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Mom, the abyss is making faces at me!

Mom, the abyss is making faces at me! published on 1 Comment on Mom, the abyss is making faces at me!

When you look into the abyss, said Friedrich Nietzsche, the abyss also looks back into you. He neglected to mention that the abyss could quite possibly be wearing an evil smirk. Because she has a snake tail, the subject of this picture is classed as a therianthrope, even if you can’t see her anguineous parts.

1 Comment

There is something oddly familiar about that face….
And those hair/tentacle/spikes just freak me out. I’m neurotic about eyes and things touching eyes.

I’m just wondering, Daz-wise, if you’ve looked at or played around with the free Apollo Maximus character. Because of you and some others on MWD, I downloaded Daz and am trying to figure it out. Apollo caught my attention because 1) he’s free, and 2) there is a LOT of free content out there for him.

I’m afraid I’ve been spoiled by the Sims2 community, though, when it comes to content. 98% of it is free, and what isn’t, well, is, since there’s a group out there that interprets Sims2 paysites as breaking the EA EULA, and have an FTP site dedicated to providing the pay content for free.

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