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On the subject of 1:6 toys…

On the subject of 1:6 toys… published on 2 Comments on On the subject of 1:6 toys…

Rement, of course, made a set of baby items, including a stroller, formula, sippy cup, bath basin, crib, mobile and many toys for kidsies < 2. Unfortunately, it’s out of print and disgustingly expensive. I will, however, provide a picture here since it is, as usual, damn cute.

Similar items can be found in more recent [and less expensive!] Rement sets. American Kitchen #4 Baby Goods contains a potty, a bottle and some jars of baby food, as well as a pull toy. American Kitchen #9 Merry Christmas contains a toy bus, a stuffed bear and a bug along with a turkey [?!] and a set of cookie tins. There are also a bowling ball and some pins and a basketball in this set that could be used as well.

It is possible that some of the Candy House sets could work as toy houses.

The Fairy Tale dishes could easily work for a play tea set. Princess Tea Party too! From another fairy-tale set, the Fairy Tale Sweets have ballerinas, a black cat, some Halloween creatures, an elephant and some pirate accoutrements that would work. Japanese Goods Autumn has a jointed teddy bear. Merry Strawberry #8 Strawberry Room has a child-sized table and mat.

In the Storage Beauty set, #3, #7 and #10 [#7 especially] have children’s items, such as a child-sized table, a toy cabinet, a puzzle mat, a toy rabbit and some cars, even some small-scale furniture!

The Circus Animals would make a great playset. The Pandas too!


Dollar stores sometimes have small toy sets that could be used for 1:6 scale toys. McDonalds and Burger King sometimes have mini toys in their kids meal packages. Keychains sometimes have small stuffed animals or other items that could be used for 1:6 scale toys. Happy Hunting!


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