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The Experiments: Ramona, Linnea and Beep

The Experiments: Ramona, Linnea and Beep published on No Comments on The Experiments: Ramona, Linnea and Beep

Besides clothes for a very happy Jareth, I have also acquired some standalone digital figures or character morph packages mostly because I thought they were cool. I think of them as the Experiments, as the only reason I justify their inclusion in my runtime is that I imagine them to be the results of some slightly sadistic alchemist’s magic hybridization attempts.

Experiment One: Ramona.

From the same creator as Penni, Ramona is a Telka figure by Nursoda. I love Nursoda’s aesthetic, but I’m not a big fan of stereotypical elves and fairies, so I tried to make Ramona less like a wood sprite and more like a gawky spliced-together creature. StudioMaya’s Hard Rock Hair for V4 balances out her small, elongated skull globe, making her head seem more human in proportions. I swapped out her default leaf-based outfit for a pair of second-skin black leggings and a geoshell top, shaded with a pattern from Calida’s Verne Trading Company Steampunk Shaders. Shape is default Telka’s, and pose is one that came with her. I love her long, spindly fingers, and I really wish that she had toes to match. However, her spiked feet do give me the idea that she goes around kicking things and people who get in her way…she’s kinda bad-tempered.

Experiment Two: Linnea.

I’m calling her a therianthrope, even though she is a human/fungus hybrid. Even though I have no interest in the Genesis 2 Female, HD [high definition = loads of detail I don’t care about] or fungi in general, Death Cap HD for G2F [by the AntFarm] stood out from the masses of items discounted during March Madness. Unusual and well-done, she’s the sort of character that I end up building story arcs around.

While I think of Linnea as a wary, tough, hard-bitten Experiment, I think of Linnea as more of a bouncy dork. Linnea escaped from her creator to live by herself and be the master of her own destiny, while Linnea escaped more out of sheer curiosity. Her enthusiasm for discovering more about the human world leads her into lots of predicaments.

Sources: Base figure: Genesis 2 Female. Main morph: Death Cap HD by the AntFarm, with a bunch of other shaping morphs ported over from gen 3 and 4 figures via Dimension3D’s GenX2. Texture: Death Cap character’s. Shirt: SickleYield’s Baggy Sweats for Genesis, tiled with a freebie pattern from Pants: Persian Beauty for G2F from Daz freebie content in G2 Starter Essentials. Pose: Drama Xpress by Don Albert. Expression: by me.

Experiment 3: Beep.

I dunno what it is, but it sure is cute. It’s a cartoony standalone figure, Snuffles, by ryverthorn. Texture also by ryverthorn. Pose by me, inspired by Babycat.

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