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Jareth vs. Haund default pictures

Jareth vs. Haund default pictures published on 1 Comment on Jareth vs. Haund default pictures

I got a chance at the Burlington Doll Club meet to compare Jareth to a default Haund [with open eyes]. He belongs to either catzy02 or SpiffyMuffins on DOA [not sure — they live in the same apartment along with DrNero and they have 13 dolls among them].

As you can see, the default has a shorter, fuller face, with a larger mouth, wider eyes and a much more protuberant nose. When I compare default Haunds to Jareth, I am startled by the difference between my doll as he was originally and as he is now. Armeleia really changed him a lot! She added some length to his chin and a lot to his cheekbones. She also drastically reduced his nose. Overall, when I see a regular Haund, I think he looks young, lost and sad. When I look at Jareth, I see someone sharp, tired, older and thoughtful. Pictures below.

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