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Elfdoll Halloween Hana witch and wizard

Elfdoll Halloween Hana witch and wizard published on 3 Comments on Elfdoll Halloween Hana witch and wizard

GODDAMMIT! Just when I have no money, Elfdoll releases the little Hanas again, this time in pale white, with witch or wizard costumes and POINTY SHOES!  Since they are limited editions, I will probably never get one.

I like the wizard version, not because of the faceup [too much eyeliner], but because of the hooded robe. The special “holding hand” looks like it would be useful to grasp very small items, and I think the POINTY SHOES, being larger than the bare feet, would look more proportionate AND provide better upright support. 

These are extremely cute dolls, and they make me really [sniff] miss [sniff] Submit. I had such fun with her character, even though I didn’t have her for long. She was sacrificed to a good cause, though [moving expenses].

My wife says, “Well, Sardonix came back into your life, didn’t she? Maybe Submit will.” Assuming I get a RAISE at the end of this year…  


hey, maybe your *wife* will get a raise, though the fiscal promises of academic institutions are as trustworthy as those of the current government

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