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Selected therianthropic denizens of the mini universe

Selected therianthropic denizens of the mini universe published on No Comments on Selected therianthropic denizens of the mini universe

There are a bunch of therianthropic people who live in the mini universe, but I haven’t named and given personalities to all of them. Here are a few, however:

Darius is a 13-year-old grey wolf therianthrope. He likes to tinker with

computers and is a serious digital modeler. He tries really hard to be bad-

ass, but is definitely anything but.

Sources: Base: G2F. Texture: Canidae Wolf for M4 by Philosopher’s Egg. Morphs:

Genesis Head and Body Morphs, DieTrying’s 142 Morphs for V4, Morphia for V4 by

Capsces Digital Ink, Shape Shift for G2F by Zev0 and, for the lupine aspect,

Canidae Wolf for M4 by Philosopher’s Egg. Legs and tail: Creature Creator

Add-Ons for G2F. Hair: Jamie Hair by AprilYSH. Shirt: Odd Wear for Gen1 by

Devious Dolls. Shorts: Litho La Fae Esq. for H3 by Adzan. Pose: Easy Going

Poses for M5 by Khory.

Lauren is an octopus therianthrope somewhere in her early 40s. Extroverted and

ebullient, she makes friends easily and enjoys being the center of attention.

She is a queer trans woman. She works as an orchestral conductor and has a

very active Twitter feed with an extensive audience.

Sources: Daz Genesis 2 Base Female figure with various Genesis 1 body morphs

and Victoria 4 Elite ethnic [hah!] body morphs, ported over with Dimension3D’s

Generation X2 [or whatever he’s calling it these days]. V4 UV set by

MallenLane. Jepe’s V4 Male #1 texture. SWAM’s Bella Hair, retextured by me

with an altered, recolored freebie seamless hair tile by MSTene. Shirt from

Silver/Wild Designs’ Neat Pleats for G2F, retextured with one of my freebie

Loud Fabrics shaders. Octopus parts, pose and texture applied to human hips

from Daz’ octopus. Pose for Lauren’s human section from Sedor’s BWC Fashion

Poses for V6, my new go-tos for easy, neutral standing or walking poses.

Crappy lighting by me!!!

Lynanna is a Felis domesticus therianthrope somewhere around 50 years of age.

She has a background in studio art and engineering, and she works as a

freelance maker of industrial product animations. She also has a very dry

sense of humor.

Base: G2F. Texture and whiskers: MAB and WillDupree’s Cat Girl for V4. Morphs: various,

including Mildred Busybody for G2F by Tempesta3D, Face Weight for G2F by Zev0,

Creature Morphs for V4 and Mutations for Genesis Morphs by SickleYield. Ears,

legs and tail: Creature Creator Add-Ons for G2F. Hair: XTech Dreads by

ElorOnceDark. Clothes: Basic Wear for G2F. Pose: Female Contraposto 01 for


Orono is a caribou therianthrope in her late teens. For a pacifist vegetarian,

she has a disturbingly violent imagination and a predilection for splattery

horror movies. She cheers every time the blood sprays.

Base: G2F. Texture: Amducias Expansion for M4 by Philosopher’s Egg. Morphs:

various, including Amducias for M4 by Philosopher’s Egg, Elite Ethnic [har!]

Morphs for V4 and Morphia for V4 by Capsces Digital Ink. Legs and antlers:

Creature Creator Add-Ons for G2F. Antlers created by me from basic horn prop

included in Creature Creator Add-Ons. Tail: Creature Creator Add-Ons for V4.

Hair: Tandy Hair by AprilYSH. Clothes: Salopette for V4 by mamomamo, textured

with my If It Ain’t Baroque shaders [top] and JGreenlees’ Jeans and T-Shirt

Shaders. Pose: Easy Going Poses for M5 by Khory.

Sevonna is a 16-year-old mermaid who lives in Burlington Bay in Lake

Champlain. She comes up on land regularly [for which she uses an electric

wheelchair] because it’s the only place where she can indulge her love of

cooking, especially barbecue. She bowls people over with her enthusiasm and

ends nearly every sentence with an exclamation point. She thinks steampunk is

really cool.

Base: G2F. Texture: Calais for G2F by AprilYSH. Morphs: various, including

Body Morphs for Genesis and Calais by AprilYSH. Tail: Mermaid for Genesis by

DVL_LVD. Top, helmet and bracers: Flying Cadet Lola Pepper for V4 by Val3DArt.

Fingerless gloves: Fingerless Gloves for Genesis by SickleYield. Chair:

Steampunk wheelchair by jonnte spliced with pieces of ZME’s manual wheelchair.

Tomaeo is a snake therianthrope in his twenties. He’s one of those people who

seems very loud and confident, but is actually rather compensating for great

shyness. He’s a notorious flirt around easily identified hetero women, but is

still adjusting to the fact that he’s attracted to people of many different

gender expressions. He is of the opinion that puns are the highest form of


Base: G2F. Texture: Dryden for Genesis by ThorneWorks. Morphs: various,

including Genesis base, Michael 3 head and HDAsian for V3. Tail: Succubus

Add-Ons for G2F. Clothing: Blouson for M4 by mamomamo, with jacket shading

from JGreenlees’ Leather Factory Shaders. Pose: Drama Xpress by Don Albert,

mixed with KatFeete’s Body Talk Arms for Genesis.


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