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I like Smart Dolls!

I like Smart Dolls! published on No Comments on I like Smart Dolls!

Smart Dolls, made by Culture Japan [a Japanese company], are a line of 1:3 scale vinyl dolls with highly articulated internal armatures. They follow the anime aesthetic, so the headsculpts have big square eyes, tiny pointy noses, and small lines for mouths, while the bodies are slim and long-limbed, with very perky breasts. Clothing includes your standard fare like maid outfits and school uniforms, but generally concentrates on more realistic, fashionable pieces like this drapey hippie top, these highly detailed cargo pants with working pockets, and the extra super awesome hijab and turtleneck combo. In other words, I think of Smart Dolls as Dollfie Dreams with none of the downsides of ridiculous expense, limited editions, wardrobe composed only of scanty items, and alarming breasts.

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