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Apparently I am stocking up for some Labyrinthian renders.

Apparently I am stocking up for some Labyrinthian renders. published on No Comments on Apparently I am stocking up for some Labyrinthian renders.

I took advantage of some discount coupons at Renderosity yesterday to purchase the following items, all of which make me think of my favorite movie.

First there was Beautiful Darkness, a V4 eye makeup resource by PureEnergy and hotlilme74, because Jareth’s eyeliner may be thick, yes, but it doesn’t make the sharply demarcated swoopy shapes that he prefers. Labyrinthian because the Goblin King has eyeliner as seen in this kit.

Next I started poking around in the "Fairy: Props/Scenes/Architecture" subsection of the marketplace, where I discovered that content creators have a puzzling obsession with making mushroom houses for sprite-like characters. While ignoring the plethora of fungus-based residences, I happened across ironman13 and EmmaAndJordi’s Enchanted Bubble, which I quickly snapped up. I can think of all sorts of fun things to do with this: blow soap bubbles, trap people inside it [okay, not so fun], scry with it, repurpose as crystal balls… Labyrinthian because magical balls [hah hah hah] feature prominently in the movie.

Then I clicked on yet another fairy ring set and discovered an adorable figure atop one of the mushrooms. A little research informed me that she was Anceata, one of a pair of figures by my latest favorite figure creator Nursoda. Of course I had to check Anceata and Semil out, and they promptly hopped into my cart. I tried to convince them that they were unwanted, as I already had a scrawny figure with a big bobble head, pointy ears and oversize hands [Telka, also by Nursoda]. However, Anceata pointed out her devastating cuteness, especially with her round and pointy little chin, wide mouth and glasses, so I allowed them to stay. Labyrinthian because Nursoda explicitly cites Brian Froud, designer of many Labyrinth puppets, as an inspiration for his work.

Links to other suggested products on Anceata and Semil’s page directed me to Poisen’s Eyeball Garden 2 Posable. I’ve always found the eyeball lichen one of the most memorable and inventive elements of Labyrinthian scenery, but also one of the most revolting. Since I’ve been kitting out my runtime with fantasy elements, I decided to toss the eyeball plants in there. I have successfully reduced my revulsion by telling myself that these are not actually plants with vertebrate eyes, but instead plants whose flowers mimic said eyes for unknown reasons. I’ll bet you money that the slightly sadistic alchemist responsible for other Experiments is behind the eye plants too.

By this time in my order, I was only cents away from $40.00, which would make me eligible for a 20% discount. I wondered if there was anything I could that would put me above that threshold. I went with Schurby’s Landscaping Hedges, mostly because, in a Labyrinthian mood, I was thinking of hedge mazes. They’ll also be nice for putting in front of digital houses, though.

Speaking of digital houses, I got another item recently that reminds me of Labyrinth: the Ant Farm’s NeverHome. This neighborhood of narrow, peaked houses resembles the ramshackle structures of the Goblin City in their brownness and pointiness. I like how they look realistic enough to be interpreted as standard residential buildings, but stylized enough to be slightly uncanny.

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