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No good can come of this.

No good can come of this. published on No Comments on No good can come of this.

I finished painting Sardonix 2.0’s head tonight.

Beginning with a Juri 2006 head from Cerebrus Project, I reduced the horrid ski-jump blobby nose. Then I applied one of my trademark sloppy, highly stylized paint jobs to her face in two colors: red and black. Then I coated her eyebrows with matte varnish and her lips and lids with many coats of satin varnish. I stuck Souldoll 20mm pink cat’s eyes in her head with plumber’s putty…and now I’m kind of afraid of what will happen when her very poseable Thaasa body arrives. Like I said, no good can come of this…

Blank Juri ’06:

Final product, awaiting her body and clearly plotting devious schemes:

Sardonix 1.0 for comparison:

2.0 looks happier, but also more hypnotic and evil. 1.0 just looks pissed.

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