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Journee, avian therianthrope

Journee, avian therianthrope published on No Comments on Journee, avian therianthrope

Remember how I admired Ali’s original digital figure, Bod, recently? Well, I ended up purchasing her, and she’s just even more adorable in my runtime than she is in the promos. I ran into some difficulties clothing her until I realized that she is based off Ali’s free human figure Angela. With that knowledge, I was able to purchase her a T-shirt and shorts from Ali’s site [pretty much the only thing that wasn’t a bikini]. I also found some free poses for Angela that worked for Bod with a little accommodation for her different feet. Anyway, here’s Journee, my Bod-based character….



Ali’s Bod figure with default texture, tinted brown by me. AprilYSH’s V4 Yolande Hair, etujedi’s Genesis 1 Epic Wings, Ali’s C-14 shirt and shorts for Angela, geoshell long sleeves and leggings. Patterns include my Loud Patterns 01 Updated and Loud Patterns 03, Anagord’s Plain Tartan, and AgathaPaige’s Hi-Res Seamless Hot Pink Jersey Knit. Pose from fireflightt’s Standing Poses for Angela, modded by me. Background and lights by me.
So cute!

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