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Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, Grenk!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, Grenk! published on No Comments on Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, Grenk!

My frog therianthrope, Grenk, turned out much more sprightly and engaging than expected. Here she is, full of confidence. She’s very excited because she’s going to some on-land human event, which gives her a chance to wear what she thinks are the spiffiest duds ever.

Base figure: Genesis. Texture: Mirella’s ML Monja for V4. Morphs: Grenk’s froglike features come from Creature Creator Morphs [HandsGecko and HeadSnake in particular] for V4 ported to Genesis via Dimension3D’s Generation X2. Hair: SickleYield’s freebie Dreads for M4, tinted by me. Outfit: ISOP’s Idol for A3, textured by renapd. Froggy legs: Mada/Sarsa/Thorne’s Ranaki for V4. Pose: Canary3D’s Doomed Poet, tweaked by me. Expression: me. Background: me.

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