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Journee, avian therianthrope

Journee, avian therianthrope published on No Comments on Journee, avian therianthrope

Remember how I admired Ali’s original digital figure, Bod, recently? Well, I ended up purchasing her, and she’s just even more adorable in my runtime than she is in the promos. I ran into some difficulties clothing her until I realized that she is based off Ali’s free human figure Angela. With that knowledge, I was able to purchase her a T-shirt and shorts from Ali’s site [pretty much the only thing that wasn’t a bikini]. I also found some free poses for Angela that worked for Bod with a little accommodation for her different feet. Anyway, here’s Journee, my Bod-based character….


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Monster Mash final

Monster Mash final published on No Comments on Monster Mash final

On Halloween, while humans dress up as demons, the demons themselves take off from scare duty. They trade their gloomy and ghastly rags for the brightest, most modern duds they can find and kick up their heels, celebrating that one night of the year during which the humans have assumed the monsters’ usual task of freaking people out. [Nobody ever claimed that demons could coordinate their separates, however.] Here Malicia [center] does a jig, accompanied by Desperanda [left] on panpipes and Maxima Culpa "Maxi" [right] on drum.

I challenged myself to make a render for this contest using freebies only and no paid items. Even with a conservative counting scheme [not counting an unseen freebie, counting an entire outfit set as a single freebie], I think I’ve succeeded.
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Monster Mash draft

Monster Mash draft published on No Comments on Monster Mash draft

I edited my Monster Mash concept from 5 Satyresses down to 3 because I really couldn’t justify the character development needed for all 5. So here, from left to right, are Desperanda the piper, Malicia the dancer and Maxima Culpa "Maxi" the drummer. Still have to make Malicia’s hair look like it’s moving. No lights or set yet.

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Purple-eyed DWEEB!

Purple-eyed DWEEB! published on No Comments on Purple-eyed DWEEB!

Test render of the dancer in my planned Monster Mash picture. She looks like kind of a ham. ๐Ÿ˜€

Figure and texture: Pinin’s freebie Satyress. Body morphs and most non-expression head morphs by me via D-Forms. Dress: English Bob’s V3 Butterfly Dress Short [conforming version], converted for Satyress with a combination of G2F base figure, D-Forms, Transfer Utility and Autofit. Dress texture from my Loud Fabrics 01 Shaders Updated. Hair: Aliza G2F by me.

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Two Satyresses: one default, one tall and fat, both really cute!

Two Satyresses: one default, one tall and fat, both really cute! published on No Comments on Two Satyresses: one default, one tall and fat, both really cute!

Below is a quick render of Pinin’s default Satyress on left and one on the right with some of my custom body morphs and scaling. [Pay no attention to her unrealistic lack of body hair.] Much to my surprise, arm poses for Genesis [Body Talk Arms by katfeete in this case] work pretty well on her. I see that I need to make some more face morphs, especially to change the distinctive angular shape of the default’s head.

Holy crap, she’s adorable. [She’s also naked, in case you’re sensitive about that sort of thing.]
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Monster Mash update: now featuring Pinin’s Satyress!

Monster Mash update: now featuring Pinin’s Satyress! published on No Comments on Monster Mash update: now featuring Pinin’s Satyress!

While conceptualizing my Monster Mash picture, I struggled with the problem of how to render satyrs using a G2F base and freebies. I found bat wings, horns and a devil tail without difficulty, but the hooved legs — and their particular digitigrade shape — stymied me. Some free hooves for plantigrade human figures exist, but they tend not to create a true digitigrade shape by elongating the feet. But I want anatomically convincing satyrs!

Well, it turns out that Pinin over on Poser Outer Zone offers a Satyress figure for free. She is more cartoony than super realistic [bulky shoulders, four-fingered hands, alarmingly round and symmetrical breasts, thighs out of a James Bond novel, long legs], but she has plausibly shaped digitigrade legs with hooves. Come to think of it, she reminds me of Kim Goossen’s toony Girl, one of my favorite digital models. I decided that the adorable Satyress should be my base for all my Monster Mash satyrs.

I immediately confronted two problems: 1) no morphs and 2) no clothes. ย Since I’m an advanced beginner at D-Forms, problem 1 proved no match for a half-day’s work, during which I cranked out a variety of partial head and body morphs. I lavished the most energy on bulking the figure up, not with muscle, but with fat, especially since the central figure, the dancer, is a fat woman. I never expected that a mesh originally sculpted to be wiry and muscular would deform so well into pear-shaped fatness, but it did. Pictures later…

Satyress’ empty wardrobe required some more labor. I started off by, first off, converting Satyress from a Poser native [.cr2] figure to a Daz-compatible figure with Daz’ proprietary Triax weight mapping so that Daz tools would work on her. I then began loading up freebie clothes and scaling, translating and D-Forming them until they fit her in zero position, exporting the items as OBJs, then reimporting and using Transfer Utility, with her as the source, to rerig them. Since I was resculpting the clothing meshes pretty crudely, the modified items didn’t fit well.

I then got the genius idea of using the Autofit function and G2F to do most of the sculpting for me. I overlaid Satyress and G2F, making G2F partly transparent. I then translated, scaled and morphed G2F so that her core [torso, arms, hips, upper legs] shape matched Satyress’. Then, when I Autofit clothes to G2F, they ended up resculpting to fit Satyress’ shape with 95% accuracy. After minor tweaks of the clothing wtih D-Forms, I exported the OBJs, reimported and used Transfer Utility to rerig.

Voila! Satyress gained instant access to closets’ worth of clothing. In fact, with the help of Autofit, she could now wear V4, M4 or K4 clothes [Autofit to Genesis, then Autofit a second time to G2F], as well as Genesis clothing, G2F clothing and/or G2M clothing. I have hand-converted some V3 and M3 items for her — short-sleeved V3 dresses seem to reconfigure particularly well, probably because V3’s shape, like Satyress’, features blocky shoulders and hips — but mostly just breezed through a bunch of V4, Genesis and G2F stuff. I don’t bother with pants because I don’t want to deal with Satyress’ hooves, but short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, above-the-knee shorts, above-the-knee skirts and above-the-knee dresses convert with [relative] ease. At this rate, I will have outfits for all five of my satyrs, each with unique pieces.

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Selected therianthropic denizens of the mini universe

Selected therianthropic denizens of the mini universe published on No Comments on Selected therianthropic denizens of the mini universe

There are a bunch of therianthropic people who live in the mini universe, but I haven’t named and given personalities to all of them. Here are a few, however:
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Scorpion therianthrope problems

Scorpion therianthrope problems published on No Comments on Scorpion therianthrope problems

I never gave a detailed description of Hattie, the scorpion therianthrope who attended the mini universe’s Xmas party last year. I’m not sure if she’s mostly human, but with a scorpion tail, like Soom Vesuvia, or if she’s half-human, half-scorpion, like Impldoll Colin. If they’re like Impldoll Colin, do they have claws and pincers?

EDIT: Okay, I just checked. Apparently the scorpion therianthropes are more along the lines of Impldoll Colin, although I didn’t specify whether they had pincers and/or claws. If I want to make a digital version of Hattie [which I do], I’ll have to purchase a scorpion and modify it to be a lower body for a therianthrope.

As an aside, I notice that Impldoll’s sculpting has become more refined over the years, but I think their sculptors still struggle to find a signature style. The sculpts and concepts, especially of the Star and Idol lines, smack strongly of Iplehouse to me.

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Lauren the octopus therianthrope

Lauren the octopus therianthrope published on No Comments on Lauren the octopus therianthrope

Years after attempting my first octopus therianthrope in Daz, I have made another one. Meet Lauren, a minor character in the mini universe. She last showed up conducting the orchestra at the Christmas party. I don’t know very much about her except that she’s a cheerful extrovert, very sweet-tempered and outgoing. Pretty sure she’s trans too.
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This is SO COOL.

This is SO COOL. published on No Comments on This is SO COOL.

Vanishing Point recently released a standalone therianthropic figure, SquidMan, clearly influenced by Davy Jones from Priates of the Caribbean 5000. I just love it when people take standard ideas and head them off into little-used aesthetic regions.

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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, Grenk!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, Grenk! published on No Comments on Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, Grenk!

My frog therianthrope, Grenk, turned out much more sprightly and engaging than expected. Here she is, full of confidence. She’s very excited because she’s going to some on-land human event, which gives her a chance to wear what she thinks are the spiffiest duds ever.

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The Experiments: Ramona, Linnea and Beep

The Experiments: Ramona, Linnea and Beep published on No Comments on The Experiments: Ramona, Linnea and Beep

Besides clothes for a very happy Jareth, I have also acquired some standalone digital figures or character morph packages mostly because I thought they were cool. I think of them as the Experiments, as the only reason I justify their inclusion in my runtime is that I imagine them to be the results of some slightly sadistic alchemist’s magic hybridization attempts.

Experiment One: Ramona.

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Bebe the Boreal harpy

Bebe the Boreal harpy published on No Comments on Bebe the Boreal harpy

Her name is not actually Bebe, but a musical, piping string of liquid vowels that human language can’t approximate. There is a bebebe sound somewhere in there, though, so she usually just tells humans who don’t speak the Champlain dialect of Avian to call her Bebe.

In making Bebe, I strove to create a character both realistic and stylized. She’s obviously stylized because wings that small could in no way bear her aloft. However, I wanted her physicality to be convincing, so I scaled her down to 85% of a default V4 and gave her a lean, musclebound frame. Her face is a relatively flat plane so as to reduce drag, while her large eyes give her keen predatorial vision. Her top knot functions practically as a way to keep her hair from her eyes, and it’s messy because she doesn’t worry about style when riding the gale. Her extra large hands help her grab dinner, while her drawn countenance, with bags under her eyes, suggests a hard life on the wing.

Bebe likes dancing!

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Yippee — I got a therianthrope!

Yippee — I got a therianthrope! published on No Comments on Yippee — I got a therianthrope!

I’ve lusted after MAB/WillDupree’s harpy for years, and I finally got her at 40% off. Expect her to show up on my blog soon enough…

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List of therianthropes that are forbidden from the house

List of therianthropes that are forbidden from the house published on No Comments on List of therianthropes that are forbidden from the house

As I may have mentioned earlier, certain types of therianthropic dolls are not allowed in the house. Janna has an aversion to some animals, and I do not want to upset her with hybrids containing features of these non-human animals. The list of prohibited creatures is as follows:

  • arachnids [both spiders and scorpions]
  • snakes
  • insects

Of all the off-limits animals, I most regret the absence of arachnid therianthropes amongst my small populations. Soom has a scorpion therianthrope, Vesuvia, with a lovely pointy and pouty face, platform stiletto heels with stingers and articulated scorpion tail. I’ve also previously lusted after Doll Chateau’s recent release, Elizabeth, a spider girl. But these are not to be.

That said, all other therianthropic dolls are welcome. I even checked with Janna to see if my latest concept for Tonsil Hockey Part Two, the Medusa raver girl, would be objectionably snaky. She said that snakes on a doll’s head do not bother her as much as a doll with the lower half of a snake. So…assuming I have the funds next week after my pay check, I hope to purchase Tonsil Hockey The Sequel and work her up into my kinky snaky raver.

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I laughed; I cried; I horked. Therianthropes and abominations…

I laughed; I cried; I horked. Therianthropes and abominations… published on No Comments on I laughed; I cried; I horked. Therianthropes and abominations…

You know how I was talking about the Old Spice centaur recently? Well, apparently, the Web site for the Double Impact shower gel shows the male model in hybrids with other animals and things [YouTube video here].

1. Man/slug. [Why are his pecs heaving like that?]

2. Man/cannon [aimed right at you, ready to fire balls].

3. Man/"mighty redwood tree."

4. Man/cobra.

5. Man/octopus.

6. Man/fishstick.

7. Man/tap-dancing cowboy.

8. Man/tank [gun pointed directly at you].

Eurgh. That video made me want to throw up. I love therianthropes, even if they are people combined with tentacular things or snakes, so I’m certainly not puking at the combination of humans with non-human animals. I’m puking at the crappy artistic values of the hybridization and the undiscriminating stupidity of the philosophical concept behind the commercial. Not only are all the non-human parts obviously static and image-doctored, but they are also completely inconsistent, including living things, non-living things, other humans, non-human animals, plants, food and weapons. Pick a class of objects and stick with it, people. Seriously, watching that video gives me a stomach-turning case of thematic whiplash.

Old Spice ad: centaur shills body wash

Old Spice ad: centaur shills body wash published on No Comments on Old Spice ad: centaur shills body wash

Yay! I love centaurs. They are one of my favorite therianthropic creatures. Here’s one shilling for Old Spice Double Impact body wash. Watch the commercial on YouTube, and see a screencap below.
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Daphnis the dragontaur!!!

Daphnis the dragontaur!!! published on 1 Comment on Daphnis the dragontaur!!!

What’s a dragontaur? you ask. It’s a therianthropic creature that, similar to a centaur, has the top half of a human growing where the dragon’s neck would be. As you can see from the picture below, taken in the dragontaurs’ natural habitat, they are fiercely feminist creatures who do not deal kindly with stupid comments from wanna-be heroes.

What is it about catgirls?

What is it about catgirls? published on No Comments on What is it about catgirls?

I have long wondered why kitty products proliferate in the Daz Marketplace for the anime-style models, Aiko 3, Hiro and Aiko 4. For example:

Techno Tabby for A3 [which I have]

Catgirl for A3

Animal Anime Tail Pack [targeted for the anime models, but usable for all models]

Kahochan Catgirl for Anime Doll

Black Cat Outfit for various anime models

I could go on with the cat products for other models, and then I could start in on the endless succession of rabbits and foxes, followed by the sheer overload of French maid outfits [no, I’m NOT telling you how many I have], but I think I’d throw up. Why so many cat options?

Well, apparently, fanservice has several major manifestations. One of them is making the character into a cat character. Other major fanservice themes include nudity or near nudity, gay/lesbian content, cross-dressing, bunny character, waitress, schoolgirl, blah blah blah. In conclusion, I think Daz is just feeding an interest in creating fanservice-like images.

I am not going to analyze why these particular themes are so interesting. I’m going back to work now [hahahaahahahahah!].


Damnata the zombie voodoo Argus rag doll thinks you are full of shit.

Damnata the zombie voodoo Argus rag doll thinks you are full of shit. published on 1 Comment on Damnata the zombie voodoo Argus rag doll thinks you are full of shit.

Also her hair is watching you. Made using texture and clothes from this set, Dulari for V3, spikes from some freebie fetish wear and a morph from my own doll-addled imagination, Damnata the zombie voodoo Argus rag doll will eventually appear as one of Will’s dolls in season 3 of LHF. Picture below. Filed under “therianthropes” because she just seems weird. Don’t you want a doll of her??? Her pale canvas skin, heavily stitched up, gave me nightmares all last night.

Print ads with Orangina therianthropes

Print ads with Orangina therianthropes published on 1 Comment on Print ads with Orangina therianthropes

I found the Flickr stream of the print ads with the dancing animal humanoids who are so craaaaaaazy for Orangina. Because I am much more accustomed to still pictures of animal humanoids, I am much less bothered by them. Except for the palm tree because it looks like someone with a mummification fetish. See?


That therianthropic Orangina commercial

That therianthropic Orangina commercial published on 2 Comments on That therianthropic Orangina commercial

Conveniently enough for my therianthrope kick, BoingBoing linked to this French Orangina commercial. In case you are ignorant of this awesome drink, Orangina is like sweetened, watered, fizzy orange juice with some pulp, and it is so very good. 

The commercial starts with a bipedal humanoid deer woman, who is masturbating rocking in solitary ecstasy on a swing in a bucolic forest. Then a bipedal humanoid bear man steals her Orangina.

The seductive flavor of the contested drink apparently causes them to go against the natural order and fall in love. The entire forest bursts into a chorus line of predator/prey couples, dancing flowers and Orangina bottles blowing their wads and showering particpants. With many shots intercut between furry cleavage and lissome bottle necks, this commercial plays on the fact that the French term for “pulpy,” pulpeuse, can also be a slang term for “curvaceous.” 

Mostly this commercial is overflowing with pulpy goodness. It gets points for including an entire menagerie of bipedal humanoid therianthropes based on a variety of animals, including deer, bears, zebras, pandas, giraffes, rabbits and geckos…although the octopi were quite incongruous with all the terrestrial fauna. I also liked its attention to certain detail, like twitching ears and tails. Finally, I can’t deny the appeal of its rampantly suggestive innuendo: the SWING [a symbol for women’s sexual pleasure], the FALLING BACK INTO FLOWERS, the DANCING, the RIPPING THE WOMAN’S CLOTHES OFF AS SHE SPINS, the SITTING ON WAD-SHOOTING BOTTLES, the LAP DANCES, the ASS-SLAPPING, the SHOWERING ONESELF WITH ORANGINA and the BASICALLY SQUIRTING ORANGINA OUT OF ONE’S TITS. [Side note: It was the tentacular humanoid that was squirting Orangina from its mammaries. Brain…breaking… Unable to…countenance… illogical…biological implausibility…of two phyla…hybridizing…] Watching this commercial is like watching the part in Disney’s animated Fantasia where all the therianthropes are dancing around to Beethoven’s Pastoral, only this is what they would behave like if they were all in their sexual prime.

Two things seriously, deeply disturb me about this commercial, however. One is the ursine humanoid. He walks swiftly and nimbly on his knuckles, shoulders jerking up and down, like a large primate. But bears are basically oversized dogs with lots of extra fat, fur and muscle, and they move like dogs, you know, trotting, without visible shoulder jerks and with more of a general roll and twist in their gait. The ursine humanoid was not loping like a bear! Second, none of the hooved humanoids had digitigrade legs. Third, and most disturbingly of all, animals were dancing with each other that should have been either eating each other or running away from each other. I suppose the point of the commercial was to show that the pulpy, sexy goodness of Orangina was so strong that it could overcome even predator/prey instincts, but the sight of a deer humanoid tangoing with a bear humanoid just strikes me as seriously wrong. And yet I can handle everything else about this commercial… Go figure….

Froudian faery sleeping

Froudian faery sleeping published on 1 Comment on Froudian faery sleeping

I’ve been working on a custom Victoria 4.1 character for the past few weeks. She is scrawny, with a long, snout-like face, inspired by the gangly, mischievous critters in Brian Froud’s illustrations. Because I am too chicken to create a custom texture [skin] because V4’s UV map [skin texture layout] is confusing, I am just making the morphs and poses. So far, I’ve made the character’s custom head and body morph [using the pretty cool Creature Creator morph pack] and some custom poses. Here she is sleeping. It was a real pain to make her pose because I had to adjust each of her finger joints individually. The result looks quite relaxed and naturalistic, however, if I do say so myself. I put her in the “therianthropes” category because I used all sorts of animal morphs [including “HeadGoat” (?!?!?!) and “EarGremlin” ๐Ÿ™‚ ] to deform her features.

Mom, the abyss is making faces at me!

Mom, the abyss is making faces at me! published on 1 Comment on Mom, the abyss is making faces at me!

When you look into the abyss, said Friedrich Nietzsche, the abyss also looks back into you. He neglected to mention that the abyss could quite possibly be wearing an evil smirk. Because she has a snake tail, the subject of this picture is classed as a therianthrope, even if you can’t see her anguineous parts.


Gareth published on 1 Comment on Gareth

Here’s Gareth, a long-time character of mine. He’s made off a Will base because I’ve been using that physique for characters for decades. Since he’s a predator of ideas, he has many bestial characteristics, including talons, vespertilian wings, feline eyes, big pointy ears, hollow bones and a predatorial sensibility, highly apparent here.

Bad-ass unicorn therianthrope [draft]

Bad-ass unicorn therianthrope [draft] published on No Comments on Bad-ass unicorn therianthrope [draft]

Here’s a unicorn therianthrope character using the same skin mat as my bad-ass octopus therianthrope. [I like the skin…it’s versatile for a myriad characters.] Yes, I understand that you can see part of her tail through her butt…but she’s just a draft.

Where’s the werewolf?

Where’s the werewolf? published on No Comments on Where’s the werewolf?

Over there…no, wait…she ran away. Fortunately I took this picture. She shares the same atrocious fashion sense as all of my characters, as well as the Signature MW Evil Smirk. I like her blocky face and her horsey teeth. ๐Ÿ˜€ She has yet to tell me her name. Oh wait…she just did. It’s Kelly Ashley Brittany Dupree.

Medusa de la Mer draft

Medusa de la Mer draft published on 1 Comment on Medusa de la Mer draft

Okay, she was going to be a mermaid with head tentacles, but she informed me that her tentacles actually go on the lower half of her body, so I had to oblige. You don’t contradict someone with teeth [and muscles] like that. I need to work on making her octopus parts less plastic and more like shiny wet skin.

She is dancing happily because I constructed her with her tentacles in the appropriate place [on her hips, not on her head]. Please don’t ask how she goes to the bathroom or reproduces. It’s magic.


Medusa de la Mer, or, Distracted musings of a therianthropophile

Medusa de la Mer, or, Distracted musings of a therianthropophile published on 1 Comment on Medusa de la Mer, or, Distracted musings of a therianthropophile

I just discovered that I have a free octopus model and a free mertail model. I should make a merperson with tentacular [yes, that’s the adjectival form of “tentacle” — I made it up] hair. Hmmm, now I’m thinking of that picture I did, combining a person and all the non-human animals I could think of. It was like a woman with horns and wings and claws on her hands, a centaur front half and some sort of fish tail. Oh yeah…and feline eyes. It was quite silly. However, I’m sure that somewhere someone has created a detailed world and culture for such beings.

Hi, my name is MW, and I…I like centaurs.

Hi, my name is MW, and I…I like centaurs. published on 2 Comments on Hi, my name is MW, and I…I like centaurs.

I’ve had a long-term, back-burner love affair with therianthropic — human/non-human animal creatures — from my earliest days. 

Since I was introduced to Greek myths at a very early age, I was trying to draw centaurs [and failing] as early as age 5. [Another challenge at which I failed was figuring out where centaurs came from. The Greek mythological universe always mentions the rowdy, rambunctious, drunk and annoying male centaurs, the wise tutor Cheiron excepted, but never any females. I spent a long time trying to figure out who the male centaurs mated with to have more centaurs. By the way, I refuse to accept the explanation that a cross between a male centaur and a human woman, a la Rape of the Sabines, would produce a baby centaur. Human + therianthrope =/= therianthrope. The centaurs of Disney’s animated Fantasia, while nauseatingly pastel and cute, appeared in both male and female versions, satisfying my need for a comprehensive reproductive scheme for said creatures.]

Mermaids also figured largely in my childhood interests. I thought they were glamorous, fascinating and magical even before Disney’s animated Little Mermaid appeared in 1989 and popularized such creatures. After the mermaid’s infiltration of mass culture, I still persisted in finding them eminently awesome, though I was more interested in Andersen’s Little Mermaid [and the rest of his sick, twisted fairy tales], mermaid lore in general and, again, a realistic schematic for merpeople. [My sister and I pondered the realistic biology of merpeople extensively. We spent much time wondering exactly how a fish part and a human part could fit together into a cooperative body. If merpeople had piscene nether regions, did they then lay eggs? Did they have gills? Could they breathe underwater? Would they really have all the hair that they are traditionally depicted with? Eventually we decided that realistic merpeople would be more like human-dolphin hybrids, air-breathing, viviparous, mostly hairless, very streamlined and entirely mammalian.]

Before the Age of the Internet, my interest in therianthropes existed in an enjoyable vacuum, far away from others who shared my interest [except for Jill]. Therianthropophilia was a harmless, offbeat interest based in mythology and fairy tales. About 5 to 7 years ago, though, with the democratization of the Intertubes, therianthropophilia’s frame of reference changed. Furry subculture — in which people enjoy a broad spectrum of identifying with, dressing up as, discussing, producing artwork about and getting turned on by non-human animals or therianthropes — became much more visible. [Witness Creature Creator for Victoria 4.1, a set of horns, hooves, tails and paws to make the 3-D model Victoria 4.1 into a deer girl, a cat girl, a devil, etc.]  As furry subculture became more visible, the mainstream made fun of it as a collection of sex perverts in mascot costumes. The general derisive attitude toward furry subculture spread outward and tainted the general view of anything remotely related to therianthropes.

So, anyway, now I feel really odd and self-conscious about my therianthropophilia [which explains why you haven’t seen any therianthropes I’ve been making in Daz — also because they are really BAYUD]. I feel like I can’t just rave about how cool mermaids and centaurs and sphinxes and such are; I have to justify myself by explaining that I’m not sexually attracted to them. Stupid stereotypes aren’t even true, and they tar everyone with the same brush.

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