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Open-mouthed vampires…

Open-mouthed vampires… published on No Comments on Open-mouthed vampires…

…are obviously my favorite type of BJDs. The interest started back in 2004 when Cerebrus Project came out with an elf-eared version of its 1:3 scale sculpt Lishe. She also had fangs. I ended up getting the unfanged version for Sardonix 1.0, who I suppose could be an honorary open-mouthed vampire [OMV]. However, my interest in OMVs continued, and I currently have three. Araminthe started it all, followed by Yamarrah and, most recently, Thalia.


Well, actually, I have four. I just realized tonight that Janvier Jett, my Angelsdoll Ieseul Cat Avatar, can easily be reinterpreted as an OMV. Her sharp canines and pointed ears are supposed to denote, along with her broad, flat nose ridge, the traits of a feline therianthrope. However, because she has an open mouth and pointy teeth, she can also count as an OMV.

Janvier Jett never really came together as a character for me, which is why I’ve put her head on the DOA marketplace twice, but no one wants her. But maybe I do! I got the idea just now to wipe the Ieseul Cat Avatar head and reconceptualize the sculpt as another character with a more definite personality.


In fact, I already have a name — Venelda — and a concept: late 1980s/early 1990s. I’ve been wanting such a doll since I saw Angelsdoll Ieseul Cat Avatar’s default faceup, with its fabulous combination of blue and yellow eyeshadow. Both Lola Paprika and Janvier Jett, however, went off into Signature Style Land, rather than remaining in the 1980s. My next attempt at the 1980s, Yamarrah, decided to be a character of fire and ice [cream] instead, though her oversize sweatshirt, massive earrings, leggings, and legwarmers testify to the direction I originally wanted her to take.


Anyway, I see Venelda as a vampire turned somewhere in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Bright faceup, big hair [either short curls and a headband, or long hair and poofy bangs, or a high ponytail and poofy bangs], big earrings, tiered skirt, blouse with cap sleeves, fishnet fingerless gloves, armloads of jelly bracelets, jelly shoes if I can find them, slouch socks, etc., etc. She plays with her Gameboy and listens to tapes on her Walkman…or boom box. Maybe she plays games on a Commodore 64? ^_^ She doesn’t trust any technology made after 1990, but also has no patience for recent fetishization of the 1980s and 1990s.

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