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Soom’s new Mecha Angel

Soom’s new Mecha Angel published on 1 Comment on Soom’s new Mecha Angel

Soom recently developed a tall, etoliated male [somewhere over 65 cm, I guess] named Mecha Angel. His slender limbs make him look like a preying mantis. But I can forgive a lot of bodily disproportions if I like the face. [For example, Frank has narrow shoulders, stick-like arms and fragile fingers, but I like him because of his fabulous face.] So far, as you can see below, Mecha Angel combines the usual Soom Pre-Raphaelite mouth with slender lines and large, liquid, expressive eyes. So, to my mind, it looks promising. I’d like to see close-ups…


Jennifer takes matters into her own hands.

Jennifer takes matters into her own hands. published on 1 Comment on Jennifer takes matters into her own hands.

Jennifer got fed up with the huge piles of laundry hanging around the house. Therefore she took the initiative and cleaned the clothes herself. How did a 1:3 doll manage a task that daunts even 1:1 people? As you can see below, Jennifer handed the challenging task with ingenuity and strength.

This is not actually a public journal.

This is not actually a public journal. published on No Comments on This is not actually a public journal.

This is more like a private notebook of reminders to myself. You just happen to see it.


Case in point: Here is me reminding myself what clothes are in the mail to me.



From DOA member hhelenh

21 DOA’s Purplewiz Sd/SD13 lace knit sweater with red fluffy trim for Jennifer

37 Black jeans. Very simple, with white stitching for Jennifer

15-Lace Blouse. Originally went with an Edwardian-style suit for Jareth and Sardonix

16-Black/White Tank for Frank and Jennifer


From DOA member didken

DollHeart Kala outfit for Sardonix and Jennifer


From DOA member Myrea

DollHeart Hell Queen outfit for Frank and Sardonix


From DOA member Lizzard

Blue long-sleeved shirt for Jennifer



Red and black shitkickers for Sardonix, Frank and Jareth

Blue canvas sneakers for Jennifer

Underwear for Frank, goddammit!

Stripey socks for Sardonix

White button-up shirt for all


My dolls’ wardrobe is worth more than mine. Heck, one of their DollHeart outfits is worth more than my entire closet! Anyone else have this experience? I sublimate all my desires for outrageous clothes into my 1:3 residents.

Please make this stuff go away!

Please make this stuff go away! published on No Comments on Please make this stuff go away!

I have some Hound clothes — corset, blouse, vest, etc. — and SD girl clothes — mostly tops and skirts — for sale on DOA. I will also trade for long-sleeved shirts and pants for SD10/SD13 in neutral and/or conservative colors with conservative tailoring…or outrageous punky stuff, particularly in red or black. Please make it go away so I can buy stuff that my dolls will actually wear! Thank you.

Dollmore clothes I’m interested in!

Dollmore clothes I’m interested in! published on 1 Comment on Dollmore clothes I’m interested in!

Did you know that you can E-mail the US Dollmore dealer, order clothing and pay only US Priority s/h if you live in the US? Neato!

There’s a lot of sharing amongst my 1:3 crew. The 2 70 cms, Jareth and Frank, share pants. The 2 60 cms, Jennifer and Sardonix, can wear each other’s clothes, but have radically different styles. Since I have a lot of 60 cm shirts, skirts, dresses and socks, Jennifer, Sardonix and Frank share them. I would like to get Jennifer and Frank one or two basic pieces that are tailored specifically for them, though, hence the brainstorming below…

More useful and cool doll clothes…

More useful and cool doll clothes… published on 4 Comments on More useful and cool doll clothes…

So I’m buying Sardonix yet another slightly used DollHeart outfit from a DOAer. This one is Kala. With a hat, a necklace, a blouse, a corset, an underdress, a sash, a pair of leggings, shoes and a turban, it provides many mix and match opportunities. I can’t really tell if all the blue parts are detachable from the cranberry-colored parts, but I think so. The bestest thing about this set is the shoes: red shoes with upturned toes and a slight heel. They look unusual and fanciful, all at the same time. I dislike the turban; I would have gone with an elaborate veil or snood. I can’t wait to run Hell Queen pieces together with Kala pieces. That should be fun…

As an aside, Kala was one of the many winners of DollHeart’s first design competition, but it’s been very unpopular. Many other designs have sold out, particularly in the EGL, goth/loli, punk lite or cutesy-wootsy animal genres. Yet Kala, distinguished from the hordes by its innovation [relatively speaking], was shunned by buyers. It’s disappointing to see that so many owners just seek the froofy or punk stuff. I’m surprised that Kala hasn’t sold out; I mean, wouldn’t it appeal to those who like Ye Olde Flowinge Fantasie And Renaissance Type Stuffe? I know it speaks to the YOFFARTS interest in me.

If I ever have a clothing line for dolls, I will call it YOFFARTS. Yo, farts!

Sardonix’ first shoot

Sardonix’ first shoot published on No Comments on Sardonix’ first shoot

Well, she didn’t like the big floofy outfit that I bought for her, and the Hell Queen one hasn’t arrived yet, so she settled down into the ubiquitous pink paisley nightmare that I think everyone has worn except Jennifer. As you can tell from the poses, she continued to cope ‘tude on top of the heater while I tried for some arty shots.

“Press papilla good feel.”

“Press papilla good feel.” published on 11 Comments on “Press papilla good feel.”

Nobility Doll comes out with innovative articulation in its Full Operation Nobility Royma. This male doll has a double-jointed neck, so his head can cock and bow as well as swivel. He also has double-jointed elbows and knees, as well as double-jointed thighs. And he has a “genital joint” so you can make his penis go up or down. And something’s up with his nipples. The photos say “press papilla good feel,” which I assume means that they are squishy vinyl, like a Dollfie Dream torso or an Obitsu soft bust.

I really have to wonder…does anyone want these features? When I survey the majority of BJD owners, they list the following among things that they want: more mature male and female sculpts, a wider range of body types including super-emaciated and Rubenesque, poseable hands, bodies that are well-balanced and solid in posing, therianthropic sculpts [including animal heads, articulated wings, movable mermaid lower halves or dragon tails], casual clothes and shoes that real people wear, etc. Double-jointed necks, squeezy nipples and Amazing Swivel Penises [TM] are very low on the list of wants, if they appear at all. Maybe Nobility was just going for as many innovations as possible in one doll. 

Royma looks like David Bowie with the pointy nose and the pissy flat mouth. See headshots, nipple shots and Amazing Swivel Penis [TM] shots below.

That neck joint looks stiff, unnatural and ugly.

Sculpted nipples always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make a doll look uncomfortably cold.

Behold the Amazing Swivel Penis [TM]!!! Butterfly not included. Do the arrows in a circle indicate that you can turn it sideways?!

Frank’s love monkey

Frank’s love monkey published on 2 Comments on Frank’s love monkey

Well, this was going to be a series showcasing the hats and scarves that

crocheted for Jennifer and Frank. However, Frank’s love monkey distracted the crew, and silliness resulted. It’s a completely innocent story…really! I am amused by how disturbed Jareth looks and how taken aback Jennifer appears.

Sardonix’ neck is done!

Sardonix’ neck is done! published on No Comments on Sardonix’ neck is done!

Now I just have to pay Angel Toast and wait for a few days until Sardonix returns to me. Check below for pictures. How can you resist her? She says, “Come to the dark side. We have cookies!” Note: There was no attempt made to match the resin colors of head and body because I don’t care that much about a small discrepancy.

I like how her ears are so pointy, along with her nose. [I made her nose that way.]

Team America: World Police = a host of missed opportunities.

Team America: World Police = a host of missed opportunities. published on No Comments on Team America: World Police = a host of missed opportunities.

Given my interest in a) South Park and b) dolls, I’ve long wanted to see Team America. Ever since it was originally announced in 2004, I was fascinated by the idea of a movie starring a cast made entirely of 1:3 puppets. If the content was generated by the same foul-mouthed pop-culture satirists, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, behind South Park, that could only be a bonus, right?

Wrong, of course. BJD lovers should see below for my extensive critique of the puppetry.

After watching Team America last night, I would like to say that I have rarely been so disappointed in a movie. I was expecting a) a mordant send-up of American jingoism, terrorism, action movies, Hollywood’s self-importance, Kim Jong-Il’s weirdness, etc. and b) and original and catchy use of puppets. The movie delivered on neither count.

As far as an action movie, Team America never rose above the creaky, boring cliches of the genre, such as the Unwilling Hero, the Love Interest Who Believes In Him, the Gruff Guy Who Eventually Supports The Hero, the Hero’s Dramatic Self-Doubt And Exit, Follwed By A Last-Minute World-Saving, blah blah blah. As I stared at the screen, waiting for something interesting to happen, I wondered if this was really the product of the same creative team who combined flatulent Canadian TV stars, songs like What Would Brian Boitano Do? and a Saddam+Satan gay love pairing to create an uproarious, silly and rather sharp South Park movie. Matt Stone and Trey Parker lost their big-screen edginess, I guess.

As far as the use of puppets, Team America also never exploited this ripe device. For just one example, the puppets had articulated mouths and eyelids, which made them very expressive, but this lifelikeness was rarely used. Instead, the makers favored multiple reaction shots that were just the puppet equivalent of a blank stare: DUHHHH. Was this intentional? Were they commenting on the characters’ vapidity? But no. If you remember, a running gag in the movie is the characters’ acting abilities, a skill that trades in expressiveness. So clearly the film makers wanted to showcase the puppets’ expressiveness, but, unfortunately, the puppets’ “acting mode” was just as uninflected, unblinking and unmoving as their “normal mode.” It seems like the creators got a cool idea — “Hey, let’s use puppets!” — but never fleshed out the concept to its fullest. 

Not only were the Team America puppets boring and flat in their expressions, but the puppeteers did not know how to move the puppets! You have to understand that I was exposed to masterful puppetry [goblins from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Labyrinth] from a young age, and I’ve always known that clever use of posing, lighting and angling the camera can conjure up not just emotions, but also a sense of movement, in dolls. This is why the film disappointed me. The puppeteers made all the puppets rise to standing with weird, gravity-defying jumps. They made the puppets walk with less attention to leg and foot movements and more attention to dragging the puppets forward as if they were being blown by a gale. The puppet sex scene demonstrated that the puppeteers could have realistic control over relatively fine movements [i.e., a character thrusting his hips while keeping his lower legs stationery] , but, unfortunately, such attention to detail did not extend to the rest of the film. 

I guess that the film makers got lazy. They thought that the very presence of the puppets would be sufficient. Maybe they assumed that puppets would be easier to work with than humans because puppets would do whatever the film makers wanted. The problem is that the film makers didn’t want the puppets to do very much. Such “dead space” and lack of imagination in their concept showed up blindingly in the final product. I turned off the DVD thinking that I could take one doll photo that could express more emotion, movement, subtlety, humor and irony than the entire film.

The kind of doll clothes I like

The kind of doll clothes I like published on 2 Comments on The kind of doll clothes I like

I’m getting DollHeart’s sold-out Hell Queen outfit from someone on DOA. I bought it with Sardonix in mind [how fitting for a succubus to be wearing an outfit by that name], but I foresee her fighting over it with Frank. Outfits with many pieces seem to be the best investment to me because they can be selected and recombined in many different ways. For example, Frank has already claimed the peignoir and stockings. Sardonix has already claimed corset, bloomers and frizzly sleeves. My BJD universe is uniformly baffled by the single goggle and the ridiculously small top hat.

Sardonix’ neck mods in progress

Sardonix’ neck mods in progress published on No Comments on Sardonix’ neck mods in progress

Angel Toast sent me progress pictures last night. As you can see, work is coming along swimmingly. The height and width of the neck extension look appropriate. All she needs to do is to sand and paint. See below for Sardonix looking around for mischief.

Jareth vs. Haund default pictures

Jareth vs. Haund default pictures published on 1 Comment on Jareth vs. Haund default pictures

I got a chance at the Burlington Doll Club meet to compare Jareth to a default Haund [with open eyes]. He belongs to either catzy02 or SpiffyMuffins on DOA [not sure — they live in the same apartment along with DrNero and they have 13 dolls among them].

As you can see, the default has a shorter, fuller face, with a larger mouth, wider eyes and a much more protuberant nose. When I compare default Haunds to Jareth, I am startled by the difference between my doll as he was originally and as he is now. Armeleia really changed him a lot! She added some length to his chin and a lot to his cheekbones. She also drastically reduced his nose. Overall, when I see a regular Haund, I think he looks young, lost and sad. When I look at Jareth, I see someone sharp, tired, older and thoughtful. Pictures below.

Doll meet + good light = Frank doing glam shots.

Doll meet + good light = Frank doing glam shots. published on 1 Comment on Doll meet + good light = Frank doing glam shots.

After an absence of several months [too long!], I finally returned to the Burlington Doll Club meeting, bearing Jareth, Frank and new, improved Jennifer. People greeted my dolls with happy exclamations. [Me they were less excited about. :p] I showed off Frank’s outfit, which everyone marveled at and envied. Frank, as usual, showed off himself. Here are some shots of him just wearing a Dollmore leather jacket, Haund size. He’s naked below the waist, but you don’t see that. He really likes leather…I should get him a leather jacket.

Sardonix has left the building.

Sardonix has left the building. published on 1 Comment on Sardonix has left the building.

Because her neck was too short, Sardonix shipped back out to Angel Toast mods this morning [Priority Mail, $19.65, 2-day arrival time, excluding day of shipment] to get her neck thickened and heightened. Fidget fidget fidget. I can’t wait to play with my doll! Oh well, I’m just going to have to learn patience [hah!].

Can your doll do yoga? Watch the Thaasa pose…

Can your doll do yoga? Watch the Thaasa pose… published on 2 Comments on Can your doll do yoga? Watch the Thaasa pose…

Well, Sardonix’ neck is too short for her head, so I need to have the Thaasa body modded. Before I send it away, though, check out the awesome poses that it can achieve!

Of all the dolls I have handled, I am most impressed by the Thaasa for its solidity, smooth movement, attractive articulation and ease of use. I achieved all the poses shown below within 5 minutes of deboxing [well, after some oohing and aahing]. Simple and straightforward, the Thaasa has no learning curve, the way that Volks’ KIPS system or Domuya’s dolls do. It also looks elegant and realistic while performing almost any pose. No joints dislocating or anything. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves now. Note: All photos show the doll standing unaided right out of the box. NO EXTRA SUPPORT, SUEDING OR WIRING!

Box porn: Sardonix’ body arrives.

Box porn: Sardonix’ body arrives. published on 1 Comment on Box porn: Sardonix’ body arrives.

I ordered my Thaasa body from BJDFantasy on Monday. It arrived today, Wednesday. See below the cut for fascinating box-opening photos and details of the stuff included with the body….Continue reading Box porn: Sardonix’ body arrives.

No good can come of this.

No good can come of this. published on No Comments on No good can come of this.

I finished painting Sardonix 2.0’s head tonight.

Beginning with a Juri 2006 head from Cerebrus Project, I reduced the horrid ski-jump blobby nose. Then I applied one of my trademark sloppy, highly stylized paint jobs to her face in two colors: red and black. Then I coated her eyebrows with matte varnish and her lips and lids with many coats of satin varnish. I stuck Souldoll 20mm pink cat’s eyes in her head with plumber’s putty…and now I’m kind of afraid of what will happen when her very poseable Thaasa body arrives. Like I said, no good can come of this…

Blank Juri ’06:

Final product, awaiting her body and clearly plotting devious schemes:

Sardonix 1.0 for comparison:

2.0 looks happier, but also more hypnotic and evil. 1.0 just looks pissed.

Frank: center of attention, as usual.

Frank: center of attention, as usual. published on 3 Comments on Frank: center of attention, as usual.

Jareth and Jennifer [now in large, improved format] stage an intervention about Frank’s fashion choices. As usual, Frank is impervious to criticism. The glasses, they do nothing! My first photostory in a long time is primarily a showcase for…well, it was gonna be for Sardonix’ clothes, made by rattimoth on DOA, but Frank ended up putting the spotlight on himself, as usual.

Arthur and the Invisibles: It even bored a four-and-a-half-year-old.

Arthur and the Invisibles: It even bored a four-and-a-half-year-old. published on 4 Comments on Arthur and the Invisibles: It even bored a four-and-a-half-year-old.

So I watched Arthur and the Invisibles today, primarily for Freddie Highsmith [luminescent and likeable], Mia Farrow [beautiful and engaging] and David Bowie [all-around kick-ass]. Apart from basking in these stars’ displays of talent, there wasn’t much else to do during the film. Sure, there were roller-coaster battles and chases to watch, but the film had no sense of plot, pacing, character development or emotional attachment. It seemed like a pastiche of disparate elements: live aciton vs. animation; the sexy Princess Selenia [voiced by Madonna] vs. the innocent and prepubescent Arthur [Highsmith]; the fascinatingly detailed Minimoys world vs. the utterly bland story. To give you an idea of how unenthralling it was…the four-and-a-half-year-old watching it with me and my wife wanted to leave two-thirds of the way through.

On the plus side, there was DAVID BOWIE doing a Jarethian turn as the elegant, smooth and seductively evil Malthazard, MADONNA doing a physically assertive and hip-swaying, butt-kicking princess who’s the most active female character I’ve ever seen in a kids’ animated film, plus the Minimoys themselves, who looked like plastic dolls and whose elvin ears fluttered when they were happy.

So I was just listening to Sound & Spirit…

So I was just listening to Sound & Spirit… published on 2 Comments on So I was just listening to Sound & Spirit…

…listening to the What We Do For Love ep, and a song by Christine Lavin came on, Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind. I now want to find out more about her because of these hilarious lyrics:

I am eating sushi
When I do not like sushi
But he loves sushi
And I love him
I’m poking with a chopstick
At a living breathing fishstick
Oh my God!
I think it’s trying to swim

HAH! I must investigate her albums.

Sundance gleanings

Sundance gleanings published on 2 Comments on Sundance gleanings

I want to see Zoo because it sounds like an unusual treatment of bestiality. I do not want to see Teeth because it sounds like a stupid, stereotypical treatment of vagina dentata. I wonder how long I’ll have to wait before Sundance films hit either the theaters [hah!] or the video stores [more likely].

In other news, it’s “BESTIALITY,” people, not “BEASTIALITY.”

In even more other news, I still want to see Casino Royale and Arthur and the Invisibles. I’m curious about The Last Mimzy, which is coming out in March and which has an Escape to Witch Mountain atmosphere, especially from the trailer. Penelope, with a limited release in April, looks interesting, but will probably be a turd because Hollywood couldn’t do an affecting, realistic and powerful fairy tale even if Jack ZIpes walked them through the process. 

And don’t forget Spiderman 3 [hooray!], coming out in early May. And then there’s Shrek 3, the franchise juggernaut for which should be hung, drawn, quartered and pulverized on high speed in an industrial blender because it ran out of ideas and humor right around the end of Shrek 1. Also coming in May is Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which I’m sure will be a ponderous and thunderous headache of a movie, but which contains Johnny Depp and Keith Richards [!], so I might have to see it.

There’s a Nancy Drew [!] movie coming out in June, and it will probably be a neutered PG stinker.

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