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SIWINIPO again published on No Comments on SIWINIPO again

Hmmm, maybe I should stop whingeing about the lack of BTVS in my life and just get the damn DVDs already.

New for this list:

Some high-quality lights for taking pictures

A good table that goes flush against the wall and doesn’t wobble for taking pictures

A bigger apartment

A blond wig for Jennifer

A pink wig for Jennifer

OrientDoll Wol $219.00

Previous wants:

Romantic Uyoo Angel: $238.00 Used open-eyed one instead.

Veronica Mars, season 1: $60.00 Got it.

Veronica Mars, season 2: $60.00 Don’t like it THAT much.

Supernatural, season 1: $60.00

Smallville, season 5: $60.00

Arthur Spiderwick’s Guide to the Fantastical World Around You: $24.95

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Chosen Collection (Seasons 1-7): $220.00

Twilight Zone Season 1: $96.00

Twilight Zone Season 2: $80.00

Twilight Zone Season 3: $90.00

Twilight Zone Season 4: $90.00

Twilight Zone Season 5: $80.00 

Mirror Mask: $26.96 Got it.

a flatscreen monitor from Got a new computer.

a laptop cooling board from

a love seat Got it.

foamcore for mounting LHF backdrops Got it.

a bulletin board Got it.

NaNoWriMo math

NaNoWriMo math published on 4 Comments on NaNoWriMo math

Howdy, all 2 of my loyal fans [not including my heavily biased groupies…you know who you are]. I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month starting tomorrow. To that end, I’ve prepared detailed plans for the novel. 

Now come the detailed plans for actually writing it within the NaNoWriMo framework, which is….50,000 words of fiction to be written between the beginning of November [my time zone] and the end of November [my time zone].

50,000 words / 30 days of November = 1,667 [rounded up from 1,666.66666 repeating] words a day.

However, we have to account for a) Thanksgiving, b) sickness, c) insanity and d) sheer bodily fatigue. Therefore I need to have the equivalent of some weekends in this project.

30 days of November – 4 sick days = 26 writing days.

50,000 words / 26 writing days = 1,923 words a day.

I’m starting off with an aggressive goal of 1,923 words a day for week one [11/1 through 11/7], which should earn me almost 1 sick day.

Day 1 Goal: 1,923 done, 48,077 left.
Day 2 Goal: 3,846 done, 46,154 left.
Day 3 Goal: 5,769 done, 44,231 left.
Day 4 Goal: 7,692 done, 42,308 left.
Day 5 Goal: 9,615 done, 40,385 left.
Day 6 Goal: 11,538 done, 38,462 left.
Day 7 Goal: 13,461 done, 36,539 left.

I’ll be posting goals, accomplishments and general stats throughout next month to provide some positive reinforcement. I may also describe the story and characters in general terms. 

Is anyone else doing this? We can encourage each other online!

Because we all need French maid outfits…

Because we all need French maid outfits… published on 1 Comment on Because we all need French maid outfits…

I ordered BBI’s Goth doll Angel, mostly for her multi-layered Gothy French maid’s outfit. Anneka will like the dress and stockings, while Will will use the arm sleeves, awesome witchy shoes, chains and the stockings too. As usual, my supplier is Good Stuff to Go, which has great stock and lowest prices.

Today’s Web comic: Edible Dirt

Today’s Web comic: Edible Dirt published on 2 Comments on Today’s Web comic: Edible Dirt

Edible Dirt is an absurd strip in the tradition of The Far Side or Rhymes With Orange, but it has a few innovations. First, the art is rendered in watercolor with a lively, children’s-book feel and real talent. Second, Edible Dirt contains a lot more profanity, severed limbs and nudity than Far Side. Interestingly, though, the humor seems more compassionate, if you can say that about a comic strip, than you might expect.

As a bonus, I got to Edible Dirt from Two Lumps, which is about Ebenezer [smart] and Snootch [dumb], two cats. SailorZeo recommended this one to me. It’s stereotypical and silly, but very enjoyable, promarily because of the cats’ expressions.

Recent ABC shows free online

Recent ABC shows free online published on 2 Comments on Recent ABC shows free online

If you have a high-speed connection and you wanna watch some recent primetime telly, you can always go to the area of ABC where you can stream selected shows. The following shows are available:

Desperate Housewives [woo hoo!]

Grey’s Anatomy [??? — haven’t seen it]

Lost [???]

The Nine [???]

Six Degrees [bleh bleh]

Ugly Betty [???]

Of the shows offered, I’m most interested in DH, Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty.

Snaps of Second Life avatar generation????

Snaps of Second Life avatar generation???? published on No Comments on Snaps of Second Life avatar generation????

I’ve been listening to some programs from The Infinite Mind about the virtual 3-D community Second Life. I’m thinking that I might be able to use the high-tech avatar design features to make 3-D versions of some people and then screencap them… That would look great on my sexy new computer.

My latest streaming radio interests…

My latest streaming radio interests… published on 1 Comment on My latest streaming radio interests…

I can listen to one of the most amusing NPR shows ever, Car Talk, at its own Web site. Unfortunately, no archives are available, but you may return every week for your fix. I like this show primarily because the hosts have such a good rapport. I like to hear them laughing at each other’s bad jokes.

I started listening to The Infinite Mind last week. Each hour it focuses on a mental health [broadly construed] topic, bringing in scientists, artists and first-person commentary. So far I have listened to Sextalk, Aspergers part II and Depression in the Brain [currently]. While free streaming audio is only available for the last few months of eps, there are some interesting ones in there [if you can get them to work]. Somehow this show does not seem as rigorous as Sound & Spirit; its tone is a little too naive and gee-whiz, but it’s an agreeable time-passer.

To the Best of Our Knowledge is difficult to describe. It’s kind of like The Infinite Mind for cultural subjects. For example, the show on Laughing at Death included a segment about Southern funeral cuisine, another on the art of a good obituary and another about last meals of death row inmates. You can listen to years of previous programs, and they all work! I really like its catholic and in-depth approach.

Studio 360 is kind of a music and talk show that I just started listening to. It’s an hour long, but it typically has one or two themes per hour. In the Wizard of Oz hour, for example, we got a bio of the author, a clip of Munchkin convention, an overview of lit crit theories about the book, a discussion [and lots of samples from] the score of the 1939 movie, etc. I found this hour fascinating and the segment of another show on the Orpheus myth powerful. A well-rounded and informative show. Shows seem to be archived by segment, making a smooth listening experience difficult.

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