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Rement gives me cavities.

Rement gives me cavities. published on No Comments on Rement gives me cavities.

At the end of June, Rement will be releasing a set of pet animals, each in or around a household item. Animals include turtle in a terra cotta pot, hedgehog in a slipper, budgie in a bowl, puppy in a laundry basket. The preview pictures are nauseating in their cuteness. [Click on the little pictures for bigger versions!] Judging from previous Rement animal sets, the figures will be on the small side, probably more true to 1:8 than 1:6, but those of you with 1:6ers could always make the pets be baby animals. I’m particularly interested in the tortoise for Sibley, the budgie for Kinjou and the hedgehog because it just looks cute.

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