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More useful and cool doll clothes…

More useful and cool doll clothes… published on 4 Comments on More useful and cool doll clothes…

So I’m buying Sardonix yet another slightly used DollHeart outfit from a DOAer. This one is Kala. With a hat, a necklace, a blouse, a corset, an underdress, a sash, a pair of leggings, shoes and a turban, it provides many mix and match opportunities. I can’t really tell if all the blue parts are detachable from the cranberry-colored parts, but I think so. The bestest thing about this set is the shoes: red shoes with upturned toes and a slight heel. They look unusual and fanciful, all at the same time. I dislike the turban; I would have gone with an elaborate veil or snood. I can’t wait to run Hell Queen pieces together with Kala pieces. That should be fun…

As an aside, Kala was one of the many winners of DollHeart’s first design competition, but it’s been very unpopular. Many other designs have sold out, particularly in the EGL, goth/loli, punk lite or cutesy-wootsy animal genres. Yet Kala, distinguished from the hordes by its innovation [relatively speaking], was shunned by buyers. It’s disappointing to see that so many owners just seek the froofy or punk stuff. I’m surprised that Kala hasn’t sold out; I mean, wouldn’t it appeal to those who like Ye Olde Flowinge Fantasie And Renaissance Type Stuffe? I know it speaks to the YOFFARTS interest in me.

If I ever have a clothing line for dolls, I will call it YOFFARTS. Yo, farts!


I think it’s the color scheme personally… if it had been rich reds and black or tan, gold and turquise or had some prints in it I think that would have been better. The cut is great and the overlapping pieces are really cool, but because the only contrast is the blue and pink with minor hue variances to each piece it all blends together.

Kala was designed by . I have seen it on Dollheart and still consider buying it from time to time. In that regards I am glad it hasn’t sold out, but from the designers point of view, she won the comp and didn’t get paid for anything so she doesn’t loose or gain anything from the outfit not selling. I think she won a copy of the outfit along with fame and glory.

You’re slowly tempting me to the BJD side more and more with these links. That outfit is just beautiful. I also looked at the flaming corset a few posts back and promptly fell absolutely head over heels in love with the gorgeous redheaded doll wearing it. I had to force myself not to go and look for a place to buy her – I so don’t have the money for a hobby like this!

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