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Wretchedly awesome jewelry holders

Wretchedly awesome jewelry holders published on 1 Comment on Wretchedly awesome jewelry holders

I went to Downtown Crossing today and, yet again, coveted the selection of meretricious jewelry holders at the cheap jewelry stores there. For some reason, there’s been a fad for the past few years in which 1:6 accessories serve as places to store jewelry. There are 1:6 dress forms to drape necklaces across, 1:6 vanities to hold rings in between folds on their little counters and, best of all, 1:6 overstuffed chairs, fainting couches and love seats. Unfortunately the small vanities are $20.00, while the overstuffed chairs are $45.00, and there’s no way in poop that I’m going to pay that much for a doll chair unless it also converts into a bed, a toilet, an armoire and a Cadillac convertible.

I’m trying to find links to example pictures, but I’m not having much luck.

EDIT: This site has a whole selection of miniature furniture as jewelry displays, including a great work desk! The chairs are similar to those I saw downtown.

Also this site has another selection with tackier designs, including a leopard print mini armoire.

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