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Dollmore clothes I’m interested in!

Dollmore clothes I’m interested in! published on 1 Comment on Dollmore clothes I’m interested in!

Did you know that you can E-mail the US Dollmore dealer, order clothing and pay only US Priority s/h if you live in the US? Neato!

There’s a lot of sharing amongst my 1:3 crew. The 2 70 cms, Jareth and Frank, share pants. The 2 60 cms, Jennifer and Sardonix, can wear each other’s clothes, but have radically different styles. Since I have a lot of 60 cm shirts, skirts, dresses and socks, Jennifer, Sardonix and Frank share them. I would like to get Jennifer and Frank one or two basic pieces that are tailored specifically for them, though, hence the brainstorming below…

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