to Klaire’s.

Whenever I feel like getting more 1:3 scale BJDs…

Whenever I feel like getting more 1:3 scale BJDs… published on No Comments on Whenever I feel like getting more 1:3 scale BJDs…

…[because I know I will in future, though I don’t now]…I’ll probably get one of the following:

  • Angel of Dream Hui Xiang. Long admired and very smiley, she could probably be modded into an OMV easily. She’s also rather cheap, as 1:3ers go.
  • Serenade Doll Lotus. Taking Doll Chateau’s super scrawny aesthetic into the realm of etiolated, elongated fashion illustrations, Serenade Doll pairs an impossibly long-limbed body with a small head. I wasn’t really sold on the doll until I saw this robe, which is perfect for the slim, wispy physique. The clothing convinced me to seriously consider the doll, who would be a late Victorian/early Edwardian ghost.
  • Bergemann Dolls Sassafrass. I usually dislike the blocky, rounder sculpting favored by U.S. BJD sculptors, but I’m a huge fan of THE SMIRK.

Masked/Unmasked doll

Masked/Unmasked doll published on No Comments on Masked/Unmasked doll

I’ve been pining over the limited edition outfit that comes with SoulDoll Evelyn — she has a mask!


I like the doll, as she’s an OMV, but I mostly like the concept of a doll with a mask even more. In fact, what would be severely cool would be a doll with a mask like Evelyn’s, only painted up to look all translucent and realistic an’ shit [i.e., like the type of sublte, layered faceup that I don’t do at all]. The mask would be magnetic, removable to see the doll’s actual head. The doll’s actual face would be this planed-down, sealed-off, empty-eyed, creepy-deepy-doo [yup, it’s a new adjective] mask of which I have a digital model by RetroDevil.

Nifty idea, but I’m struggling with the execution. Namely, where do I get a mask? I’m thinking it would probably be a faceplate with the back ground out some more to accommodate the non-removable face. Hmmmm, what standard-issue 1:3 scale BJDs have faceplates?

Ringdoll Zombie Amy

Ringdoll Zombie Amy published on No Comments on Ringdoll Zombie Amy

I was mistaken. The zombie BJD previewed recently by Ringdoll is not Lora, but a different sculpt: Amy. She has a sales page here. Looks like she’ll be about $520.00 excluding s/h.


There are more pictures showing the details of her headsculpt and body. I find the right side of her face and her exposed spine especially beautiful and promising for decomposing dryad work. I seriously query the placement, however, of what appears to be a china doll head embedded in her intestines where her navel would have been. It just looks silly.


Purchase y/n?

I think I may have found my dryad doll.

I think I may have found my dryad doll. published on No Comments on I think I may have found my dryad doll.

Among those floating concepts that have not yet grounded in the form of dolls, I have long wanted to do a dryad [doll concept from May, 2013 linked here] or human/tree hybrid. Now I believe that I may have found the ideal base for one.

Ringdoll, best known for making gleefully grotesque designs, will soon come out with a female counterpart to their very popular Zombie Sol: the also-decaying Lora. Though she hasn’t officially debuted yet, here’s a picture from the Ringdoll FaceBook page.


My interest in this sculpt does not contradict my earlier stated distaste for “guts” dolls in favor of “bones” dolls. That’s because I see this sculpt less as an opportunity to throw some red paint and high-gloss varnish around and call it a day and more of a challenge. It’s kind of hard to tell beneath the distracting splatters, but the photo of Lora shows a head and body with stylized pitting, corrugation, and lumps. Guess what else is pitted, corrugated, and lumpy…besides decomposing corpses? Trees!


So, instead of having just a fully alive human/tree hybrid character, I think that the best way to make use of the Lora sculpt would be to combine the concept of zombie and dryad. Basically we’d have a dead person, but with moss, dirt, leaves, bark, and humus instead of red paint. Any sculpted wounds would become places where bark and moss were overtaking her skin. She’d be dying as a human, but growing as a tree. And there would be a seedling growing out of her empty eye socket, and her hands would be turning into branches with leaves at the ends of her fingers, and it would be disgusting, but also amusing and awesome!



Half-skullface BJD

Half-skullface BJD published on No Comments on Half-skullface BJD

The only thing that would make Popodoll Ramiel cooler is if his mouth were open and he had fangs.


I had to think for a moment why I think Popodoll Ramiel is awesome and Ringdoll Zombie Sol is too revolting for my interests. Turns out I’m less a fan of resin viscera than I am a fan of resin skeletons.



If I hadn’t just completed Thalia, I would be all over this doll.

MiracleDoll Vic: another one for the OMV group

MiracleDoll Vic: another one for the OMV group published on No Comments on MiracleDoll Vic: another one for the OMV group

I just came across the most hilarious 1:3 scale BJD headsculpt today: MiracleDoll Vic. The pictures on Stacy’s Pink Ocean don’t really do this sculpt justice; like IOS Infernale, the sculpt clearly draws inspiration from anime/manga for its overall pointiness, as well as its impressively large nose. Even the open, smiling mouth full of pointy little teefs reminds me of IOS Infernale.


Vic differs from Infernale, though, in that Infernale is sculpted “straight,” i.e., not humorously, as a gloriously manga-riffic bishounen vampire that’s supposed to be seriously beautiful and seriously deadly, despite the fact that its tongues are hilarious.  Vic, however, has an open mouth sculpted halfway between speech and smile, as well as curving eyes, the right narrower than the left, and raised brows. In other words, I imagine the doll saying, “Hey guys, sorry I scared you with my mouth full of pointy teefs, but it’s just my dentition. Whatcha gonna do?”

Most of the faceups for this sculpt play up the sheepish expression, but I think Vic can do other moods as well. With happier brows, the sculpt could definitely do a a more cheerful, but still awkward and dorky, character.


I want one.

I like Smart Dolls!

I like Smart Dolls! published on No Comments on I like Smart Dolls!

Smart Dolls, made by Culture Japan [a Japanese company], are a line of 1:3 scale vinyl dolls with highly articulated internal armatures. They follow the anime aesthetic, so the headsculpts have big square eyes, tiny pointy noses, and small lines for mouths, while the bodies are slim and long-limbed, with very perky breasts. Clothing includes your standard fare like maid outfits and school uniforms, but generally concentrates on more realistic, fashionable pieces like this drapey hippie top, these highly detailed cargo pants with working pockets, and the extra super awesome hijab and turtleneck combo. In other words, I think of Smart Dolls as Dollfie Dreams with none of the downsides of ridiculous expense, limited editions, wardrobe composed only of scanty items, and alarming breasts.

Doll recycling: welcome back, Dorothy and Jeff!

Doll recycling: welcome back, Dorothy and Jeff! published on No Comments on Doll recycling: welcome back, Dorothy and Jeff!

In the past, I had an Elfdoll 14cm tiny Dodo and an Elfdoll 14cm Kai. Dodo, called Dorothy, was the BJD of one of my previous 1:3 scale BJDs, Sarah. Kai, called Waverley, was a minor character in LHF. I sold both of them in summer, 2012, then spent the next three years regretting it. Jujube, my remaining 1:12 scale BJD, had no friends and hung out in her Operation Rainbow Barf house all by herself, much to my dismay.Continue reading Doll recycling: welcome back, Dorothy and Jeff!

Fritillaria the marionette soubrette

Fritillaria the marionette soubrette published on No Comments on Fritillaria the marionette soubrette

While I was on DOA last night, I found an announcement for the recent Withdoll release Adriana. The Repuria Island of Fog edition, called Circus Girl, is a knife-throwing character. Knives and domino, as well as black, flowy costume, are optional. She comes with two headsculpts, one regular and one with craquelare-like crazing sculpted into her face.


I, of course, like the “cracked head,” as Withdoll calls it. I would like to get this doll and make her into Fritillaria the marionette soubrette. I’d dress her in black and white, with a ruff and diamonds, similar to but not copying the Fashion Royalty Nippon Amelie and Misaki dolls designed by Poupee Mecanique. She’d be a marionette who jumped her strings, so I’d screw eyehooks in her head, hands, and feet, then tie broken strings to them. I would also like to give her a movable jaw like a ventriloquist’s dummy, but I’m not sure how that would work. Maybe I could hire someone to do the cuts…


I like the wide cheeks, the little pointy chin, and the skijump nose.

Spend it!!!: money in savings tempts BJD purchase

Spend it!!!: money in savings tempts BJD purchase published on No Comments on Spend it!!!: money in savings tempts BJD purchase

I have about $926.00 in savings at the moment, which means that, after a long period of bemoaning financial pinchedness, I am now, as the vulgar expression puts it, Rolling In Dough. Naturally, with the Dough comes the temptation to Blow It.

I am admiring from afar a fullset Ringdoll Frankenstein 2013 on the DOA marketplace. He comes with all the bells, whistles, wheezers, and grommets shown on the official sales page, as well as jointed hands and the 2011 original issue Frankenstein head, which I like better than the pissier 2013 one. The design and sculpt of the doll hit all my cyborg and robot buttons. I’m especially enamored with the openable porthole for his heart and the translucent headcap, through which his brain can be seen. This is the sort of doll that, if I had, I would keep as is because I find the concept and execution beautiful.

I can see the conversation now:

“So…are you supposed to be all mopey and murderous?”

“I think you’re confusing me with Frankenstein’s monster.”

“So you’re *not* Frankenstein’s monster?”

“Do I *look* like Frankenstein’s monster?”


“Scratch that. I’m *not* Frankenstein’s monster.”

“Oh right. You’re ‘Frankenstein.'”

“Hey! Don’t blame *me* for Ringdoll’s confusion between the creator and the monster.”

“Do you have a name? Or should we just call you ‘Frankenstein?'”

“It’s going to be a real pain to do air quotes every time you want to refer to me. Call me Jim.”

“‘Jim?!’ Whose idea was that?”

“The same person whose idea it was to call you after a city in Maryland, ‘Timonium.'”

“Quit it with the air quotes!”

Doll artist Mari Shimizu makes fabulous ball-jointed dolls

Doll artist Mari Shimizu makes fabulous ball-jointed dolls published on No Comments on Doll artist Mari Shimizu makes fabulous ball-jointed dolls

Check out Mari Shimizu’s ball-jointed doll masterpieces, including a doll with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil planted in her chest, a doll with a ribcage infested with imp-like nightmares, a doll whose eviscerated torso has become a shrine to angels, conjoined twins with carven frames as of stained glass windows that look into their chests, and more. More on Facebook.

I particularly like the insistence on the core of the doll as another canvas, as well as the way so many of the dolls are spilling their guts and/or housing other dolls within them. The tension between the aesthetized, pacified child figures and the painful violence implicit in their opening charges them, I think, with a dynamism that enhances the sense that they’re alive. As much as I’m not a fan of Christian symbolism, the references to and postures of saints and crucifixion add an interesting dimension, inviting the viewer to frankly consider the grotesqueries, pain, and torture that Christianity has glossed over and miraculized in the formation of its origin story hagiography.

I also just like BJDs with large, round, ball-shaped joints [part of the reason for my continuing interest in DollMore’s Trinity line]. They hearken back to the rounded joints of late 19th-century bebe dolls. To me, they make the dolls seem both more antique and more weighty.

If I got a BJD…

If I got a BJD… published on No Comments on If I got a BJD…

…and made her up to look like the Mad Doll of yesterday’s render, she would be a doll based on a digital render of a human model made up to look like a cross between a puppet and a BJD. She would probably implode from meta-references.

Now I kinda want to do a doll in marionette style, with very stylized makeup and a movable mouth and a marionette of her own. It’s turtles all the way down!
Like this, only in 1:3 scale…and more sinister looking.

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Soom Faery Legend Auber is the first male fairy in the line.

Soom Faery Legend Auber is the first male fairy in the line. published on 2 Comments on Soom Faery Legend Auber is the first male fairy in the line.

Available in either grey or white resin, Auber the storm fairy is the latest in Soom’s 1:6 resin Faery Legend line. He’s the first male; all those previous were female and not that interesting to me…until Auber. Something about him reminds me of Jareth, probably because Jareth comes into Sarah’s house on a storm with the same streaming hair and black clothes. I kind of want him in the ethereal white resin. God, he could be a good Jareth!  With wings!

Continue reading Soom Faery Legend Auber is the first male fairy in the line.

A 1:12 centaur BJD!!!!!!

A 1:12 centaur BJD!!!!!! published on No Comments on A 1:12 centaur BJD!!!!!!

Daisy Dayes just came out with Elise, a 17cm high centaur BJD available for preorder at She’s thin and delicate, with oversized hooves and remarkable stability. Oh, I really want her; I’ve wanted one of Daisy Dayes’ little centaur creations ever since she started making them individually. The only thing keeping me from dropping $350.00 on her is that I just spent more than that on Lola Paprika and her stuff.

But Lola Paprika needs a doll, right? Right…?Continue reading A 1:12 centaur BJD!!!!!!

Angelsdoll sculpts

Angelsdoll sculpts published on No Comments on Angelsdoll sculpts

So today at doll club I saw an Angelsdoll sculpt, and I fell in love with the realistic proportions of both head and body. The headsculpts look smooth, realistic and expressive. Just for the hell of it, I clicked over to the Angelsdoll site to see what they were offering. They currently have a sale for their Hyang girl, which includes 30% off list price, $100 of free clothes, free eyes and free shipping. That brings the total of a blank, faceupless doll to $259.00. Standard faceup is + $50.00. A beautiful 63cm, with everything but shoes and a wig, for just a few dollars more than I paid for Dorothy [a 14cm Elfdoll tiny, dressed, wigged and shod]. I might not be able to resist that.

EDIT: And I just found out that her head circumference is 21cm, meaning that she can share wigs with Sarah! She will need shoes, however.

Lumedoll issues 2 more 30cm mature male BJDs.

Lumedoll issues 2 more 30cm mature male BJDs. published on 1 Comment on Lumedoll issues 2 more 30cm mature male BJDs.

Remember how, a while back, I said that Lumedoll was coming out with a 30cm [action figure-sized] mature male BJD, Koit? Of course you don’t. Anyway, as the headline suggests, Lumedoll is now issuing two more headsculpts, Lucas and Blaze. Here’s Lucas’ page: Also in good news, Lumedoll appears to be updating their 30cm mature male body. They have a slim type and a regular type, although I can’t really tell the difference. I hope that Lumedoll continues to expand their 30cm mature line, just so there can be more beautiful, unusual 1:6 sculpts available.

Souldoll Shiva/Chantal???

Souldoll Shiva/Chantal??? published on No Comments on Souldoll Shiva/Chantal???

…Or would a sweet-looking Souldoll Shiva/Chantal [human version, 2 arms, white or normal skin] be a better choice than a Soom Breccia? She has such a dreamy, questioning look. She looks like a Sarah, and Soom Breccia doesn’t. [Apparently this doll’s name is going to be Sarah!] Breccia looks a little vapid compared with Shiva. Shiva also comes with a double-jointed body, while Breccia’s body is single-jointed and supposedly not that poseable.

Thinking out loud: bodies for Breccia

Thinking out loud: bodies for Breccia published on 1 Comment on Thinking out loud: bodies for Breccia

ResinSoul $160.00 w/o s/h, shoulder width 9.5 cm, neck circ 9 cm
Fantasy Doll $150.00 w/o s/h, shoulder width 8 cm, neck circ 8.8 cm
Spirit Doll $380.00 w/o s/h, shoulder width 11.5 cm, neck circ 9.5 cm
Super Gem —, shoulder width 10.5 cm, neck circ 10 cm

Looks like the Spirit Doll body would be the most proportionate…also the most expensive…but it does have the "big boobs" option!

Lumedoll’s 30cm mature male BJD, Koit

Lumedoll’s 30cm mature male BJD, Koit published on 1 Comment on Lumedoll’s 30cm mature male BJD, Koit

If there’s one thing that the ABJD world lacks, it’s truly 1:6 mature male BJDs, i.e. with the size and proportions of GI Joes. 1:6 mature female BJDs exist in quantity, from Soom’s Mini Gems to DollMore’s FMDs  to SoulDoll’s Soul-Littles, but they have no male counterparts. SoulDoll at one time did make a male Soul-Little, Kimmy, but he has gone out of print.

Now, much to the joy of fans of 1:6 BJDs, a new 1:6 male doll has appeared on the horizon. Lumedoll  will be making Koit, 30cm of goodness, perfectly sized to go along with all those 1:6 resin women!

After quickly glancing at Koit, I really like him. The seriousness of his mouth and the shape of his eyes reminds me favorably of Chow. Koit would also be the perfect mold for the special collections assistant of my Intellectum project, though nothing with probably come of said project.

I hope that Koit remains in print for a long time so that those who wish to have 1:6 resin guys can do so. Actually, I would really like for Koit to inspire Soom, DollMore and SoulDoll to make 1:6 resin dudes of their own so that the possibilities for 1:6 people could be even greater than those supplied by plastic forms.

Lil BJDs I want

Lil BJDs I want published on No Comments on Lil BJDs I want

After I move, I think I’m going to get a new 1:6 BJD. I certainly don’t need one, but I want one. It will be one of the following:

  • Elfdoll 14cm Olivia. She is a sleeping elfy dolly, the same size as Waverley.
  • Elfdoll 20cm Doona Ryung. She is the same size as Submit, but with a headsculpt like the 60cm Elfdoll Ryung.
  • Soom Mini Gem 27cm Aren. She has a sweet face.

Of the many baby BJDs I’ve seen…

Of the many baby BJDs I’ve seen… published on No Comments on Of the many baby BJDs I’ve seen…

…the Baby Supia Sena is the most engaging, probably because the baby fats are expressively sculpted. The wide eyes and open mouth also make it look like it’s in mid-gaga. I can’t decide whether this is a 1:3 baby or a 1:6 toddler.

If I bought all the 1:6 kidsy dolls that attract me, I’d have a whole school from daycare through grade 6!!!!

Want, but cannot currently justify

Want, but cannot currently justify published on No Comments on Want, but cannot currently justify

I would like to get the following dolls, the purchase of which I cannot currently justify:

Notdoll Lucy for Little Anneka.
Fairyland Puki Pong Pong for Geordie.

I also really like the following, but have no designated characters for them:
Elfdoll Doona Ryung.
Notdoll Manjou.
Felix Doll Brownie [of various types].
Sleeping Elf Bonbon. Perfect for a 1:6 woman with dwarfism!

Now a confirmed fan of Notdoll/Roxydoll 1:6 BJDs.

Now a confirmed fan of Notdoll/Roxydoll 1:6 BJDs. published on 2 Comments on Now a confirmed fan of Notdoll/Roxydoll 1:6 BJDs.

I can’t quite distinguish between Notdoll and Roxydoll, so we’ll just call all dolls on the site Notdoll and forget any distinctions. I own a Tan Lucy [Susie] and a Miriam head [in the mail]. I also like very much, but will never get, their new issue, the 10cm Baby Manjou. Unlike most 1:6 resin approximations of babies, it’s not horribly deformed in its proportions. At the same time, it’s also extremely cute. I’m not really keen on their NDLC Lady, Man or Nari-pon lines, but their 1:6 dolls with realistic sculpts are utterly charming.

Little ones I like: my interest in 1:6 BJDs

Little ones I like: my interest in 1:6 BJDs published on 4 Comments on Little ones I like: my interest in 1:6 BJDs

Name: Lucy. Maker: Roxydoll. Highly articulated, with double-jointed limbs and a three-part torso, Lucy is also small, slim and delicate. She is 20cm high and too slender for even Only Hearts Club clothes! I used to really dislike Roxydoll’s sculpts until I got one in person. The open mouth makes the sculpt all the more expressive. Link shows Tanned Lucy, the one I have [Susie!].

Name: Little Ryung. Maker: Elfdoll. Admired previously here.

Name: Uyoo. Maker: Soom. Yeah, I used to have one of these. Then I sold her. I miss her. I am a sucker for Sooms.

Name: Yohimbin. Maker: Roxydoll. Just like Lucy, only taller, Yohimbin has a delicate, androgynous face that’s less droopy than Lucy’s. If the price were lower [around Lucy’s price], I’d be tempted to get one.

Elfdoll Doona Ryung

Elfdoll Doona Ryung published on 1 Comment on Elfdoll Doona Ryung

Just as I apparently have a weakness for BJDs by Soom [having had in my house at one time or another a 30cm Uyoo and an 80cm Sabik], I also apparently have a weakness for the Elfdoll tinies, having had in my house at one time or another a 15cm Jin dal Rae [Geordie], a 20cm Hana Devil [Submit 1.0] and 2 20cm Kathlens [Absinthe, Little Will and Submit 2.0].

Anyway, I just recently caught some closeup pictures of the 20cm Elfdoll Doona Little Ryung. She is very charming. She looks more mature than her small, toddler-sized body. Her pointy chin and her petulant pout make her attractively expressive. My favorite faceplate is the one with half-closed eyes, which reminds me of Baozha. The annoyed faceplate reminds me of Cory [with the removal of the stupid leopard faceup].

Bad idea! No need to spend $400.00 to upgrade two minor characters who are already successfully enplasticated! Besides, I just upgraded Susie.

I wish that Elfdoll, like Fairyland, sold faceplates for the tinies separately. [Incidentally, Pongpong is my favorite Puki.]

Soom’s latest monthly doll: the Saggitarius unicorn Heliot

Soom’s latest monthly doll: the Saggitarius unicorn Heliot published on No Comments on Soom’s latest monthly doll: the Saggitarius unicorn Heliot

Since Soom’s earlier hooved/horned/winged dolls, Beryl [April, fem] and Sard [May, dude], attracted such universal squealing and wanking, the company wisely decided to release another highly desirable hooved/horned/winged doll for December and the sign of Saggitarius. Heliot has the added distinction of being a unicorn. Like almost all entries in the zodiac series, he has a petulant, androgynous face and a drapey, esoteric outfit.

I admire Heliot’s headsculpt greatly, as I do with so many of Soom’s mature sculpts. However, after my failed experiment with an 80 cm doll from Soom, I have realized that I do not have room for more than 3 1:3 dolls. Since Jareth, Frank and Sardonix aren’t going anywhere, I have no room in my life for another large doll, except as an unattainable object that I admire.

I want an Anus.

I want an Anus. published on No Comments on I want an Anus.

I’ll name her Asshole! That’s pronounced ah-SHOW-lee, philistines.

Interestingly enough, DOA does not seem to have picked up on the awesomeness of Anus, either in news or discussion threads.

No, seriously, I kind of do want one for shits and giggles [but mostly shits :p]. She’s like Lishe’s hot older sister. Plus, she has a hilarious name. It’s the kind of $600+ joke that keeps on giving.

EDIT: It’s the $250 joke that keeps on giving. That’s a pretty high price for some head…

Immortality of Soul’s Anus

Immortality of Soul’s Anus published on 2 Comments on Immortality of Soul’s Anus

Korean BJD company Immortality of Soul has a new girl doll out. She’s actually quite beautiful, except for her name. Her name is Anus. Insert your own sexual and scatalogical jokes here. All I have to say is this: Anus is a doll born to wear Pubis Club.Continue reading Immortality of Soul’s Anus

Elfdoll Halloween Hana witch and wizard

Elfdoll Halloween Hana witch and wizard published on 3 Comments on Elfdoll Halloween Hana witch and wizard

GODDAMMIT! Just when I have no money, Elfdoll releases the little Hanas again, this time in pale white, with witch or wizard costumes and POINTY SHOES!  Since they are limited editions, I will probably never get one.

I like the wizard version, not because of the faceup [too much eyeliner], but because of the hooded robe. The special “holding hand” looks like it would be useful to grasp very small items, and I think the POINTY SHOES, being larger than the bare feet, would look more proportionate AND provide better upright support. 

These are extremely cute dolls, and they make me really [sniff] miss [sniff] Submit. I had such fun with her character, even though I didn’t have her for long. She was sacrificed to a good cause, though [moving expenses].

My wife says, “Well, Sardonix came back into your life, didn’t she? Maybe Submit will.” Assuming I get a RAISE at the end of this year…  

1:6 BJD wears Babs clothes…and is hot to boot!

1:6 BJD wears Babs clothes…and is hot to boot! published on No Comments on 1:6 BJD wears Babs clothes…and is hot to boot!

I really like the Soom Mini Gem. Sweet face, realistic boobs, great posability and CHEAP CLOTHING OPTIONS! However, I’d just use her the same way I’d use much cheaper dolls, so I’m not sure the investment would be worth it.

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