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5.5: “Interlude: Sibley’s Ulterior [?] Motive”

5.5: “Interlude: Sibley’s Ulterior [?] Motive” published on No Comments on 5.5: “Interlude: Sibley’s Ulterior [?] Motive”

In which the much-hated Sibley plays nice.

Comments: While Anneka is busy recounting the dramatic story of her death, what’s Will doing? He’s having dinner with Sibley, despite the fact that Sibley makes him queasy. Poor Sibley. No one likes him. Could it be because he abuses his sexbot Viktor? Or that he chases college boys? Or is it his nonexistent taste in modern art? Is it because he is way too enthusiastic about creepy-crawly things? Or could it be because he acts like the world revolves around him?

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