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Lauren the octopus therianthrope

Lauren the octopus therianthrope published on No Comments on Lauren the octopus therianthrope

Years after attempting my first octopus therianthrope in Daz, I have made another one. Meet Lauren, a minor character in the mini universe. She last showed up conducting the orchestra at the Christmas party. I don’t know very much about her except that she’s a cheerful extrovert, very sweet-tempered and outgoing. Pretty sure she’s trans too.

This octopus model sure shows its age. The last modified date on the obj file says 1999 [!], which makes it 15 years old. Its low poly count may be discerned in the blockiness at the tips of the tentacles. There are too few joints in each tentacle, meaning that they bend with sharp angles where they should curl organically. The low-res texture map pulls and stretches with every pose. That said, I got it for free a while back, and I’m not highly motivated to spend money on more up-to-date tentacles.

Sources: Daz Genesis 2 Base Female figure with various Genesis 1 body morphs and Victoria 4 Elite ethnic [hah!] body morphs, ported over with Dimension3D’s Generation X2 [or whatever he’s calling it these days]. V4 UV set by MallenLane. Jepe’s V4 Male #1 texture. SWAM’s Bella Hair, retextured by me with an altered, recolored freebie seamless hair tile by MSTene. Shirt from Silver/Wild Designs’ Neat Pleats for G2F, retextured with one of my freebie Loud Fabrics shaders. Octopus parts, pose and texture applied to human hips from Daz’ octopus. Pose for Lauren’s human section from Sedor’s BWC Fashion Poses for V6, my new go-tos for easy, neutral standing or walking poses. Crappy lighting by me!!!

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