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This is not actually a public journal.

This is not actually a public journal. published on No Comments on This is not actually a public journal.

This is more like a private notebook of reminders to myself. You just happen to see it.


Case in point: Here is me reminding myself what clothes are in the mail to me.



From DOA member hhelenh

21 DOA’s Purplewiz Sd/SD13 lace knit sweater with red fluffy trim for Jennifer

37 Black jeans. Very simple, with white stitching for Jennifer

15-Lace Blouse. Originally went with an Edwardian-style suit for Jareth and Sardonix

16-Black/White Tank for Frank and Jennifer


From DOA member didken

DollHeart Kala outfit for Sardonix and Jennifer


From DOA member Myrea

DollHeart Hell Queen outfit for Frank and Sardonix


From DOA member Lizzard

Blue long-sleeved shirt for Jennifer



Red and black shitkickers for Sardonix, Frank and Jareth

Blue canvas sneakers for Jennifer

Underwear for Frank, goddammit!

Stripey socks for Sardonix

White button-up shirt for all


My dolls’ wardrobe is worth more than mine. Heck, one of their DollHeart outfits is worth more than my entire closet! Anyone else have this experience? I sublimate all my desires for outrageous clothes into my 1:3 residents.

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