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“Press papilla good feel.”

“Press papilla good feel.” published on 11 Comments on “Press papilla good feel.”

Nobility Doll comes out with innovative articulation in its Full Operation Nobility Royma. This male doll has a double-jointed neck, so his head can cock and bow as well as swivel. He also has double-jointed elbows and knees, as well as double-jointed thighs. And he has a “genital joint” so you can make his penis go up or down. And something’s up with his nipples. The photos say “press papilla good feel,” which I assume means that they are squishy vinyl, like a Dollfie Dream torso or an Obitsu soft bust.

I really have to wonder…does anyone want these features? When I survey the majority of BJD owners, they list the following among things that they want: more mature male and female sculpts, a wider range of body types including super-emaciated and Rubenesque, poseable hands, bodies that are well-balanced and solid in posing, therianthropic sculpts [including animal heads, articulated wings, movable mermaid lower halves or dragon tails], casual clothes and shoes that real people wear, etc. Double-jointed necks, squeezy nipples and Amazing Swivel Penises [TM] are very low on the list of wants, if they appear at all. Maybe Nobility was just going for as many innovations as possible in one doll. 

Royma looks like David Bowie with the pointy nose and the pissy flat mouth. See headshots, nipple shots and Amazing Swivel Penis [TM] shots below.

That neck joint looks stiff, unnatural and ugly.

Sculpted nipples always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make a doll look uncomfortably cold.

Behold the Amazing Swivel Penis [TM]!!! Butterfly not included. Do the arrows in a circle indicate that you can turn it sideways?!


“Press papilla good feel” is killing me!!!

I actually do think that some people want erectable penii (many of my friends are perverts *grin*), but I don’t think that anyone has been demanding a crickety neck or flexi-nipples. WTF??!?

I’d be interested in seeing this body with another head, and perhaps slightly more flattering presentation.

Thank you for sharing the amusement 😉

— A <3

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