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What is it about catgirls?

What is it about catgirls? published on No Comments on What is it about catgirls?

I have long wondered why kitty products proliferate in the Daz Marketplace for the anime-style models, Aiko 3, Hiro and Aiko 4. For example:

Techno Tabby for A3 [which I have]

Catgirl for A3

Animal Anime Tail Pack [targeted for the anime models, but usable for all models]

Kahochan Catgirl for Anime Doll

Black Cat Outfit for various anime models

I could go on with the cat products for other models, and then I could start in on the endless succession of rabbits and foxes, followed by the sheer overload of French maid outfits [no, I’m NOT telling you how many I have], but I think I’d throw up. Why so many cat options?

Well, apparently, fanservice has several major manifestations. One of them is making the character into a cat character. Other major fanservice themes include nudity or near nudity, gay/lesbian content, cross-dressing, bunny character, waitress, schoolgirl, blah blah blah. In conclusion, I think Daz is just feeding an interest in creating fanservice-like images.

I am not going to analyze why these particular themes are so interesting. I’m going back to work now [hahahaahahahahah!].


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