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Monster Mash draft

Monster Mash draft published on No Comments on Monster Mash draft

I edited my Monster Mash concept from 5 Satyresses down to 3 because I really couldn’t justify the character development needed for all 5. So here, from left to right, are Desperanda the piper, Malicia the dancer and Maxima Culpa "Maxi" the drummer. Still have to make Malicia’s hair look like it’s moving. No lights or set yet.


Pinin’s Satyress figure
Satyress morphs created by me in Daz Studio with D-Forms’s Wall Plaster Stucco Grungy Moss Texture Seamless Tile [for horn, hoof and tail textures]
Ajax’ EasyPose Devil Tail

Desperanda the piper
AprilYSH’s V4 Ciri Hair
Bolero: Cybrea’s G2F Bodysuit Crop Top, Wilmap’s Lace Design Shaders 1
Tube Top: Casual’s mcjTubeMaker and mcjShrinkWrap Scripts, Sazzyazzca’s Funky Presets for Fabricator
Shorts: Daz3D’s Michael 4 Basic Wear, ModernWizard’s Loud Fabrics 03 Shaders
Jewelry: Valea’s Gisele Choker, Ravenous’ Human Skull, Marianne’s Super Shine Shader
Ziggy’s Model Emporium Wheelchairs for Poser Family
DraagonStorm’s panpipes

Malicia the dancer
ModernWizard’s G2F Aliza Hair
Dress: ISOP’s V3 Catherine Maid Dress , ModernWizard’s Loud Fabrics 01 Updated Shaders , Wilmap’s Lace Design Shaders 3
Brooch: Daz Studio Primitive, AdamThwaites’ Scorpion Prop, Marianne’s Super Shine Shader

Maxi the drummer
Kozaburo’s V3 Messy Hair
Clothes: elleque’s M3 Short Style Sleeveless Top, Shorts and Watch, Fisty’s Tweed Shaders for DS 3
Accessories: JamesJAB’s Stylish Glasses for V4 Type002 , Tentman’s F4 Bow Tie , Sazzyazzca’s Funky Presets for Fabricator
Drum: Tyl2000’s Bongo , GeorgeHaze’s Ultimate Shader Pack for Daz Studio

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