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NaNoWriMo math

NaNoWriMo math published on 4 Comments on NaNoWriMo math

Howdy, all 2 of my loyal fans [not including my heavily biased groupies…you know who you are]. I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month starting tomorrow. To that end, I’ve prepared detailed plans for the novel. 

Now come the detailed plans for actually writing it within the NaNoWriMo framework, which is….50,000 words of fiction to be written between the beginning of November [my time zone] and the end of November [my time zone].

50,000 words / 30 days of November = 1,667 [rounded up from 1,666.66666 repeating] words a day.

However, we have to account for a) Thanksgiving, b) sickness, c) insanity and d) sheer bodily fatigue. Therefore I need to have the equivalent of some weekends in this project.

30 days of November – 4 sick days = 26 writing days.

50,000 words / 26 writing days = 1,923 words a day.

I’m starting off with an aggressive goal of 1,923 words a day for week one [11/1 through 11/7], which should earn me almost 1 sick day.

Day 1 Goal: 1,923 done, 48,077 left.
Day 2 Goal: 3,846 done, 46,154 left.
Day 3 Goal: 5,769 done, 44,231 left.
Day 4 Goal: 7,692 done, 42,308 left.
Day 5 Goal: 9,615 done, 40,385 left.
Day 6 Goal: 11,538 done, 38,462 left.
Day 7 Goal: 13,461 done, 36,539 left.

I’ll be posting goals, accomplishments and general stats throughout next month to provide some positive reinforcement. I may also describe the story and characters in general terms. 

Is anyone else doing this? We can encourage each other online!


Hmm, well, I am going with the totally winging it, I might finish I might not attitude. I just want to try and I’m not going to play with formulas. I know a writing group that would welcome you, though!

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