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Rement gives me cavities.

Rement gives me cavities. published on No Comments on Rement gives me cavities.

At the end of June, Rement will be releasing a set of pet animals, each in or around a household item. Animals include turtle in a terra cotta pot, hedgehog in a slipper, budgie in a bowl, puppy in a laundry basket. The preview pictures are nauseating in their cuteness. [Click on the little pictures for bigger versions!] Judging from previous Rement animal sets, the figures will be on the small side, probably more true to 1:8 than 1:6, but those of you with 1:6ers could always make the pets be baby animals. I’m particularly interested in the tortoise for Sibley, the budgie for Kinjou and the hedgehog because it just looks cute.

On the subject of 1:6 toys…

On the subject of 1:6 toys… published on 2 Comments on On the subject of 1:6 toys…

Rement, of course, made a set of baby items, including a stroller, formula, sippy cup, bath basin, crib, mobile and many toys for kidsies < 2. Unfortunately, it’s out of print and disgustingly expensive. I will, however, provide a picture here since it is, as usual, damn cute. Continue reading On the subject of 1:6 toys…

From mind to pen: did it work?!

From mind to pen: did it work?! published on 3 Comments on From mind to pen: did it work?!

I have a much better track record using words to describe what’s in my head. I have an abysmal track record with the visual arts. I really wish that I could draw, but I can’t, so I settle for playing with dolls and messing around with Daz.

Yup, went back to Daz today after a long absence. It’s good for creating characters that I don’t have dolls of. Then, if all goes well, I can then decide with dolls match my mental conceptions best.

But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sculpt for this one. If anyone does see a sculpt that matches this one, please let me know.

Yup, I think the brain-to-screen translation mostly worked. He looks scrawny, kinda horsey, old, sorta inhuman, pointy, stylized, kinda androgynous and weird. We’ve also got the strangely shining eyes and arching eyebrows and the expression.

Dude, I so need a doll of him, preferably 1:6. Continue reading From mind to pen: did it work?!

Little toys for little kidsies

Little toys for little kidsies published on 10 Comments on Little toys for little kidsies

Some of my LHF kidsies need some toys! I have plenty of books, dolls and stuffed animals, but I would like to get some more. I’m trying to think of sources for the following:

  • Cars, trains, trucks, construction equipment, planes, helicopters, rockets, etc.
  • Blocks.
  • Horses.
  • Games.
  • Musical instruments such as drums, keyboards, xylophones, recorders, whistles, etc.

The songs of Labyrinth belong to a different movie.

The songs of Labyrinth belong to a different movie. published on 3 Comments on The songs of Labyrinth belong to a different movie.

Watched some parts of L just now and came to the conclusion that the songs detract from the stated goal of a children’s didactic fantasy film. More specifically, David Bowie detracts from the stated goal of a children’s didactic fantasy film. As a rock superstar, he required superstar-sized billing in the film, skewing the film away from the simpler morality tale of Sarah learning altruism through rescuing her brother from the clutches of Immature Childish Fantasy. Continue reading The songs of Labyrinth belong to a different movie.

Sunset, Bloody Sunset

Sunset, Bloody Sunset published on No Comments on Sunset, Bloody Sunset

I made up a delicious drink yesterday. The ingredients are plain seltzer water, raspberry syrup and frozen mangoes, in whatever quantities you desire. You can also use any type of fruit syrup for the Italian soda base and any type of frozen fruit for the ice cubes.

Basically you make an Italian soda by combining seltzer and syrup. Then use some frozen fruit for ice cube substitutes. You can pour some more syrup directly on the fruit for an interesting flavor. As you drink your Bloody Sunset, the seltzer will partly melt the fruit, making it edible by the time your Bloody Sunset has sunk to the bottom of the glass.

It looks kind of like blood and is therefore favored by silly vampires who are sick of drinking things at 98.6. Continue reading Sunset, Bloody Sunset

Waverley Parker

Waverley Parker published on 1 Comment on Waverley Parker

I used to have a 14cm Elfdoll tiny BJD; she was the early form of Geordie. You can see her with Dom and some other dolls here. I sold her because I really didn’t like her and she wasn’t very posable. Now that everyone and their friend is joining the LHF universe, I want to add a 14cm Elfdoll tiny back into the cast, not as a young child, but as an adult with achondroplasia. This form of dwarfism, which Davry has, usually allows people to top out at about 3.5 to 4 feet [e.g., Davry]. However, in some cases, it results in very small people, such as Jyoti Amge, a teen in India who recently broke the record for world’s smallest person. At 58cm and 11 pounds, she is just about the size and weight of an average 1:3 BJD. If you look at photos of her, she’s also incredibly charming and beautiful. She appears to be extroverted, friendly and welcoming of attention.

Given the exemplar of Jyoti Amge, I have decided that I’d like another person with achondroplastic dwarfism to join the LHF cast: Waverley Parker. Continue reading Waverley Parker

“Voodoo is evil…or silly…or both.”

“Voodoo is evil…or silly…or both.” published on 1 Comment on “Voodoo is evil…or silly…or both.”

Disney’s upcoming animated pile of bull hooey, The Princess and the Frog, apparently takes my subject line as a thesis.

The film concerns two characters, Tiana and Naveen, who are turned into frogs by the powers of one Dr. Facilier, described by Naveen as “a dastardly witch doctor.” We can tell he’s evil because he wears skull makeup and also because he’s drawn in the pointy, angular tradition of Jafar, the elongated and sharp villain from Aladdin. He even has the same pencil mustache, so you KNOW he’s up to no good.

To revert to their human form, Tiana and Naveen must seek the help of Mama Odi, one of those stupid fat bouncy stereotypes who needs an Jive-to-English translator and apparently lives in a swamp with dancing alligators. Or maybe she is a a dancing alligator. The trailers are unclear on this point.

So, on the one hand, we have Dr. Facilier, who’s just a cheap version of the Haitian Voodoo loa Baron Samedi. Anyone who bothers to investigate Baron Samedi a bit will discover that he’s a lecherous, tricksy boozehound with a dapper flair and powers of life, death, rebirth and sex. In other words, he’s a classic Trickster, which means that he’s unreliable and somewhat scary in his unpredictability + great power, but he’s not evil. Anyone who thinks so is just subscribing to the following lyrics from The Mob Song in another one of Disney’s animated adaptations, Beauty and the Beast:

We don't like
What we don't understand
In fact it scares us
And this monster is mysterious at least

Thanks, Disney, for using your great ignorance to reduce a powerful figure from a non-Christian religion to a smarmy villain. You certainly reinforce the popular U.S. concept that Voodoo is some strange, inherently sinister system of magic when it’s actually a religion.

The other representative of the bastardized crap that Disney tries to pass for Voodoo is Mama Odi. As I’ve pointed out above, she’s fat, and, like all fat characters in Disney animated films, that means she’s cheerful, bubbly, somewhat vacuous and not at all to be taken seriously. Hooray! So now we have one Voodoo practitioner who’s a power-abusing wizard who’s automatically evil because he has death-associated powers, and our other Voodoo practitioner is a trivialized and brainless moron. So, in this movie, Voodoo is either eeeeeeeeevil or stoooooooopid. God forbid Disney proffer a nuanced portrayal of anything, much less a religion that’s already so miscomprehended in the American public’s mind that many will just accept Facilier and Odi uncritically as representations consonant with what they “know” already about the strange, primitive, unholy practices of Voodoo.

And I’m not even going to get in to the disturbing prominence in the trailer of the highly suspect dancing scenes with Naveen, some kid and a street orchestra, scenes that look like they could have been lifted from one of those mid-20th century films where all the black people just suddenly bubble over with joy and start lindy-hopping.

Career advice from the Clash

Career advice from the Clash published on No Comments on Career advice from the Clash

Pay attention to the Clash City Rockers in case you need a little jump of electrical shockers:

You see the rate they come down the escalator
Now listen to the tube train accelerator
Then you realise that you got to have a purpose
Or this place is gonna knock you out sooner or later

So don’t complain about your useless employment
Jack it in forever tonight
Or shut your mouth and pretend you enjoy it
Think of all the money you’ve got

Edo Period pregnant anatomy models

Edo Period pregnant anatomy models published on 1 Comment on Edo Period pregnant anatomy models

These jointed models of pregnant women and their fetuses, made of painted wood, are from Japan during the Edo Period. The mothers appear to have wigs of real hair and inset glass eyes. Note impressive jointing on wooden baby at bottom of page so it can assume the fetal position. Awwwww…

Dead Girl’s Diary 5: “Cheering Up” LINK NOW WORKS

Dead Girl’s Diary 5: “Cheering Up” LINK NOW WORKS published on 1 Comment on Dead Girl’s Diary 5: “Cheering Up” LINK NOW WORKS

EDIT: Link now works.

In which Absinthe tells Margie how went her trip up to Salem. 

Comments: In the previous ep, Absinthe headed up to Salem to visit Ethan Stuart and Tituba Salem. She respects Ethan as a father figure, so she sought his advice about what to do with her thoughts about Will. Now she’s back.

Absinthe and Margie are hanging out in the room of Junior, Margie’s grandson. He’s between 2 and 3, so I created the impression of a toy-filled playroom with my small stock of 1:12 figs, small stuffed animals and small Rement storage units. Junior himself, who appears at the end of the ep, is a repainted Kelly doll with sculpted hair and pipe cleaners for upper arms to increase posability.

Scornful of Victorian dictates of propriety…

Scornful of Victorian dictates of propriety… published on 1 Comment on Scornful of Victorian dictates of propriety…

…Absinthe always rebelled with her tendencies both bluestocking and tomboyish.

In my search for appropriate clothing for Absinthe, I pillaged the Victorian Lady Barbie dress that originally was destined for Leonora. Even though it doesn’t close all the way in the back, Absinthe wears it better, I think, though clearly with an unladylike air. Continue reading Scornful of Victorian dictates of propriety…

And for my next act of genius…

And for my next act of genius… published on No Comments on And for my next act of genius…

I will use the technique that I tested out on Junior to make an Elfdoll tiny [14cm Kai, my current lust object] more poseable. These little dolls are sweet, delicate and beautifully sculpted, but they have notoriously poor posing because their limbs like to fix in cock-eyed positions. Substituting pipe cleaners for an Elfdoll tiny’s upper arms would greatly improve the expressiveness and desirability of the doll.

Quickly and sloppily articulating a Kelly doll

Quickly and sloppily articulating a Kelly doll published on No Comments on Quickly and sloppily articulating a Kelly doll

So I decided to add a character to the LHF cast. More accurately, I decided to make a doll of an extant, but currently unseen, LHFer: Junior. Junior is Margie’s grandson, between 2 and 3 years old. Absinthe takes care of him sometimes when his parents, Margie’s daughter Laurie and Laurie’s boyfriend Johnny, are at work.

Anyway, I had a spare Kelly lying around from Kinjou, who gave me one so that I could try making the default Mattel idiot grin into something with more character. Kellys and Tommys actually have cute headsculpts, but their use among action figures is very limited because of their minimal articulation. Here you can see the swivel head and single axes of rotation at the shoulders and hips. Ugh.  Continue reading Quickly and sloppily articulating a Kelly doll

Nathan Lane on his gay identity

Nathan Lane on his gay identity published on No Comments on Nathan Lane on his gay identity

This comment from Nathan Lane on his life as a gay man reminds me so much of Mark:

"I was born in 1956. I’m one of those old-fashioned homosexuals, not one of those new-fangled ones who are born joining parades."

Of course, I think Lane was being more facetious than Mark would be if Mark said such a thing.

5.5: “Interlude: Sibley’s Ulterior [?] Motive”

5.5: “Interlude: Sibley’s Ulterior [?] Motive” published on No Comments on 5.5: “Interlude: Sibley’s Ulterior [?] Motive”

In which the much-hated Sibley plays nice.

Comments: While Anneka is busy recounting the dramatic story of her death, what’s Will doing? He’s having dinner with Sibley, despite the fact that Sibley makes him queasy. Poor Sibley. No one likes him. Could it be because he abuses his sexbot Viktor? Or that he chases college boys? Or is it his nonexistent taste in modern art? Is it because he is way too enthusiastic about creepy-crawly things? Or could it be because he acts like the world revolves around him?

Paakwin8gwezian!: Some Abenaki phrases

Paakwin8gwezian!: Some Abenaki phrases published on No Comments on Paakwin8gwezian!: Some Abenaki phrases

I’m poking around on, reading past issues of the Aln8bak News, the band’s quarterly (?) newsletter. Each issue contains a column called "Say That in Abenaki." Here’s a few things that I’m picking up from the January 2008 issue about greetings and good wishes:

(haa-oh): A general greeting, equivalent to "hello."

Kwai (k-why-ee): A more informal greeting or recognition of people nearby, equivalent to "hi" or maybe even "hey there."

Pedgi mina (pit-gee mee-nuh): Equivalent to "return again," maybe even "goodbye."

And my favorite…

Paakwin8gwezian (paa-kwe-n8-gwe-zee-ann): Equivalent to "long time no see," a greeting specifically for people who haven’t been seen in a while.

The 8 is a nasal long o ["oh"] sound.

"Paakwin8gwezian" is what Absinthe says to Will after 100 years of separation. 😀 All things considered, such a greeting would probably come a bit more readily to her than "long time no see."

Over in the word search from the same issue, I find the following:

Yahi [yah hee]: An exclamation of joy, equivalent to "yahoo," "yay," "hooray," "yippee," etc.

There is a pronunciation guide in the October 2007 Aln8bak News.

Wretchedly awesome jewelry holders

Wretchedly awesome jewelry holders published on 1 Comment on Wretchedly awesome jewelry holders

I went to Downtown Crossing today and, yet again, coveted the selection of meretricious jewelry holders at the cheap jewelry stores there. For some reason, there’s been a fad for the past few years in which 1:6 accessories serve as places to store jewelry. There are 1:6 dress forms to drape necklaces across, 1:6 vanities to hold rings in between folds on their little counters and, best of all, 1:6 overstuffed chairs, fainting couches and love seats. Unfortunately the small vanities are $20.00, while the overstuffed chairs are $45.00, and there’s no way in poop that I’m going to pay that much for a doll chair unless it also converts into a bed, a toilet, an armoire and a Cadillac convertible.

I’m trying to find links to example pictures, but I’m not having much luck.

EDIT: This site has a whole selection of miniature furniture as jewelry displays, including a great work desk! The chairs are similar to those I saw downtown.

Also this site has another selection with tackier designs, including a leopard print mini armoire.

Putrid gender politics in Brimstone

Putrid gender politics in Brimstone published on 2 Comments on Putrid gender politics in Brimstone

All righty, so I’ve been watching Brimstone. It’s a canceled show with John Glover [the awesome! also gay!] as the Devil goading on some guy with a fascinating nose. The guy is Ezekiel Stone, who went to hell for killing his wife’s rapist. Now back from hell, he has a second chance at life on earth if he can round up 113 escaped souls and shoot out their eyes, sending them back to hell. Continue reading Putrid gender politics in Brimstone

5.3: “Michaela the Catholic Vampire”

5.3: “Michaela the Catholic Vampire” published on No Comments on 5.3: “Michaela the Catholic Vampire”

In which we meet, through flashback, a cross-loving vampire. 

Comments: Anneka continues her flashback to how she died, telling how she received help from Michaela, a sweet little Catholic vampire with a tendency to talk like the Bible. But she’s really a nice girl! Watch for Michaela in future plot lines.

Anneka hanging out

Anneka hanging out published on 1 Comment on Anneka hanging out

Here’s a better view of the chair/end table thing that Kinjou sent me, as well as my newest lazy bookcase. No particular reason for the photo. I just like Anneka’s casual and interested stance here. She is watching Will [not shown] clowning around with a parasol. I also like her outfit. It mismatches well.  Continue reading Anneka hanging out

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